GH Update Thursday 12/5/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 12/5/02

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita


Luke talks to a guy at his club and then sees Lucky, who comments that he seems to be in a good mood.  Luke admits he's feeling better and has run out of things to wreck in town.  Lucky wonders why he's changed.  Luke is evasive.  Lucky asks what happened to the mystery woman he was chasing.

At Kelly's, Courtney borrows some dishes for her big dinner with Jason and is caught by Elizabeth.  Courtney tells her why and Elizabeth is surprised but covers.  She assures Courtney that she and Jason are over.  She wishes them well.  A.J. comes in and wonders what all the stuff is for, so Elizabeth covers for Courtney by saying she's helping her with a church bake sale.

At the penthouse, Sonny and Jason chat about business.  Jason tells him that he has plans tonight so Sonny says he will run whatever errand he had asked Jason to do. Carly asks Jason to stay for a minute and fix Michael's train set like he promised, so he does.  Sonny leaves.  Carly interrogates Jason about his plans.

Brenda tells her lawyer again what happened but she's very testy.  Jax wants to know how soon she can be released.  Brenda doesn't want a lawyer; she wants Jason to help her.  She and Jax argue.  The lawyer says that they don't really have a defense for her.  The police aren't looking for the real killer.  Jax tells Scott that he has to let Brenda go.  They argue.  Jax says Skye lied about seeing Brenda kill Alcazar because she's just out for revenge.  Scott won't hear it and lays out the details of the evidence they have.

Lucky says he's not looking for that woman any more; Lucky is concerned.  He's glad Luke has found a way to deal.  He goes and Summer shows up for her date.

Jason tries to fix Michael's toy but Carly won't let up.  She tries to figure out who his plans are with and realizes it must be a date with Courtney.

A.J. buys Elizabeth's story and isn't surprised to hear Courtney is helping someone out.  He says he needs her.  He got the divorce papers today.  She doesn't want to talk about it.  He tries to plead with her not to go through with it but she reminds him of everything he did.  He keeps saying he loves but she points out that he doesn't seem to care whether she loves him.  She knows that he doesn't really care.  She tells him to sign the papers.

Ric comes in and Elizabeth gives him another package.  Things are prickly between them because of what happened the other day.  He says she did him a favor by telling Carly that he was researching Sonny.

Summer wonders where they're going dancing.  Luke says it's a special place but asks how she feels about breaking and entering.

Jax runs into Sonny on the docks and yells at him to stay away from Brenda.  They argue about her.

Taggert tells Scott that he closed the case as he asked, but he's found some new evidence.  It's a videotape that some tourist made of the lobby the night of the murder.  It shows Jax arriving at the time of the murder.  Scott tries to ignore it but Taggert won't let him.  He pretends to be convinced and asks Taggert to give him the tape so he can look at it and then drop it off to the evidence room.  Taggert tries to get out of that but Scott wins.  After Taggert leaves, Scott destroys the evidence.

Sonny tells Jax that the reason Brenda's in jail is because Jax broke his marriage vows and has no honor.  Jax says he will take care of Brenda and storms off.

Ric explains to Elizabeth that he was drawing up a business proposal, which Carly brought to Sonny, so he owes her thanks.  She looks a little thrown off balance but says she was glad to help.  She learns that he's a business lawyer and gets suspicious as to why he's staying in a little room at Kelly's.  He says that he isn't sure how long he's staying.  Lucky arrives so she introduces them to each other.

Sonny phones Ric and asks him to meet with him; he has an opportunity for him.

Luke and Summer break into Wyndham's, much to her dismay.  She is concerned about being arrested but he says the cops won't bother him.  He has her try on a particular dress.  He snaps at her when she wants to choose a different one.

Courtney is home waiting for Jason to arrive for dinner.  She's nervously chatting to Rosie.  She goes to take him to the neighbor's place but when she opens the door, Jason is standing there.

Lucky chats to Elizabeth about Luke.  She asks why he's not happier for him.  Lucky is having a hard time because he thinks Luke's turnaround is due to a woman, and he's not sure how he feels about that.

Luke is dressed up in a tuxedo and Summer comes out in the dress.  They dance.

Jason and Courtney make awkward small talk while she gets the dinner ready.  As she brings out some hors d'ouvres, and Jason goes to help her, she drops them all over and makes a mess.  They have dinner anyway and it works out great. 

Ric visits Sonny's penthouse; Carly is the only one there.  She thinks he's there uninvited and gets worried about how Sonny will react.  Ric is amused at her attitude.  Sonny walks in and greets him, surprising Carly.

Brenda's lawyer tells Jax that there is a bail hearing set for the morning.  Brenda is not happy to see Jax keep hanging around there.  They argue some more about Jason.  Jax gets more and more upset and sort of talks himself into a frenzy about how Scott is using her to get to Sonny and Jason.

Luke and Summer share champagne.  He tells her what she should say, to mimic Laura.  She asks him questions but he snaps at her some more.

Jason and Courtney chat about her mom, gambling, etc.  She has talked a lot about herself so asks him to talk about himself some more. She asks about his motorcyle interest and he talks about that a bit.  She goes to get garlic bread but when she comes back, he helps and she ends up dropping it.  They close and end up kissing.

Sonny asks to speak with Ric alone.  Carly argues but then leaves the room.  Ric asks how he can be of help.  Sonny says he has a job but it requires discretion.  If he's successful, he has a future with him.  But if he gets caught, he's on his own.  Ric agrees.

Jax and Brenda argue some more.  Jax gets so worked up that he goes out to Scott and tells him that he is going to confess to Alcazar's murder.

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