GH Update Wednesday 12/4/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/4/02

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Ned and Alexis wait for Kristina to be brought back to the NICU after her surgery. Nikolas and Gia show up at the NICU to see Ned and Alexis. Gia tells Ned that Alexis' life is falling apart.

Elizabeth goes into Ric's room. She sees newspaper clippings about Sonny. Ric walks in and sees her there.

Sonny and Brenda are talking about how Scott will twist around Brenda's statement. Sonny tells Brenda that he will not let anything happen to her.

Scott asks Carly to tell him anything about Brenda. He tells her that Sonny is going to leave her for Brenda.

Skye is telling Jason that the police must have had evidence to arrest him. Jason tells Skye that she means nothing to him. He tells her that she created this mess and now he has to clean it up. Jason tells Skye that he will do anything to get the charges against Brenda dropped and Skye thinks he is threatening her.

Elizabeth tells Ric that she was looking for him and was not snooping in his room. Ric gets very snippy with her. He explains that the things she is looking at do not concern her. She tells him that she was just trying to deliver a package and asks him about his weird fixation on Sonny.

Gia sees Alexis and asks her to look over some messages from her law practice. Alexis tells Gia that her top priority is her daughter. She tells her that nothing matters and she won't do work. Gia tells Ned that Alexis' law practice is falling apart. Ned tells her to hold it together until he can get a lawyer. Nikolas asks Ned what went wrong between him and Alexis'.

Skye tells Jason to suffocate her with a pillow if he is going to kill her. Jason tells her that she is no use to him dead. Jason tells Skye that he is going to frame her if she doesn't change her story. He tells her that she will go down before Brenda does.

Scott tells Carly that he wants to know anything she knows about Brenda. Carly tells him that she knows that Brenda didn't kill Alcazar. She tells Scotty that Sonny and Jason think that he did it.

Brenda tells Sonny that Scott is going to use what she said against her. Scott wants Sonny, Jason, and Brenda. Sonny tells Brenda that he is going to get her out on bail and to trust no one.

Ned tells Nikolas that his and Alexis' relationship is not his concern. Nikolas tells Ned that he needs his advice about his engagement to Gia. Ned tells him to forget his wedding because the longer he waits, the more of a chance of things falling apart.

A man comes into the hospital looking for Alexis. He is one of her clients. Gia overhears him and tells him Alexis' current situation. Gia tells the man that she is a lawyer and will take care of his injunction.

Lucas and Georgie are at Kelly's. Lucas is trying to read a book and Georgie gives him a tape recording of the book he is trying to read. She tells him not to be discouraged because lots of people have dyslexia. Maxie walks in and wants to know what secret they are keeping.

Elizabeth asks Courtney about Ric. Carly goes into Kelly's and Elizabeth tells Carly about Ric. She tells her about the information on Sonny that Ric had in his room. Carly sees Ric leaving Kelly's and follows him outside. She asks him why he is interested in her husband.

Jason tells Sonny that Skye is lying. Sonny tells Jason that Baldwin wants all three on them. Jason tells Sonny to stay away from Brenda.

Skye goes to the police department and asks Scott to speak alone with him. She tells him that she wants to change her statement.

Maxie and Georgie argue about this secret. Georgie tells Maxie that it's nothing and that Lucas did her math homework for her.

Carly asks Ric about all the articles on Sonny. He tells Carly to ask Sonny about his job application. He tells Carly that the articles are research and asks her to deliver it to Sonny. Carly threatens Ric and as she is leaving she slips and falls. Ric catches her.

Jason tells Sonny not to go to Brenda. Sonny tells Jason to visit her tomorrow and to clam her down.

Courtney sees Jason and tells him that she was spying on him.

Skye tells Scott that she has a problem with alcohol and she forgets things. She tells him that she was drinking and she slept with Alcazar. Scott tells her that he knew, but tells her to keep it to herself.

Nikolas writes a marriage proposal in a card for Gia along with flowers. He leaves it with Elizabeth at Kelly's. Nikolas explains to Elizabeth that he is going to take her away and marry her immediately because the longer they wait the more of a chance they have of not getting married. Elizabeth asks Nikolas about how Gia will feel and he just tells her that he wants to marry her and they have to do it sooner than later.

Courtney tells Jason that she wants to know why he is so loyal to Sonny. She tells Jason that Sonny is relaxed around her. Courtney tells Jason that she knows him now. He offers to walk her home.

Sonny arrives at home and Carly is sitting on the couch with her foot up on pillows. She tells him about her fall. Ric comes walking out of the kitchen with a bag of ice for Carly's ankle. Sonny pays Ric for helping Carly. Ric leaves the money on the desk and tells him that he will accept the money once he has earned it. Ric leaves and Sonny tells Carly that there is something not right about Ric.

Skye and Scott continue to talk about her statement. Scott tells her to stick to her original story. He tells her to lie on the stand to get Brenda convicted because that is what they both want. Scott tells Skye that all evidence will point to Sonny, Jason, and Brenda.

Skye sees Brenda at the jailhouse. Brenda tells Skye that she framed her and calls her a liar.

Gia tells Nikolas that she filed an injunction and saved Alexis. She then tells Nikolas that she wants to go to law school. Elizabeth brings the flowers over to Gia and Gia thinks that they are from Alexis' client. Nikolas takes the note from Elizabeth and tells her that it was from Alexis' client.

Alexis tells Ned that he is the reason that Kristina survived. She thanks Ned. Ned tells her that he loves Kristina. Alexis tells Ned that when they are allowed to hold Kristina that she wants him to hold her first.

Jason walks Courtney home and tells her that she needs a guard for her door. Courtney asks Jason to dinner and he accepts.

Carly tells Sonny that she is impressed by Ric. Sonny tells Carly that he is bothered by Ric and he is too good to be true. He burns Ric's file in the fireplace.

Ric dreams of an explosion.

Brenda accuses Skye. Skye tells Brenda that she deserves everything she is going to get!

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