GH Update Tuesday 12/3/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/3/02

By Danielle
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Luke and Summer continued their dance. She tried to pry, asking if the song was one of his and Laura’s, but he shh-ed her and closed his eyes. Luke and Summer danced a bit more, Luke telling his partner to relax and have a good time. She kissed him. After a few seconds he pulled away. She explained that she thought that was what he wanted, but he assured her it wasn’t, though she was beautiful, and the kiss was nice. “I’m sort of playing a shadow game, imagining someone who isn’t here,” he told her. She apologized for not knowing the rules. “Neither do I. I’m making them up as I go along,” he smiled. As she turned to leave he stopped her. Apologizing for his weird behavior, Luke explained something to her. “I’ve been around the world a few times. I’ve been in some tight spots and I have a really good nose for trouble,” he said, telling her he knew she was in trouble. She disagreed, telling him she was comfortable with her life, being able to be whoever her john wanted and that she was fine. He asked for another date the next night and she agreed, warning him he’d be asked to pay up front. He let her go, listening to the music and thinking.

Alexis waited for news while Ned watched through the window, Cameron behind him. Monica asked Ned to calm Alexis down because she was stressing out the other parents in the neonatal wing. She threatened that the head of neonatal would have her removed if she didn’t stop scaring people. Ned doubted he would be able to accomplish the task, but set out to try. Ned stepped into the room gently, but Alexis pushed him away immediately, telling him she was too worried to fight. He explained that she was making the other parents nervous and that the doctors wanted her to leave. She told him that she was afraid to leave - afraid of what would happen if she did. He tried to get her to go for a walk, but she refused, believing he wanted to take her out to break bad news. He assured her that wasn’t the reason, that they just needed to get away. “You’re not the only parent in this room who loves their child,” he told her. Ned told her he knew she loved the baby and he was afraid for her too, but Alexis refused to sympathize, telling him he couldn’t compare her feelings to his. He dared to differ, telling her not to tell him how to feel, that his feelings were just as strong as hers and he prayed for Kristina’s safety just as hard as she had. She informed him she wasn’t going anywhere, so he explained the doctors were willing to force her out. She explained again that she was afraid if she left something would happen to Kristina. Cameron interrupted, telling Alexis if she wanted to stay, stay. Ned tried to tell him it was none of his business, but he refused to believe that, offering to take responsibility for Alexis. Ned left to get more news. Cameron began his psychoanalysis again, asking Alexis why it was important that she stay in the room. She informed him that she was afraid if she didn’t remain there waiting for the baby to come back to her safely, Kristina wouldn’t come back at all. He assured her she wasn’t crazy. She asked him if he felt she was causing a problem for the other parents. He truthfully told her it was possible. She explained that she didn’t want her daughter to think she had given up. He told her that was fine, that he used to be a parent “and I know what it means to fail. To be unable to save your child. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, certainly not you.” He told her to stay as long as she needed to. She pointed out that she loved her daughter and she prayed to anything that would listen for her health and safety. Ned came in at that moment, informing them the surgery was over. Monica joined them to give them the good news - Kristina was fine and the surgery was a success. Alexis hugged Ned, apologizing for being wrong about the surgery, that she was just worried.

Brenda told Jason that Jax wasn’t involved, that he wouldn’t kill someone. Jason told her Skye would, and she could’ve been in the room. “Of course she would try to frame me, she hates me,” Brenda agreed. Jason told her to continue to remain silent and left.

Scott got the reports confirming that Alcazar had sex recently before his death. He put two and two together and realized the woman with whom Alcazar had been with was Skye. AJ showed up to tell him that Brenda was innocent - that Jason had killed Alcazar. Scott informed AJ that he wanted Sonny and Jason. AJ sarcastically wished him luck, but Scotty informed him it wasn’t necessary. “I don’t need luck. I’ve got your sister.” He explained that Brenda wasn’t alone in the room, that Skye was there and spun his theory about Alcazar sleeping with her before Brenda came over. He pointed out that Skye omitting the truth about sleeping with Alcazar wouldn’t be good for a jury because she may have omitted other important truths as well. He ordered AJ to make sure Skye stuck to the story she told the police, not adding any new details. “I want the whole enchilada,” Scotty explained. AJ agreed. “I’ll handle my end if you handle yours,” he told the DA. Jason chose that moment to step out of the interrogation room, overhearing AJ’s comment. He confronted Scotty immediately, “You know Brenda didn’t do it.” “It’s not what really happened. It’s what I can prove,” Scotty told him.

Taggert pulled him aside to tell him they didn’t have enough evidence to nail Jason, that the maid hadn’t worn her contacts that night and there were no fingerprints anywhere. He pointed out that the only thing that could help them was a credible witness to give them an id. Scotty chose that moment to find one for himself, heading in for another one on one with Ms. Barrett. ”You must be one hell of a girl ‘cause these guys are ready to kill and die for you,” he told her. He told her if she blamed it on them she would escape with only a little community service. She decided to play the mute no longer, telling Scott that Jason and Sonny had nothing to do with the murder. She explained that she had went to Alcazar to warn him, gotten into a struggle and sliced his hand, then left. The same story she told Jason. Scotty seemed to like the news a little too well, though. “You just confessed,” he told her, pulling a tape recorder out of his pocket. Not understanding, she asked, “Don’t you think if I would have killed him I would’ve picked up the knife with my fingerprints all over it and taken it with me?” He left her, evidence in hand.

Skye told Jax she would never save Brenda. He explained that she thought Brenda was guilty for their break-up. “I saw Brenda kill him,” she told her husband, explaining that the murder occurred right after she had hopped out of bed with Alcazar. Skye told Jax she had no idea Brenda was coming to kill Alcazar, that she had been in the bedroom when it all occurred. Then she proceeded to tell Jax about the struggle with the knife and Brenda slicing into her ex’s hand with the blade. When that story wasn’t good enough for him she embellished for him the same way she had for the police, telling them they continued to fight onto the terrace and Brenda lunged at her ex. Jax continued to side with Brenda, telling his estranged wife that she was innocent. “Framing Brenda for murder is unforgivable and I’ll stop you any way I can.” AJ showed up as Jax was leaving, coming to confront his sister about the recent news. Jax stepped out on the veranda and his cell phone rang. Brenda informed him she was at the PCPD, but when he offered his help she refused, telling him Jason had everything under control. He informed her that Skye was the culprit who laid her out for being at Alcazar’s room the night of the murder, and she thanked him for the information.

Inside AJ asked Skye if she was okay. She informed him that she wasn’t okay with the way she was treating the man she swore to love for all eternity. She then reasoned why her brother had come, assuming he was mad at her for framing Brenda instead of Jason. He assured her he wasn’t mad about that, that he was mad because he knew she had lied, and so did the police. He explained that everyone involved was aware of her rendezvous with Alcazar the night of his death. She tried to explain that she had wanted to get back at Jax, but he informed her the fact that she didn’t mention that little detail to the police made her a suspect. AJ pointed out that Brenda could’ve left before Alcazar died, letting her piece the conclusion together. He warned her to stick to the story she had already spun, informing her that he had covered for her where he could and Scotty would get rid of the forensic evidence that linked her to the crime. He explained that if they continued on this path, Jason and Brenda would both be nailed. “We’ll finally get the revenge we’ve been waiting for.”

Carly and Sonny argued about Brenda’s role in Alcazar’s death, Carly pointing out that Brenda could, in fact, be guilty. Sonny explained it didn’t matter, she wasn’t going to take the fall. He explained to his wife that the police guessed she hadn’t done it alone and they had proof Jason got her out of the hotel. Carly asked if that was what happened and Sonny admitted it was. “Are you saying the only way to save Jason is to save Brenda too?” she asked. She reminded him that Jason had been released, but he informed her there was an eye witness. Carly wondered who would believe a conspiracy theory between two people who hated each other, but Sonny pointed out they were married and that Scott would use the connection to drag them all down - him included. He told his wife that Alcazar deserved to die and he should have killed him long ago, that he didn’t want anyone to take the blame. Jason knocked on the door, Carly hugging him in the entrance way. Sonny asked her to leave them alone, and she agreed, after telling Jason not to take the wrap for Brenda. Jason asked about Benny, who Sonny informed him was still in ICU after his heart attack, then they got to the point. Jason told Sonny they needed to get Brenda out of lockup immediately, so they discussed the series of events once again. Jason remembered that he knocked out the driver, Skye got into the car with Alcazar, AJ must have seen them all drive off. He took them to the hotel, knocked out the security guard, turned off the camera’s recording and got the call from Sonny warning him to stop just before seeing Brenda on the screen on Alcazar’s floor. He explained to Sonny that Skye was in Alcazar’s bedroom and was telling the police she saw Brenda kill Alcazar. Sonny asked his number one if he thought Brenda did it, but he avoided the question, saying it could’ve been Skye. He told Sonny Brenda admitted that Jax had been in the room, though he hadn’t seen him. He speculated that if Jax killed Alcazar he wouldn’t let Brenda take the fall, but Skye was another story. He informed Sonny that Baldwin’s plan was to frame Brenda and nail the two of them as accomplices. Sonny told him he would go down to the station and deal with Brenda, leaving his best friend there to keep his wife from going crazy and screwing the whole thing up.

Once Sonny left, Jason called for Carly and she came down, denying that she had been listening. He told her to stay calm and go along with whatever Sonny decided. She told him she wouldn’t go along with it if Sonny decided to frame her best friend for murder. He explained that the situation wasn’t about he and Brenda, that it was about Sonny. Jason pointed out that Scott wasn’t trying to use he and Brenda to get to Sonny. Carly agreed to support whatever decision Sonny made, including backing off Brenda. Not believing her due to the few recent “misunderstandings” they had shared, Jason made her say it: “I will support Sonny. I will support Brenda. I will try not to help and I will try not to make anything worse.”

Sonny went straight to the PCPD, heading to the interrogation room to talk to Brenda. He got there right after Scotty departed and was left to pick up the pieces. Once he was in the room with her she told him that Scotty wanted her to testify against him so she tried to get he and Jason out of the mess by telling the truth, but he pulled out a tape recorder and called the truth a confession. “You know you’re the one they really want,” she told him.

Carly went down to the station house as well, spotting Sonny in the interrogation room with Brenda the minute she stepped in the room. Scotty tried to use her weakness against her, asking what she saw. “I see two people you want to frame for murder,” she told him. He looked at her and told her they wanted the same thing - for Brenda to take the heat.

Jason showed up on Skye’s doorstep, confronting her about telling the cops Brenda murdered Alcazar. “How would you know? You weren’t even in the room,” she pointed out. “Brenda left Alcazar alive. You killed him,” he told her.

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