GH Update Monday 12/2/02


General Hospital Update Monday 12/2/02

Update By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


Luke offered Summer $2000 in cash for a night on the town - or in the club. She asked if he was insane, and he admitted many people thought so. He persuaded her to go, promising not to ask her any questions about her former life, and pointing out that there were no strings attached. “I’ve saved for from death by oncoming truck,” he joked, pointing out his trustworthiness. Once they got to Luke’s, the owner himself took the time to clear out the joint, asking everyone to leave and offering them drinks on the house for their next venture there. Summer told Luke he was incredible. “You have a chef with a yen to be a musician, a call girl you insist on taking to dinner. .. There’s just nothing really predictable or straight-line about you,” she told him. “Thank you for noticing,” he told her. He then toasted to her “A beautiful, astute, vibrate young woman, you’re hardly what I expected at this stage in my life, but you are certainly welcome company. She informed him that he had paid for her company and it was only fair that he receive her services in return, asking if he had a room he wanted to take her to. He informed her he didn’t pay her for sex. She told him that he was a nice man, but she had no desire to make friends. “You’re a job to me,” she told him. Following in her footsteps, he asked for a dance, reminding that it wasn’t outside the boundaries of their original agreement. He asked her to take her hair down while he turned on the music “Will you still love me tomorrow,” slowly flowed out of the speakers and they danced closely. 

Jason and Courtney continued their reunion in front of Kelly’s, Courtney admitting she was glad to see him out of jail. He pointed out that he wasn’t free yet, they had only dropped the charges, but they were still looking in his direction. Courtney was upset about the whole ordeal, asking him if he had been arrested because of AJ’s testimony. He told her that what AJ had given the police wasn’t proof, but she took the blame for the situation, telling Jason that AJ had done it to pay her back. Jason assured her that she wasn’t at fault, but she turned the blame from herself and onto Sonny, not understanding why Jason wasn’t as mad at him as she was. She pointed out that Jason always did what Sonny asked, taking the blame for all the mistakes, and asked how he could live like that. He told her if she was mad at Sonny for herself that he couldn’t stop her, but not to be mad for him. She asked again why he wasn’t mad at the man who stood on the sidelines and watched as his best friend constantly took the fall. Jason took that moment to share with her, reaching deeper down than ever before. He gently asked her if she knew about his accident and his brain damage. Though AJ had told her, she hadn’t realized the truth in it. He explained that he was “better,” but that he didn’t know things that he had known before and didn’t understand what love was - or understand why so many people loved him. He explained about the night he met Sonny, the night that he had blown up at Keisha in Luke’s and threw a chair across the room. He told her that Sonny was the only person who treated him like an equal after that, the only person who didn’t think he was a freak for not remembering or feeling things. “Your brother gave me my life and I could never be loyal enough to pay him back,” Jason told her. She looked at him and told him she understood a little better, but she still didn’t want him to go to jail. He told her he wouldn’t. Sonny called at that moment, telling him about Brenda being at the PCPD, and he headed off after her. Before leaving Courtney thanked him for explaining, and he thanked her for trying to understand, saying that few people would have. 

Scotty pushed his theory in Brenda’s face, telling her that she shoved Alcazar over the balcony in the heat of an argument. Taggart suggested she give them the truth now and they would help her out later. Scott told her they couldn’t do anything for her if she didn’t admit to killing Alcazar. Brenda asked for her phone call, but Scotty informed her she wouldn’t get it until she was booked. Scotty remarked about the large temper she possessed for such a petite little woman and went on to point out that she had threatened to kill Alcazar in front of several people at the Quartermaine estate. Taggart acted shocked, playing off Scotty’s information and they continued the act with Scotty reminding Brenda that she told Alcazar he wasn’t a real threat to her. “I hate to interrupt your pathetic attempt at acting, but this was a man who led me to believe I had a fatal illness for four years, that I never had. He also gave me drugs to keep me under control and he recently kidnapped me, so yeah, he was a little bit of a threat,” Brenda pointed out. Scotty used her outburst of anger against her, shouting at her about hating Alcazar for all the things he had done and people he had hurt, telling her she had killed him, pushing her to the brink. “If you were smart, you’d leave me alone,” she threatened. Scotty left and Taggart continued the interrogation on his own, reminding Brenda that Alcazar was a bad man and that what he did to her was totally unforgivable, that her snapping and killing him wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. He explained that many a judge and jury would sympathize with her, but first she had to admit to the crime. Jason busted in just as she opened her mouth, telling Taggart, “Get the hell away from my wife.” Jason asked Brenda if she had asked for a lawyer and she nodded yes; then he asked if she had gotten her phone call and she told him no. Pointing out to the detective that he was violating Ms. Barrett-Morgan’s rights, Jason told him that he had made a mistake, pointing out his number one suspect changed every five minutes. Taggart told him what he had on Brenda, filling him in on where he believed Jason fit into the puzzle, speculating that Mr. Morgan had went there to kill Alcazar as well, but Brenda had beat him to it and he had to clean up her mess. “Looks like both Mr. and Mrs. Morgan are going to go down for this,” Taggart said, reminding them that their decision would decide between aiding and abetting or conspiracy to murder and that the difference between the two was 15 to 20 years. Jason asked for a moment alone with his wife, but before leaving, Taggart turned to him and reminded that unlike the cold-hearted killer that Jason was, Brenda was an ordinary person who felt guilt when doing something wrong, and that the guilt of this would rip her apart. He told him that if he wanted to help his wife he’d get her to cooperate. Jax waited for Brenda at the airport, calling her when she didn’t show. He got no answer, but his call was interrupted by a security guard named Jodi who suggested he wait a while longer before taking his “business trip,” because the District Attorney wanted to see him. After waiting a few moments, Jax told Jodi he had better things to do, asking if she was going to arrest him. She told him no and he headed toward the door. Opening it revealed Scotty on the other side, ready for an interrogation. Jax tried to convince the District Attorney that he had been at the cottage all night with Brenda, but Scotty warned him purgery was frowned upon, seeing as how Brenda was not at the cottage all night. He let Jax know they had found his mistress’ fingerprints in Alcazar’s apartment and had a positive id on her being there from an eye witness. Jax told him his eye witness was a liar, but Scotty asked him if he were willing to call his wife a liar. He also mention that the recent turn of events was luck for Mr. Morgan, seeing as how he had been their immediate suspect. Taggart stepped out of the interrogation room joining Scotty, who had returned from confronting Jax. The two looked in through the glass, witnessing the argument between the Morgan's. Taggart told the DA that he felt Brenda had been ready to confess before her husband barged in and interrupted them. Scotty admitted that he hoped Brenda didn’t confess so he could take down both Morgan's for first degree murder, mentioning that it would look good on his record as DA. Once alone, Jason asked Brenda what she had told the detective and the DA. She told him she hadn’t said anything. He told her to make sure she didn’t. He informed her that since they were husband and wife anything said between the two would be admissible in court. He then turned the conversation to her leaving the country. She told him she had stopped the minute she heard of his arrest. Jason asked her about Jax’s whereabouts. She immediately went to his defense, saying it wasn’t Jax. He told her it didn’t matter, “We have to find a way to trust each other enough to be honest.” He led the pack, admitting he had went to the suite to kill Alcazar and looking to her for the rest of her story. She stood by her original tale, telling him there was nothing else. But he picked up on her tenseness, realizing that Jax had been at the hotel too. Telling her husband that Jax was innocent, Brenda threatened that if he tried in anyway to point a finger at Jax that she would confess and say Jason had helped her. Jason didn’t believe her threat, believing that she would throw herself under the bus for Jax, but she wouldn’t take him with her, no matter how much she hated him. But before they could fight any longer, Jason had a realization. “If Jax didn’t kill Alcazar, then I think I know who did.” 

Jax showed up at Skye’s cabin, where she lay in wait on the couch. “What brings my vindictive husband home?” she asked. “You told the police Brenda murdered Alcazar. Now you’re going to tell them you lied,” he told her. “No way in hell,” she spat back. 

Alexis’ baby was taken away from her once baby Kristina’s heartbeat had become erratic. Screaming at the doctors and nurses taking her baby from her, and at Sonny who was also present in the room, she became violent. Sonny held her back until the room cleared out, but once he finally let her go, she turned on him, smacking him hard across the face, blaming him for the whole ordeal. She pointed out that every time he is present, something horrible happens. Ned chose that moment to come in, ordering Sonny out of the room because of Alexis’ upset. He asked her where baby Kristina was and she told him that an alarm had sounded and they had taken her away. Sonny watched the two from the window. Bobbie was with them as the doctor informed the waiting parents that Kristina had a Ventricular Secular Defect, in which she was constantly starving for air. He informed them immediate surgery was necessary if they wanted the child to live, but that the chances that the surgery would be successful were 40/60. Unsure of what to do, Alexis let Ned make the call. He immediately told them to perform the surgery, seeing no other option if the baby would die otherwise. He tried to explain to Alexis that it was a terrible decision, but there was no real choice in the matter. “You made the decision, not me. If something happens to Kristina it’s your fault,” Alexis told him coldly. 

Cameron stepped out of the elevator and confronted Bobbie, telling her he had been paged. She explained to him she was the one who had paged him, telling him about Alexis’ outbreak and informing him that the hospital staff refused to deal with her until she had a psychological evaluation. He found Alexis in the neonatal care room. She told him that she appreciated his support, but she didn’t need it. He noticed the crack in her voice and the tired look in her eyes and thought differently. Mentioning that she was also suffering from postpartum hormones and that the staff was concerned for her health, he gave her little choice. She asked if he was going to sedate her and he confessed it was a good idea, getting her much needed sleep. She shared a few feelings of her own, telling him she couldn’t sleep and she didn’t want to, afraid of the dreams. He asked her the subject of her dreams and she told him - her sister, Kristina. Alexis again told him she wasn’t interested in his help, but he informed her she had to show him control or she would be banned from the neonatal wing. She asked him if it was blackmail, and he told her yes, then encouraged her to tell him about her dreams. She told him about her sister holding her baby and them disappearing into the light and about visiting Alcazar in the morgue and seeing Kristina behind her, telling her to let go. “I can save you your psychobabble about my dream. It means I miss my sister and worry about losing my baby,” she told him. He told her that she may be wrong, that she should take the second dream for what it was - a suggestion to move on. She thanked him for the help he gave her the night she went into labor, but told him she didn’t need any more help from him. 

Ned wandered into the hall and bumped into Felicia - literally. She asked how he was, and he informed her that he wasn’t good, explaining about the premature baby and his recent decision. Felicia agreed that he had made the only decision, but he shared his feelings, letting her know Alexis didn’t feel the same way they did. Sitting down they discussed the situation, Ned admitting that Alexis needed help, but confessing he didn’t know how to give it to her. He told Felicia she was in a place where only she and the baby existed. Felicia tried to put perspective on the situation, telling him that when she was waiting on Maxie’s heart transplant, she hated everyone. That she realized the fear had become overwhelming; but she shined some light on his situation, telling him “Hatred in the face of love can sustain itself,” and hypothesizing that Alexis would need his support soon. 

Carly answered a knock on the penthouse door, finding the mystery man there. Rick, as he called himself, was calling on Mr. Corinthos to deliver an important letter. Carly offered to take it for him, but he told her he needed to give it to Sonny himself, and opted to wait in the hall since Carly wouldn’t let him into the apartment with no guard present. She shut the door and let him wait. A while later she peeked out the door to see if he was still standing there, and sure enough, he was. She told him that he looked uncomfortable and he offered to wait in the lobby. She told him he could at least sit down there, but he explained that he didn’t mind standing. She rolled the desk chair out the front door for him to sit in, apologizing for not inviting him in. “There’s no guarantee that I won’t abduct you at gunpoint. It’s much better to be safe than sorry,” he acknowledged. She asked what was so important about the letter that he couldn’t leave it with anyone else, but like the rest of Sonny’s acquaintances, he refused to tell her, apologizing for how enormously frustrating it must be not to get a direct response. “You need to stop now because I’ve reached a point where paranoid male chauvinism seems normal and if you keep reminding me what it’s like to deal with a rational man, you’re going to knock my equilibrium off balance,” she told him. He told her that wasn’t his intention, but Sonny was curious to know what his intention was, exactly. He took Rick inside to discuss the matter.

Sonny told him he was shocked to receive a call from his wife telling him a man was waiting in the hall for him. Rick apologized again for making Carly uncomfortable. Carly informed him he hadn’t, but Sonny sent her upstairs. Upset about this visit from a stranger, Sonny told him not to ever come back to the penthouse again. Rick apologized and thanked Sonny for agreeing to see him despite his mistake. Sonny opened the letter to find a letter of recommendation for a lawyer. Rick informed him he wanted to come work for Mr. Corinthos. Sonny read the letter, seeing that Rick was at the top of his class at Harvard. He asked the young man why he was interested in him. Rick informed him that Sonny was a man who was rich and powerful and was in a position to achieve more of both; that being the person who helped him achieve it would, by association make him rich and powerful as well. Pointing out that Alexis had left his council and turned on him publicly, Rick made a stand to present Sonny as a legitimate business man. Sonny informed him he was a legitimate business man, and he didn’t need council. He then asked the young man what he had been doing since 2000. A little fidgety with words, Rick informed Mr. Corinthos that he had returned to business school - in Stanford and could get the documentation to prove it. He asked Sonny to keep his resume and letter of recommendation and consider him for the future. Sonny agreed and reminded him never to return to the penthouse unless asked. Carly came back downstairs once Rick had left, informing Sonny that the evening news was announcing Brenda’s arrest and talking about “conclusive evidence.” Sonny told her it was wrong, that Brenda didn’t kill Alcazar. Carly pointed out that he may want to believe that, but it didn’t mean it was true. Sonny told her he didn’t care if Brenda killed Alcazar or not, that he deserved to die and Brenda shouldn’t go to jail for it. He then told his wife that she didn’t do it because she had told him she didn’t.

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