GH Update Thursday 11/28/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 11/28/02

By Caroline
Pictures by Juanita


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Today's General Hospital was not related to the current storyline. It was a Thanksgiving special (a take-off on the movie "Groundhog Day"). Courtney awoke in the morning, alone in her bed, to her alarm clock at 7:02 am. She got a drink and Rosie came running into the bedroom, jumped on the bed, and spilled the drink. She went in to the kitchen to clean it up, and Lila called to invite her over for Thanksgiving dinner. She went back into the bedroom, tripped, and hurt her ankle.

She went to the hospital ER, and Jason was there to help her when she got there. Monica, Alan, and Bobbie were at the hospital and went up to Jason and told him to get away from Courtney, that he had his chance at being a doctor. They invited her for dinner at the Quartermaine's house.  She asked if Jason would be there.  Jason told Courtney he would go to dinner at the Quartermaine's only if she did. Then AJ walked up behind her and told her he would be there, too.

Later, as she went to Kelly's, Mike walked into Kelly's and pulled a gun on Elizabeth to rob the place. Right after he did that, Taggert got up from the table and held a gun to Mike, telling him to drop his gun. Courtney, on crutches, pleaded for her father to stop what he was doing. Taggert then arrested him and brought him to the police station. Scott was sitting at a desk in the police station, with a child's Thanksgiving bib on. He told Taggert to lock Mike up and throw away the keys. Courtney begged for him to spare her father, but he wouldn't. 

The Quartermaine's were all gathered around the table ready for dinner to be served. Monica was excited to finally be having a turkey on Thanksgiving. Reginald brought in the platter and opened it up to show a pizza.

Everyone started arguing; Jason and Courtney went out onto the terrace. Jason kissed Courtney, but when they pulled apart, it was A.J. kissing her. Courtney awoke again at 7:02am. The day repeated itself over and over with just slight variations as she tried to make the bad things stop happening.  In the end, Jason woke up to reveal that it was HIS nightmare.  It was really funny, but silly.