GH Update Tuesday 11/26/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/26/02

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


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Ned and Alexis discussed Kristina’s situation. Alexis told Ned she wanted to raise the baby alone. He asked if he did something wrong, and she informed him that he had been wonderful, but she wanted to do it herself. He argued that he loved their child as much as she did and he was it’s father. Furious with Alexis’ decision he asked her how she could even consider taking the child from him after all he had done. Not understanding what he meant, Alexis asked him what it was he thought he had done. He explained that he had loved her sister and had given away his life with her for the child; that he had devastated the woman he loved so he could do what was best for the baby. “That lie caused Kristina’s death at Alcazar’s hands,” he reminded her. Alexis refused to budge, still wanting to raise the child alone. She tried to explain to him that she and her baby were a family of two, and he could see the baby anytime, but he put up a fight. He explained that the baby needed a father and just because she and her mother were connected, it didn’t make the father any less important in her life. Alexis asked him to leave her alone and he did, but he pointed out that their conversation was far from over.

Ned had his own vendetta in mind, heading over to the morgue to see the body himself. Once there he found Alcazar’s slab and pulled him out to talk to the corpse one on one.”I thought I’d feel some sort of victory seeing you dead, but all it brings back is all you’ve taken away,” he told the colorless body, pointing out Kristina’s murder and Alexis pushing him away from the new baby. “She’s taking baby Kristina away from me and you did it. What comes next, you bastard?” he asked.

She sat down in a chair near the baby’s crib and drifted off, dreaming about going to the morgue, pulling out Alcazar’s body and seeing him dead, finally. “Oh, good,” she said, afraid she’d imagined his death. “I hate you for almost making me loose my baby,” she told him, wishing she had found him alive so she could walk away from him begging for help like he had walked away from her. “I hope your soul burns in hell and you suffer for all eternity,” she told the dead body. Kristina show up, though, aglow in a white light, and told her sister to let it go. Alexis told her she wanted her to be real, and Kristina informed her that she was - in her heart, her head, and her baby. She told her sister to focus on the positive. “Keeping the anger alive will only cast a shadow on the good,” she told her. Alexis awoke when an alarm went off. She immediately looked toward Kristina, but the alarm was from another child’s incubator - an alert that the child was in respiratory arrest. The child’s mother, standing beside the incubator, looked just as scared as Alexis had, wondering if her child would be okay. She asked Bobbie about the situation, which upset her a bit and begged for the nurse to let her touch her own tiny child, explaining that the baby needed to feel how loved she was. Bobbie agreed, making her scrub before hand. Getting to touch her baby girl for the first time, Alexis told her baby, “I wish I could hold you so you could see my heart beating for you.”

Brenda climbed into bed after seeing Jax’s dirty shoes on the floor. He rolled over and kissed her, already awake. She told him that she felt safe with him and he promised her she always would be, that he had never been complete without her. “You’re my life,” he explained. “You always have been.” Telling her he was never letting her go again, he asked her to join him on a trip to Fuji. Realizing that his timing was impeccable, Brenda asked why now. He tried to smooth things over telling her there was no better time than the present, but she told him that she wanted to spend more time in her cottage. He continue to try to convince her, though, telling her that they would be back. She started to tell him something, but he changed the subject, telling her about his house there. She asked him if he really wanted to runaway right now, and he told her he did. Realizing the big picture, she asked him if he knew about Luis’ death. Jax explained that after Alcazar had shown up at the Quartermaines, he had been worried about her and when he woke up she was gone. Brenda was a bit upset, thinking her wonderful prince charming had just assumed she had killed the arms dealer. He told her that didn’t just assume, that he had found her bracelet there. Brenda spun a bit of her story - leaving out the important parts, telling Jax that she went to Alcazar’s to warn him to leave, but he grabbed her and that was when her bracelet must have fallen off. Jax asked her if she hurt him. She lied, telling her love no, that she had simply run away. He asked her if there was anything she wasn’t telling him. She said no, and asked him the same question. He tried to push her away from the answer, telling her they could be at the airport within an hour, but she still wanted an answer. He explained that he just picked up the bracelet and made sure there was nothing else she left behind. She asked him if Luis was there when he got to the hotel room. He told her no, that he had went out to the balcony because the doors were open, looked down and Luis was already dead. Brenda put her theory together, reminding Jax that he hated Luis. He told her he didn’t kill anyone and they shared a hug. Agreeing that they were innocent wasn’t enough - Jax still wanted to run. Brenda didn’t understand his reasoning, but assured him if he felt it was best, she would follow. “Paradise doesn’t sound so bad,” she considered.

Taggart and Scotty found Jason at Kelly’s talking to Courtney and AJ. They told Jason that he was guilty and they would find a way to hold him. His only reply was that he wanted a lawyer. On his way out Courtney asked if there was anyone he wanted her to call for him. He told her no. Once the parade was out the door, Courtney turned to AJ, telling him that though she would like to think he didn’t enjoy the show, she knew better.

Once outside, Jason noticed Skye lingering by the tables, and looked at his sister with a hard stare before being pushed on his path. AJ came out moments later, seeing his sister on the walk and stopped to talk to her. He informed her about their brother’s arrest for murder, and casually asked her if she had seen him the night before. Skye asked why he would think that, so he informed her that he had seen her get into the limo with Alcazar, right after he had seen Jason get into the driver’s seat. “What the hell happened with you and Alcazar tonight?” he asked his sister. She explained that after the party she had went with Alcazar to give him a piece of her mind, but she had already lost most of it to Vodka, and he gave her even more, which ended in her passing out. “I don’t think I killed him,” Skye confided to her brother. He assured her she hadn’t - that Jason had, and he was going down for it. He tried to make her worry about her position, telling her that Jason had probably saw her there and would rat her out to the police, convincing her to go to the police and tell them she saw Jason kill Alcazar. Skye told AJ that she hadn’t seen it, but AJ told her it didn’t matter, that he was there and he had done it, and she needed to go to the police before he tried to blame her. He even gave her an entire story to tell the police. “I can’t believe you’re asking me to frame our brother,” she said. AJ still pushed the fact that Jason had probably seen her and would implicate her, but Skye couldn’t help but think he may not have done it. AJ told her that he had, and to tell him once she had gotten back. He retreated back inside.

Once in the diner, he finished his argument with Courtney, her arguing that Jason was innocent. He tried to explain to his naive wife that his brother kills people for a living, but she refused to believe it. Mac chose that moment to explain to AJ that he would need him to go to the station house and make a formal statement about seeing Jason in the limo. Courtney overheard and was furious about the situation. Not denying that Jason could have been in the limo, Courtney called AJ a creep for turning in his own brother. Calling him a hypocrite, she pointed out that he saw a chance to stick it to Jason and did it. “My brother is nothing more than a common thug, like your brother,” AJ told his wife cruelly. She smacked him for the comment, telling him that he had no room for love in his heart at all. He told her that he knew what he saw, and she replied that she knew his track record, and he would use every opportunity that he had to blame Jason. Informing him that she was done playing the role he had cast her in, she declared herself free from him. “You’re going to be where you will always be and always have been - alone,” she told him

Sonny and Carly argued in the penthouse, Sonny telling Brenda it didn’t matter who killed Alcazar. She explained that it did if it was Brenda. She put the night’s events together, telling him that he knew that something had went wrong, and continued spinning the story from memory, about Jason leaving the table, down to how Brenda ended up in this mess. She hypothesized a bit, realizing that Jason had found Brenda at Alcazar’s hotel room, then asked Sonny what had happened, if she had freaked out and shoved Luis off the balcony. Sonny tried to rationalize it, telling Carly Brenda hadn’t done it, that she wasn’t big enough to shove Alcazar over a balcony. “I know what I’m capable of when I need to be,” Carly told him, explaining that Brenda was just as capable. Sonny continued on his path of she didn’t do it, but Carly wasn’t so sure, asking him how he knew. He admitted that Brenda had told him she didn’t and that he believed her. Carly told him that she didn’t necessary think Ms. Barrett was lying, but she did notice quite a few gaps in her memory as of late. Sonny turned the tables, telling his wife that she wanted Brenda to be guilty. Carly clarified that she just wanted to get the facts, recalling the mess at St. Timothy’s and Jason running off, not taking care of things the way they were planned. Sonny informed her that this was different - there was a real body. And a real killer, she reminded him, wondering if Brenda hadn’t done it - who had? Carly pointed out that Brenda had motive and she was there. Sonny reminded her that there were a lot of suspects. Carly, still unconvinced, asked why, after finding her there, Jason brought her back to the penthouse if she hadn’t done anything. Then she realized. “I can see it in your face. You’re not sure.” She reminded her husband that Brenda wasn’t the only one that needed protecting. At that moment, Jason called, telling Sonny he was at the PCPD. Getting off the phone, Sonny informed her of the arrest. She asked him not to let Jason take the fall for Brenda. The mob boss and his wife gathered their things and headed down to the station.

Down at the station house, Mac informed Taggart and Scott that the results had come back from the reports on both the limo driver and the hotel guard, and both had been chloroformed. They stuck Jason in a lineup and had both men try to identify him. The results proved inconclusive. Scott refused to let Jason slip through their fingers again, bringing in the maid from the hotel. They questioned the young woman. She didn’t want to talk, but she eventually pointed to Jason, telling the detective and the district attorney that she had seen him leaving through a stairway door sometime after the murder had taken place. Scott rejoiced in the news, but Taggart pointed out there wasn’t much evidence. “We’ve got squat,” he told the DA.

Carly and Sonny made it to the PCPD, Carly immediately wanting to see Jason, but they refused to let her. Sonny tried to make his way in but got turned away as well, being told that Scott had a “one time deal” for him. He followed Scott into a private office while Carly made her way into see her best friend. Sonny informed Scott that he wasn’t stupid and whatever deal he had planned would be in the DA’s best interests, not his own. Scott pointed out that Jason was being charged with first degree murder and told Sonny the evidence they had against him. Sonny pointed out that it was all circumstantial and that Scott could do nothing with it. Scott tried to push the deal, wanting Sonny to admit he had given the order and Jason’s sentence would be reduced. “Are you going to let Jason take the fall?- No pun intended,” he asked. Sonny pointed out again that the evidence wouldn’t get Jason convicted and he refused to take any kind of deal.

Carly got in to see Jason, who was shocked by her presence and told her to get out quickly. She asked him if he was okay and he informed her he was, that he had been through the ringer before. She reminded him it had never been for Brenda.“There’s no way I’m going to sit back and let Sonny make you take the wrap for murder,” she told her best friend. He told her that he wouldn’t go to jail and told her to go home, that he would be fine. “Protecting Brenda is one thing, but you shouldn’t have to pay for what she did,” Carly pointed out, as Mac entered the room, kicking her out. She joined Sonny in the station and informed him that she was trying to convince her best friend not to go to jail for something he didn’t do. “How far are you going to go to protect Brenda?” she asked her husband.

Skye showed up at Taggart’s desk, telling him she had information on the Alcazar murder - from a first hand witness. Explaining that she had been in the suite and gotten drunk, Skye told Taggart that she had woke up and peeked outside, seeing the killer. Taggart took her in to the DA himself, informing the attorney that they had another witness who saw the killer. Scotty, hoping the evidence would be what he was waiting for asked, “Jason Morgan, right?” “No, his wife, Brenda Barrett,” Skye informed him.