GH Update Friday 11/15/02


General Hospital Update Friday 11/15/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita


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Brenda was shocked by the news that she wasn’t sick. At first she didn’t believe Jax. She told him that the doctors were certain and that she was on drugs, she had had the break down and that he was there. He told her that people have breakdowns and that he’s seen the results and he talked to the doctor that treated her; the doctor admitted she wasn’t sick, that Alcazar paid him off. Finally it sunk in and she became so happy, her and Jax hugged and then they sat down and discussed how horrible a person Alcazar was for doing this. Jax mentioned how Skye had kept this information from them. Brenda went on to say how she was talking to Lily and promising to be grateful for the time she had, now she has days, weeks, months, years. Jax said she had a lifetime and asked her where she wanted to start spending it, where did she want to go, he’d take her. She said she wanted to go home.

Later, Jax and Brenda arrived at her cottage. Everything looked beautiful to Brenda, the ground, the snow, and the cottage etc. she went to grab the key on the top of the door, but couldn’t reach it so Jax had to help. Then they both turned the key and opened the door. Jax turned on the light and the whole cottage was filled with Brenda’s old furniture, it looked as it did before she left. She was so happy and asked if Jax had done it, he nodded. They sat down by the fire with champagne and smores, Brenda told Jax that she could finally have everything that she wanted, a baby, a family…him. Jax looked at her then leaned in and they kissed. As they started to get more into it, Skye (who had just come from Sonny’s penthouse after telling them about Brenda. Carly was less then thrilled and even asked if Skye was absolutely sure that Brenda wasn’t dying. Sonny looked happy and confused but finally believed the news when it came from Jason. He called and told Sonny that Brenda was ok and with Jax at Lily’s grave. Sonny covered wanting to meet with Jason about Brenda by saying he had to meet with him about Miami. Carly asked where he was going and he said it was business. After he left Skye and Carly argued about Skye trying to yet again push Sonny and Brenda together in order to save her marriage.) walked up and saw them making out through the window.

Jason and Sonny met and Jason told Sonny about what he saw between Jax and Brenda. Sonny didn’t understand why she was at Lily’s grave but Jason told him that when she had her breakdown she had went there to talk. Sonny told Jason that he hid the truth from Carly because she would go through the roof. Jason picked up on Sonny’s disappointment over Brenda being with Jax. Sonny headed home leaving Jason on the docks to think. (Earlier, Jason had continued to push Alcazar around at the hospital and asked where Brenda was. He told him that everyone knew she wasn’t sick. Alcazar told Jason to tell Sonny that he could make Brenda happy and she would again be with him, Jason punched him. Alexis pulled Jason off of Alcazar and Jason left. Alexis told Alcazar how pathetic he was for trying to wipe out Sonny and Jax to prevent his girlfriend from having anywhere to go when she figured out she wasn’t sick. Then she said that it was such a stupid reason for her sister to die and he would pay)

Courtney (who had left Kelly’s after her shift and talking to AJ who tried to apologize and explain. He told her about how important it was for her to come to him and not his brother and how she used to understand that. She told him that the only way they could work out was for him to get over Jason. AJ reminded her of how great they use to be and asked her out to dinner and a movie. She declined due to AJ not getting how badly he hurt her.) went on the docks and ran into Jason. They talked about how people who are bad for you can be so irresistible (referring to Sonny and Brenda). She told him about AJ and what had happened. She said that he needed someone to understand and help him through his problems. Jason asked what she wanted just as AJ walked up and expressed his dislike to seeing Jason with Courtney.

Alexis met with Scott, Luke and the psychologist to take Luke to court ordered anger management courses. Luke was less then thrilled pointing out that the only reason Scott wouldn’t prosecute was because it would make him look bad. Luke sat and listened to everyone else talk then started giving advice that was the opposite of the sit in doctor. He told everyone that it was ok to get mad and to express yourself. He agreed with what everyone was saying (every time someone shared a problem Luke had an experience to share) he kept getting Logan’s (the sit in doctor) name wrong, calling him Hogan. This was of coarse done deliberately in an attempt to get him mad enough to do something therefore breaking up the meeting. Luke’s plan worked before long the doctor was yelling along with everyone else. When Luke told them that they were being watched, they all went nuts and started smashing things and fighting with one another. The deep breathing method had flown out the window. Scott and the doctor watched all of this (Alexis saw most of it but left early and ran into Alcazar in the park how told her that her sister’s death was her fault. Alexis fought with him and started having horrible stomach pains. She curled in the snow begging Alcazar for help, but he said he was sorry but that everything was about Brenda and left her there.) Scott wasn’t thrilled with Luke’s performance but the psychologist thought it was hysterical. He too knew that Scott was trying to protect his career and showed his displeasure to that.