GH Update Thursday 11/14/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 11/14/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita


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Jax went to the island that Sonny and Brenda were on only to find that they were no longer there, so he headed back to Port Charles to tell Brenda that she wasn’t dying. Meanwhile, Brenda made coffee for Jason who wasn’t very thankful until Brenda mentioned something about him being a little nicer to his wife. She said that they had just been through something together so why not pretend to care. He then said that it was really nice of her to make him coffee but that she needed to start listening to him. She laughed and he went upstairs with her following him yelling about the thanks she was getting for being nice to her inconsiderate husband. Jus then Brenda dropped her coffee mug and grabbed her head. Jason ran downstairs to see if she was ok and she said that something was wrong. Jason called Monica for help, but she wasn’t there so Jason asked if Alan would come over and help. He agreed, and said good-bye to Skye (who came over to tell her dad about her and Jax and get some support) he hugged her and told her that he had to get to Brenda and Jason. She was shocked to hear that Brenda was back but graciously said goodbye. Alan went to Jason’s penthouse and Jason told him that Brenda had had a serious blow to the head recently and was unconscious for 6 hours. Alan asked if she had flown since then and she said yes. He said it could be that, her pupils were responsive so she should be fine. But he still suggested she go to see a neurologist. Brenda agreed, Alan gave her something for the pain and headed towards the door. Jason walked him out and shook his hand thanking him. Alan said it wasn’t a problem and told Jason not to be a stranger. Brenda stood right up and Jason tried to get her to sit down and rest. She said that she knew what this was; her illness was starting to get worse. Jason said that she didn’t know that and that she should lie down and he’d take her to the hospital when she got up. She said that the doctors in Switzerland told her that the headaches would start really bad (they were so bad she couldn’t see straight) and then they turn to seizures. Jason looked concerned and said he’d been reading up on her illness (Brenda looked surprised, then she smiled and looked happy) and that it was still early for it to kick in, she should still have time. Brenda said she knew about her illness and she needed him to keep his promise and take her away. Brenda sat down on the couch and Jason sat next to her. She told him that she didn’t want anyone to see her helpless and that she needed to go away. She said that she knew he didn’t like her or like being near her (Jason looked sad) but she needed him to do this for her. She said she’d trusted Alcazar to do this and he lied to her, and it would be a beautiful day when she was rid of him. Jason told her not to think about him. She said that when she starts to have seizures that she wouldn’t remember him or other things. Jason tried to comfort her, but she continued she had to get this out. She asked Jason to please do her one more favor, he shook his head ok, and she asked him to please remember her the way she was. He laughed and said he’d remember her. She then laughed and said that they were the perfect typical married couple. (Jason looked confused) she said that they hate each other but are stuck together till death do them part. Jason laughed along with her. Then Jason left to do one thing before they left. Brenda broke into his locked box and took his gun.

Sonny and Carly discussed what happened on the island. Carly asked Sonny straight out if anything happened and he dodged the question. He said that she was his wife and he loved her, either she trusted that or he didn’t. Later, Sonny was walking on the docks and Brenda approached him. She told him about her illness and Jason. Sonny told her that Jason would be very helpful if she let him, sometimes you have to let people help. They laughed and she said that that was cute coming from him, Mr. Control. They reminisced about the first time they met. Sonny said he’d have to miss her smile all over again. Then they hugged and Brenda told Sonny to be happy and blessed. Sonny went home and told Carly that he ran into Brenda and told her about her leaving. Carly was happy to hear that she was leaving. Then Sonny told her about Brenda telling him to be blessed and Sonny said that he realized he already was. He had love and a family and it was all thanks to Carly. She curled up into his arms. They were interrupted by Skye who ran over to tell them about Brenda not being sick. (Carly looked upset).

Jax ran over to Jason’s penthouse and was banging on the door when Jason came home. (He went to see Courtney to tell her about him and Brenda and say goodbye. She told him about AJ being the stalker and he told her to go to Sonny when she needed someone. Earlier, Courtney talked to Bobbie about separating from AJ and asked for her job back. Which Bobbie happily gave to her.)(While Courtney talked to Bobbie, Alexis had been reading a psychology book and Ned came in to talk to her. They talked about Luke’s session and about missing Kristina.) Jason asked what Jax was doing and he said he needed to see Brenda. Jason let him in only to find that Brenda wasn’t there. She had left a letter stating she’d be back soon. Jason realized that his gun was missing and told Jax about his prior conversation with Brenda (the part about her hinting at wanting to kill Alcazar). Jason ran to the hospital to confront Alcazar (who was tied up in his hotel room, but was found and freed by the maid. He talked to the police and didn’t press charges and was confronted by Skye who told him that Jax knew Brenda wasn’t sick. Alcazar told Skye he wanted Brenda and he wanted Skye’s help. He told her that he knew Brenda and based on what he saw on the island Sonny was her next move, not Jax.) Before Jason arrived though, Alcazar was talking to Alexis who had dropped her sister’s mitten and he picked it up. She warned him to stay away from her and he told her that Kristina was nothing to him. Alexis threatened to get him, and if the legal system couldn’t she’d kill him herself. Then Jason came running in and slammed Alcazar into the wall. He asked him if Brenda came after him, and what he did with her.

Brenda went to Lily’s grave and talked to her about her illness, and being so sorry for Lily losing her life and never being able to say goodbye, or thank you or have love in her life anymore. Then she said that she tried to live by Lily’s words (about being happy) but now it was hard. She told Lily a secret…she didn’t want to die. Just then Jax came in and Brenda told him that she was ok and that she didn’t want to die. Jax said she wasn’t going to, she didn’t have her mother’s illness. (Brenda looked really confused).

AJ called Ned over to the Q mansion. He told Ned about Courtney and his break up, and his stalking her. He asked Ned for a job so that he could get her back. Ned agreed but told him that he had to remain sober and do what he was told. AJ agreed and they shook on it. Later, Courtney called Sonny and told him what Jason said about going to him for help. She asked him to please call her back, she needed legal advice she was getting a divorce. AJ walked in and heard this and asked if she was really going to do it. He asked why she was calling Sonny, he was bios against AJ what did she think he was going to say? (Courtney had made mention of just weighing her options, that nothing was for certain)