GH Update Wednesday 11/13/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/13/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita


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Alcazar held Sonny at gunpoint, while Sonny tried to keep him occupied to prevent him from pulling the trigger. Jason came running up and he and Sonny took Alcazar down. While, Brenda continued to struggle in quicksand. Carly came running by and Brenda’s lack of excitement to see her showed. They argued over how stupid a situation this was, Brenda told Carly not to help her but to go help Sonny. Carly refused and grabbed a stick and tried to help Brenda out. They pulled and Carly lost her footing landing in the sand with Brenda. They both were up to their waists in sand and continued to argue. Brenda made a comment that what ever Carly had been drinking was really bad. Just then sonny and Jason came by. They saw the two women stuck and just stared at one another. Sonny and Jason helped Carly out then they helped Brenda out. Carly was suspicious about what happened with Sonny and Brenda but they dodged her questions and insisted they needed to leave. While on the plane Alcazar tried to hint to Carly that Sonny was still in love with Brenda but Jason put tape over his mouth before eh could get his story underway. Carly continued to try to understand what they did; she assumed that it wasn’t as innocent as they said. They both just looked at each other and ignored her. While Sonny and Jason stood on the opposite of the plane, Brenda and Carly talked. Brenda tried to explain to Carly that she and Sonny have gotten each other out of many a dangerous situation. That it was like her and Jason it was nothing. Sonny and Jason went back to sit with the girls and Sonny asked if everything was ok, both women said it was fine.

Courtney was so upset at AJ for what he had done. She wouldn’t hear him out she continued to yell and scream. She asked him why he did it? So he could be her hero? Why was he so jealous of Jason? That is the only reason he did it she said, to be better then Jason. She went back through the weeks and relived everything and just became more outraged, as she knew now that it was AJ who did it. She then asked how it was supposed to end. Coleman answered; he said that AJ would come in while he was going after Courtney and then he’d knock Coleman around and send him on his way. Then he’d be the hero. Just then Taggert and a few other cops came in and placed Coleman under arrest but Courtney stood up on his behalf and told them that he wasn’t the stalker and she wasn’t pressing charges. Taggert tried to convince her that if he scared her he couldn’t hurt her but she stuck to her decision. He then realized that AJ was the one behind it but never truly let on to that fact and just reminded Courtney to make sure that she makes the right choice and left. (Coleman went with them to fill out forms) AJ thanked her expressing how hard that must have been. She said she did it for Coleman not him. He tried to beg her to not leave him, he said that he loved her and he was tired of having everyone think he was nothing and he was just proving them wrong. He said that it was so hard to be in love and happy when others are around with their opinions that’s why he wanted to move. He couldn’t understand how she went to Jason, not him, not the cops, Jason. She said that they were happy and in love and that no one would come between them, Jason was never a problem but now she wanted nothing to do with AJ. She said what he did wasn’t about love but about control and she never wanted to see him again. He begged her not to leave him, she said she wasn’t, he was leaving and never coming back. She didn’t’ care where he stayed, on the street, a bar, a snow bank but he was out of there tonight.

Georgie was at Kelly’s and Lucas came in to talk to her. He said that he thinks he has dyslexia and he needs her help. She told him that she would help and began giving him tips (reading things more then once, highlighting in different colors etc.) he mentioned how much work that would be and she said she’d help him but he had to try. He told her not to tell anyone, just as Maxie walked in. Georgie had Lucas grab her hand to disguise what they were really doing. Maxie asked what they were doing and they said nothing. Then Felicia came in and told Georgie and everyone that she had won the best essay award and was invited to go for a month to oxford. Georgie looked at Lucas and looked sad. Felicia and Georgie grabbed their own table and Felicia talked about everything that they had to do before she left. They had so many forms to fill out etc. Georgie just watched Lucas and Maxie laughing and joking and looked really sad. Felicia noticed and asked what was wrong. She said that she didn’t want to be the smart girl. That no one liked her (boys). Felicia said they would or at least the right one would soon when he came along when she was older. She just stared at Lucas. Maxie and Lucas asked to go to the park for the first snow party the school has and Felicia Okayed it. Georgie noticed that Lucas left his backpack and ran out to give it to him, only to find Maxie and him having a snowball fight. Maxie ran and Lucas chased her while Georgie stood there really sad.

Scott went to see Luke in his cell and told him that he could get him off if Luke didn’t talk. Luke vowed that he would just get out and do something to get himself right back in there so don’t bother.

Scott went to talk to Alexis, and told her of Luke’s problems. He said that he would need a doctor to declare Luke insane to get him off (Mental argument: he wasn’t in his right mind at the time). He gave her the name of a doctor to see and she needed to do this tonight because Luke’s hearing was in the morning. She went down to a homeless shelter to find the doctor. She met a man and asked him if he could help her. She went on and on about her friend and where she was etc. as she went to walk away the doctor told her she was cold. She said he didn’t know her long enough to make that assumption. He said that he meant cold from what she was looking for: he was the doctor. They sat and talked and she asked why he was wearing those clothes. (Jeans, sweater, old coat.) He said they were his clothes she said she just assumed he was trying to fit in with the rest to gain trust. Then she explained the situation about Luke and Laura and her child and hwy she feels the need to help a man who doesn’t want her help and is determined to mourn in the worst and most dangerous way and punish everyone around him instead of just grieving like a normal person, not that she was promoting normal what was normal? Then she said that she should be home awaiting the arrival of her baby girl instead of being on this side of town in a home less shelter with a “psychiatrist” who feels it necessary to dress that way… (Beautiful Alexis rambling) the doctor then diagnosed her as being a rambling dialogue user to cover her true feelings and emotions etc. (exactly who Alexis is) she then got upset (sort of) and told him that she didn’t’ need counseling, he disagreed and was convinced that she was in need of help and her friend didn’t exist. She proved her point and he and her headed to the jail. She and Luke went back and forth for a while (just like old days) and then she introduced the doctor. Luke tried to get out of it but Alexis told him it was court ordered and he didn’t have choice. He agreed and the doctor asked him questions about himself and Laura. He told him that Laura was his wife, he loved her and that was it. The doctor pushed for more and Luke told him she was an angel, beautiful inside and out, everything decent etc. then the doctor said he was textbook and he was wasting his time. Luke got mad and told him that she had saved his life more times then he cared to count, and she was courageous and when she needed him the most he let her down. He didn’t deserve anything and he wanted to be left alone. That these do-gooders lead by Alexis are interfering with his life when Laura needed the help.