GH Update Tuesday 11/12/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/12/02

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita


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Alexis met with Zander at Kelly’s. Giving him a welcoming hug, she sat down to find out what he needed her assistance for, warning him that she was pregnant and didn’t need any more stress. “I’m in no place to ask for a favor, but I’m running out of options,” Zander admitted, explaining that he didn’t need help getting out of trouble, but staying out. He asked for her assistance in getting him a decent job. Alexis was astonished at his change of mind set and was extremely happy to lend her assistance, glad he had chosen a new path. She agreed with him that the price to pay for the type of life criminals lead was too great. They discussed Kristina’s death and it’s importance in the Corinthos/Alcazar war. Zander admitted he didn’t want to go down that road again and Alexis agreed to keep him off the beaten path. Zander left and Alexis called Ned for reinforcement. Asking her best friend for his help in placing Zander in a prospective job, Alexis explained that she felt sorry for Zander and wanted him to have a new role model - one like Ned. Ned agreed to help then teased Alexis about her weight while helping her out of her chair. The two left the diner smiling.

Courtney and AJ continued their argument, Courtney wondering how her husband knew she and Jason were training Rosie. AJ back peddled his way out of it, telling her that it just made sense and that it was just an expression. While Courtney explained she was saying good-bye to a friend who helped her, AJ admitted he would never be okay with her spending time with Jason. AJ explained that the situation was frustrating, that while he was away trying to make their lives better, Jason was playing hero. He played the victim card rather well, like always, talking about the unbelievable accusations that Coleman made against him. Courtney assured her husband that she believed in his innocence. “I can’t change what happened, only what comes next,” she told him. She told him that the job opportunity was a good one, and he agreed, telling her that it was good for the both of them, especially since his father and grandfather had spent the greater part of his life calling him a loser. He told his wife that she was the reason he got the chance to prove the Quartermaine men wrong. Courtney assured him that she was his wife and would be following him to Manhattan. AJ went home to begin packing and Courtney decided to call Coleman in the hospital. Once she got through to GH, though, she was informed Coleman had escaped. She told another waitress she was sick, grabbed her coat and headed out doors. Coleman grabbed her as she stood outside putting on her coat.

AJ waited for his wife at home, clothes scattered all over the apartment. Trying the phone, he found the line had been disconnected. When there was a knock at the door, he opened it expecting his wife, but found Coleman instead. Coleman told AJ he had his wife and pushed his way into the apartment. Telling his accomplice Courtney was fine for now, Coleman demanded an extra $250,000 for stalking Courtney, believing that it would be compensation for getting shot and arrested. AJ refused, telling Coleman that he had tried to convince everyone he was at fault too. “I said I would pay you 250 grand to help me stalk my wife and I did,” AJ told him. Unfortunate for him, Courtney overheard him admit it and stepped into the room. “Oh God. It really was you.”

Skye admitted that she made a mistake not telling Brenda, but told Jax she was unsure if Alcazar was lying to Brenda or if Brenda was lying to everyone else, seeing as how she was confident she could take Jax back anytime she wanted to. Jax tried to assure his wife Brenda would never use a disease to play on people’s emotions. “That’s something you would do Skye,” he told her. “Why are you acting like Brenda is a paragon of virtue?” she asked her husband. He tried to deny it, but Skye had her offense ready, explaining that when Brenda was attempting to kiss him and she called her on it he had defended his ex. Jax told his wife that he thought she was acting like a dying woman, making the choices a dying woman would make to protect the people closest to her. “What a Saint,” Skye muttered sarcastically. Jax started on the offensive, asking his wife why she didn’t tell Brenda that she knew. Skye explained that she was too busy worrying about losing her husband. Jax tried to comfort her, telling her that she should have admitted that to him. “You weren’t listening, Jax. You were too busy with Brenda.” He then put more of the situation together, accusing her for talking him out of going after Brenda. Skye informed him that she was already gone (she didn’t explain how she knew). Jax, unknowing the whole tale, told her that Brenda would never have went to begin with if she had known. Skye took the offense again, pointing out to her husband that Brenda showed up out of nowhere and he started pushing her way. “I am your wife for God’s sake. What about me?” she asked him. She continued prying, pointing out that he had lied to, going to Brenda on their wedding night when he told her he had been meeting with Jason and company, explaining how hard it was to find out her husband was spending his time with another woman. Admitting that he had been wrong, Jax told his wife that they had both made bad choices, but refused to believe they were about Brenda, choosing to believe they were about their relationship. He told Skye that she was making excuses, but she explained that she had lied to protect herself. “Your lies hurt Brenda,” he explained. “You hurt me,” she shouted back. She told him that she had loved and trusted him when she had never loved or trusted anyone, then Brenda reappeared and the ground fell out from under her. Jax told her that they could work out their problems, but Skye was reluctant, reminding him that she lied because she was afraid of losing him, and wondering if he lied because he was afraid of losing Brenda.

Jax tried to convince his wife that hiding the truth from Brenda was wrong, that she knew Alcazar had set up the whole thing and was going to kill he and Sonny so when she realized the truth she would have nowhere to run. Admitting that his story made sense, Skye made a spectacle out of the fact that Brenda never questioned the test results. Reminding him how easy it had been for her to get the results, Skye wondered why Brenda never went looking for them herself, assuming that maybe a part of Brenda liked playing the dying heroine. Jax dismissed her theory, telling his wife that Brenda had no reason to question Alcazar and her doctor both. Skye turned the page a bit, asking her husband why he had accepted the results so quickly, without question. He admitted it had never occurred to him to question the results, but she pointed out that the minute he suspected her, he didn’t take anytime at all to seek out answers. He tried to place the blame back on her shoulders, telling her it was her responsibility to act. “But the fact that you refused not to tells me you’re not the woman I thought I married,” he told her coldly. “You mean, I’m not the woman you want to be married to. You hypocrite. You’re not going to leave me because of the lies I told. You’re going to leave me because you know Brenda’s going to live and you want to go be with her,” Skye accused. Jax denied the accusation, but Skye didn’t let down, calling her husband a coward and telling him to admit it. “No, I’m leaving you because I can’t be with someone who plays God with someone else’s life,” he told her.

Jax came down the stairs a little later, large bag in hand. Skye made one last stab at keeping him in her life, telling him that they had both made mistakes, but they could put them behind them, and work through their problems. Jax told her that they had tried. She told him they needed to try harder, that the worst was behind them but he refused. She played the love card, telling him they were still connected, but before he could say no again, the phone rang, a call informing him of Brenda’s plane going down. Hanging up, Jax told his wife he was heading out to help Brenda. He blamed Skye for everything, telling her that Brenda wouldn’t have been on the plane if it wasn’t for her and if she died she would be at fault. “Stand there and try to stop me again,” he challenged. She moved aside so he could go. Once outside he paused for a moment, glancing back, but continued forward.

Carly and Jason waited for the plane to land, discussing their options once they were on the ground. Carly explained to her best buddy that she planned to continue to fight for Sonny - no matter the cost. They landed the plane and headed into a Tiki-bar where they tried to rent a boat they saw tied out front. The bartender pointed them in the direction of the boat’s owner and before Jason barely landed his offer to rent the piece of equipment, the owner informed them “Esmeralda” wasn’t for rent. Jason made the man a bet though, drawing top card $10,000 vs Esmeralda. The old man (Creed) agreed to the bet, but not the game, offering instead to match shot for shot. Jason agreed readily, until the tables turned and the old man admitted he wanted to drink against Carly. Jason tried to get her out of it, offering $20,000 instead, but the old man refused. Carly stepped up to the plate though, agreeing to drink and explaining to Jason that she needed to help. The bet was made and the shots were poured, but Carly wasn’t sure what she was getting into, having to drink a liquor she’d never tasted before, wondering if it was made out of “rubbing alcohol and goat tongue.” She started to sway her companion with stories while they downed their drinks. While Ms. Corinthos provided distraction, Jason slowly edged his way to the table where Creed had placed the keys to his boat. Creed caught sight of him and put two and two together before Jason had a chance to snag them though, throwing a dagger in the wall near Jason’s head. “No stealin’ Esmeralda. You have to win fair and square,” he reminded. Carly continued to play the drinking game, and spill her life story. After quite a few drinks, she tried to move to a different chair, but almost hit the floor. Jason tried to assist her, but Creed refused to let him, explaining that she had to do it on her own. Once on the other side of her competition, Carly hit another shot and began talking about her reason for being there, explaining that she really wanted his boat. She told him, “my husband, he’s on one of those desert islands out there with this nasty, nasty, nasty little viper.” In her intoxicated state she told Creed that once she caught up to the viper she was going to grab her by the hair, knock her down and feed her to the sharks. Just after she gave this tad bit of information, her opponent fell onto the bar, unconscious. Carly couldn’t get herself out of the chair, so Jason picked her up like a sack of potatoes, grabbed the key and headed for the door. Once on the boat, Carly admitted she drank way too much, that she was rocking. Jason explained they were on the boat and tried to get his best friend to cooperate with him. Carly explained that she was helping. “I’m getting my sea legs on,” she told him. As he tried to put a life jacket around her, she spent her time telling him how hot he was, that he was more patient than Sonny and very good in bed. Jason handed her a thermos of coffee, telling her to drink up so she could be sober for her husband. Carly took a swig of the hot beverage, thinking it was more rum, and made a sour face. Once he had safely got her into the front seat and the boat on course, Carly stood up and yelled “I’m queen of the world,” proving the coffee had helped little. Carly almost fell overboard, Jason tugged her back upright before she could take the tumble. Jason commanded her to sit, like a dog, and she did, but not quietly. “None of your goodie goodie girlie friends would’ve been able to drink that guy,” she attested. “I want a little credit,” she told him. He told her to drink her coffee. “Then will I get credit?” she asked. He agreed. She told him he reminded her of one of those Greek statues as she tried to pry the bottom off the container, mistaking it for the top. Finally getting the top unscrewed, she started to drink.

Sonny broke from his kiss with Brenda, asking her if she was okay. She nodded and they hugged. They ran back to the plane, but Alcazar was gone. They discussed their situation, reminding themselves that he was unarmed. However, Alcazar, hiding in the bushes with a flare gun, was far from unarmed and shot a flare into the plane, lighting it on fire and sending Sonny and Brenda into flight. Getting up a few seconds later they access the situation, deciding that he did them a favor because the fire was big enough to see by plane or by boat. Brenda explained that Alcazar had gotten the idea from her little charades on the boat. Sonny questioned her intentions in that little caper. She explained that if she blew up the ship that they’d let her out - and it worked. They heard something in the bush and Sonny went to check it out. Finding nothing, when he turned around, Alcazar had Brenda in one hand and the flare gun in the other. Pointing the orange barrel at Brenda’s head, he told Sonny to drop his weapon or he’d kill Brenda. Sonny tried to call his bluff, telling him he’d never hurt Brenda, that she meant everything to him. Alcazar reassured him he had reevaluated his situation after Brenda had nearly shot him and was convincing enough to encourage Sonny to toss the gun. Brenda nailed Alcazar, but both men lurched for the gun, fighting over the weapon. Brenda tried to help, hitting Alcazar on the back while Sonny yelled for her to run. Then Brenda saw boat lights and ran to the shore for help, but she encountered another problem - quicksand. Trying hard, she couldn’t get herself un-lodged and began to scream for help.