GH Update Monday 11/11/02


General Hospital Update Monday 11/11/02

Update By Danielle
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Liz stood outside Kelly’s before her shift, looking up at the night sky. She went in, finding Courtney cleaning up the mess Luke left after his fight with Ned. Letting Elizabeth in on the news of Luke’s imprisonment, the two discussed the situation. Liz thanked Courtney for covering her shifts while she was out helping Lucky and offered to repay her co-worker anytime. Courtney informed her that it wouldn’t be necessary, that she would be moving to Manhattan. Admitting that she was more nervous than excited, Courtney explained that she had just begun to feel like she was setting down roots, but felt it was a big opportunity for AJ. Comparing her situation to Elizabeth’s she told her co-worker that she just wanted to be there for AJ like Liz was for Lucky. Liz clarified for Courtney that though she had been there for Lucky, he was just a friend, nothing more. Wondering if Jason was aware of that, Courtney told Elizabeth of his recent marriage to Brenda, and inserted her opinion that maybe, had he known Elizabeth and Lucky were only friends he wouldn’t have gotten married. Shocked at the news, Elizabeth was speechless and listened to Courtney for the details. Courtney explained that she thought Jason was only doing it out of obligation, because he felt sorry for Brenda, knowing she had no one to take care of her. Unable to make sense of the situation, Elizabeth admitted that Jason would do almost anything for a friend, but marriage was a bit extreme, even for him, especially in Las Vegas. She told Courtney about Brenda and Sonny’s relationship and tried to discover why Jason would put himself in the middle of such a mess. Though she couldn’t believe what was staring her in the face, Elizabeth had to admit to herself that Jason’s promises mean something.

Elizabeth tried to continue work, but her mind was elsewhere, and Zander could see it the minute he looked in her direction. Trying to tease her, he asked her if she was alright. “I don’t think I am,” she admitted, telling him the news she had just heard. Zander tried to reassure her that it was a typical reaction to unexpected news, but she informed him that the news was much more than unexpected. She let her feelings flow, admitting that she told everyone there was no hope for her and Jason, and she had thought she believed it, but that had all been a front. She had hoped that going away would make Jason miss her and want to find a way to work things out. Zander tried to be a good friend, telling her it would get easier. That she was “smart, beautiful, talented and funny,” and that she deserved someone who could be honest with her, make her his priority, not his job. He tried to relate his words to their own situation, but Liz interrupted, explaining that their time together was what they needed then, and it had probably been a mistake. Not offended, Zander informed her that he was going to say that their friendship had taken a wrong turn. He promised her that she would find somebody, maybe soon. “You’re a closet romantic,” she teased him before he left. She went not long after, stepping out into the first snow of the season. A passerby told her to make a wish on the night for it was sure to come true. “I wish for happiness. And soon, please,” she prayed to the heavens. The passerby told her not to worry, that things take you by surprise.

Skye spilled the beans to AJ, telling her brother that Brenda tested negative for her mother’s genetic disease. She explained that Alcazar had bribed the doctors to keep quiet because he knew he would loose her to Jax if she had known. “Brenda is the one great love of Jax’s life. He’ll take her back for sure.” AJ told her she had simply made a bad decision under pressure. Skye then finished the story for him, explaining how she was the cause of Brenda’s kidnaping. AJ asked her if she had told Jax yet, she admitted she hadn’t, but that if Brenda made it back that she would be sure to run to Jax and tell him Skye’s part in it all. “So far honesty, loyalty and believing in love have gotten me nowhere,” she sighed. Worried that she was out of options, she almost gave in, convincing herself that she had never had Jax in the first place. AJ stopped her though, convincing her that there was a way. Telling his sister to get Jax out of town before Brenda got back, AJ suggested she use their time away to make him fall in love with her more than he had ever been in love with Brenda. Skye wondered how a plan such as this would work when all the hidden lies emerged, but AJ assured her that Brenda had told a few lies in her day as well, hurting Jax by running back to Sonny. Then he informed his sister of his move to Manhattan, admitting that he had also made a colossal mistake and was getting out before it could catch up to him. He wouldn’t tell her about it, admitting there was no was to resolve it at this point, but took the opportunity to assure her she was doing the right thing.

Jax confronted Brenda’s doctor, threatening his job if he didn’t fork over the required information. Finding out that Brenda’s disease was a lie and it was Alcazar’s lie, and that the medication she was taking would not hurt her, he began asking questions about “Antoinette Quartermaine’s sudden appearance at the clinic. The doctor admitted that Skye got a hold of Brenda’s files, but attested that she knew nothing about the cover-up. Jax informed him that regardless, it was not “okay” to tell a healthy woman that her situation was hopeless. He then informed the doctor that he wanted proof of Brenda’s health - certified proof, before leaving.

He went home, where he found Skye packing. He asked his wife what the bags were for, and she reminded him that he had promised her the honeymoon of a lifetime and she was going to hold him to it. Jax wondered why she was in such a hurry, but she escaped the spotlight by telling him she would have preferred it after the wedding, but her plans had been put on hold. Explaining that she had wanted to go the moment he had chosen to stay with her instead of run after Brenda, she told him that they needed to spend time alone, without calling home. She explained that she didn’t care where they went - maybe starting in Europe, and visiting Turkey or North Africa. Jax took the opportune moment to bring up Switzerland and her trip there. He told his wife that she was very persistent and informed her that he knew about her trip and it’s purpose. Skye showed all her cards, admitting that she knew he would go straight back to Brenda if he had found out she wasn’t dying. Upset that she had known about Brenda’s disease, or lack thereof, Jax listened to Skye’s ravings that Brenda knew and was just using her disease as an excuse. Jax took the opportunity to stand up for Brenda, no surprise to Skye. “She sure as hell got your sympathy,” Skye told her husband. “Brenda didn’t need my sympathy. She had my heart,” he informed his wife.

Monica and Alan arrived at Kelly’s per AJ’s request. Mike was a few feet behind them. The whole group shocked Courtney with their presence, AJ’s wife again in the dark as to what her husband was up to. AJ arrived, announcing the news of the move to all accounted for. Alan and Monica discussed the hot topic in private, Alan considering the move “typical AJ,” running from trouble. Monica, on the other hand, was happy to see her son was making a move to get out of Port Charles and away from all those who caused him strife. Courtney discussed the move with Mike, admitting she wasn’t as excited as AJ, having just gotten to know her father and brother. Mike assured her she would be seeing too much of him, and told her not to hold out waiting on Sonny’s approval. They all regrouped to give their best wishes to the young couple, Monica promising to see the new apartment in New York despite the fact she never stepped foot in the apartment in town. She congratulated her son for getting away from all of those who undermined him in the past, and told Courtney to take care of AJ. Upset that Jason was no where to be found for a final goodbye, Courtney picked up the payphone and dialed his cell while AJ was busy with the parents. She apologized to the machine for not saying goodbye in person and thanked him for saving her life. Right after she got out “be careful,” she turned to see AJ behind her, listening in. “You sound so grateful,” he told his wife about the man who gave her a gun, misrepresented a stalker and more. He reminded her of how he tackled Coleman in the bedroom and how he was the one trying to make a better life for them both. But “how could that possibly compare to my brother, the hero,” he said sarcastically. Then he confronted his wife, telling her that she didn’t want to leave Port Charles because she didn’t’ want to leave Jason, that rather than build her marriage, she would rather spend quiet evenings on the couch with Jason, helping him train their dog. Courtney was shocked at the subject matter and wondered immediately how AJ knew what happened while he was gone.

Carly and Jason, still trapped in prison tried to put their brains together to figure a way out of the mess they got themselves into. Jason promised her that he would get her out and home to Michael. He explained that the warden was taking his time so that he could make sure he could escape with their bribe without any repercussions from Alcazar. In the cell next to theirs they began hear some music playing. Jason asked the guard what was going on. The guard informed them that the prisoner in the cell next to them was playing them a song, “The Lost Ones,” because the warden had declined their “offer” and they would therefore be disposed of. Carly tried once again to bargain their way out, telling the warden that her husband would pay $2 million for their release. The warden informed her that her husband was a stranger, and a deadly enemy, and therefore they must die. Carly began to worry that Jason wouldn’t get her out and let her mind stray to what would happen to Michael if his mother nor father ever returned home. Jason tried to convince her to let him distract the guard so that she could run, but she refused to leave him behind. She made the same offer to him though, but he pointed out his escape wouldn’t get her home to her child. He told her they would leave together, but she had to do everything he told her to. When the warden came to take them away for execution, he informed them that Sonny was alive, but not for long. Letting them out of the cell, the warden escorted them through the hall. As they passed the prisoner in the cell next to theirs, Carly turned to the warden, “Sonny Corinthos, remember his name because he’s going to kill you.” Once they were through the hall, the prisoner stood and repeated the name, Sonny Corinthos, like a memory.

Carly and Jason sat in the back of a military type jeep-vehicle. Jason spoke to Carly about baseball, silently nodding to a metal pole on the floor of the vehicle, near her feet. The guards stopped the car and the duo got out, Carly first, distracting the guards enough that Jason could kick one in the face. She reached for the metal pole and clobbered one, then hit the other, who was wrestling with Jason on the ground. They got the keys and the guards guns and hopped back in the vehicle. They made it to the airport where they discussed the situation, Jason promising to find Sonny and Brenda. Carly told him that Brenda wasn’t in danger, Sonny was, and explained to her best friend that she couldn’t loose her husband. Jason told her she wouldn’t.

Alcazar used his cell phone to alert his men to their coordinates. Sonny took the opportunity to catch the arms dealer off guard, hitting him with a metal pole. Sonny tried to use the cell phone to contact the authorities and get help, but his attempt was thwarted when the cell phone died. Brenda wondered if he had gotten enough information across for them to send a rescue team. Sonny wasn’t sure, but assured her Alcazar’s rescue team would be arriving shortly. Brenda asked Sonny how long they had before Luis’ men got to them. Luis, who had propped himself up against a tree, informed her “not long.” He told them they should be thanking him for landing the plane safely and saving their lives. Brenda informed him she would never thank him. He tried to convince her he had only done what she had asked, kept her away from those she loved. Sonny had to hold her back and tried to convince her to go for a walk to calm down. Luis told her Sonny wanted her gone so he could kill him, that Sonny wasn’t special, he was common and was hoping that, with Luis dead, he could bribe his men into letting them go. Sonny put his two cents in, relying on his theory that Luis was trying to buy time, hoping that Brenda still cared about Sonny and that her hating Luis meant that she still cared about him as well. That she would care enough to keep Sonny from killing him. Brenda took matters into her own hands - literally, taking the gun and pointing it at Luis’ chest. Luis tried to talk her down, using the disease and her mother’s genetics to get to her. Sonny tried to explain to her what her opponent was doing. “You’re right,” Brenda told Luis. “I am crazy. ... Some day I won’t remember you, so see, I won’t feel bad for killing you.” Luis tried harder, telling her that she couldn’t kill him, that it would prove her mother right, telling her to toss the gun. She raised her arms a bit and fired. She and Sonny ran past him into the trees. Once they were away from Alcazar, Brenda in one of her weird, psychotic states, played with the gun in her hands, telling Sonny she was losing her mind and wanted to be free. She told him she had hurt anyone she had ever loved, and she would hurt someone again. Though he tried to convince her different, she wouldn’t listen and laughed, telling him she could end it all and set herself free. Sonny tried to talk her down and got her close enough to kiss her passionately. While in the embrace he worked the gun from her hand and slid it behind his back.