GH Update Friday 11/8/02


General Hospital Update Friday 11/8/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita

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Bobbie went to see Jax to tell him that the doctor from Switzerland (the one who treated Brenda) called and he would be there within the hour. Jax thanked her and requested that she not tell Skye about any of it. Skye walked in and Bobbie said that she would see to everything. Skye hugged Jax and was so excited to get him home. She told him she had everything set but he interrupted and told her that he couldn’t go just yet. She looked confused and he told her of another Doctor he had to meet with. He said the doctor would give him an idea of what life he was looking at. Skye asked him to come home with her and believe in them again. He said that’s all he wanted in the whole world. They went home and Jax told Skye that he needed some air and went outside. While, he was outside she called Carly asking about Brenda and to please call her back when she hears something. Jax heard this and asked why she was calling Carly about Brenda. Skye said that she knew Jax was worried and she wanted to give him peace of mind. He said that she didn’t care about Brenda so this sudden interest made no sense. She admitted that she didn’t love Brenda but that she respected her since she was dying.

Skye told Jax that Brenda has taught them something and that’s to not waste time. She kissed him, and he grabbed her and pushed her (hard) on the couch. Followed by more kissing. Later, Jax got dressed and grabbed his coat to head out. Skye came down in her robe and asked where he was going. He told her that he was meeting with the doctor. She asked if she could go and he said that he needed to do this alone. While Jax met with the doctor (at General Hospital) who told him how much he appreciated the donation he made and Jax promised to make another for information on Brenda Barrett’s condition. With much hesitation finally (thanks to a malpractice suit from Jax) the doctor told him that Brenda’s illness was a lie and that she was fine. Skye, called Carly once more with the same message. AJ (who had just come from Kelly’s where he and Courtney discussed when she would be telling Bobbie that she was leaving. Courtney was hesitant about leaving her dad and the life that she built. She said she finally felt like she belonged there. AJ convinced her that this was the best and she agreed.) Came to see Skye to tell her the news. But before he could tell her she told him that she needed to tell him something and that she was going first. He said all right and she told him about Brenda not being sick and her keeping it from everyone including Brenda and Jax.

Lucky met up with Nikolas, Elizabeth and Lesley outside of Kelly’s. They had all received a message from Luke telling them to meet him at “Racker’s Woods”. Lucky told everyone what this place was (where his mom and dad took him to go camping when he was little). Lesley was hopeful that since the place would bring back happy memories that maybe Luke had finally begun to move on and heal. Lucky wasn’t as optimistic. Meanwhile, Luke arrived at the site with a big bag on his back. In it were 4 shovels. He sat on a rock and began to drink some vodka. Then he began to dig a hole. Lucky and the rest arrived and Luke welcomed them. He gave Nikolas and Lucky each a shovel and told them to help him dig. They asked what it was supposed to be and he said a grave. They were all going to have a service for Laura’s “death”. Luke went on to tell them that they (including him) were all responsible for Laura’s downfall and that they needed to make it official and realize they betrayed her. Lesley stepped up and yelled at Luke. She told him he wasn’t the only one who lost Laura but that she had hope and he needed to too. Luke told her that Laura gave those 2 (pointing to Lucky and Nikolas) life and they took hers. He took out a picture of Laura (that he had been carrying around since he first fell in love with her) and tossed it in the hole. Just then Bobbie, along with Lulu came walking up. Lulu was so happy to see Luke; she ran into his arms and kissed his cheek. She then noticed the picture of her mom and asked what it was. Luke told her and gave it to her (telling her to keep it). He then told Lesley to take Lulu home, while he talked to Bobbie.

After everyone else left, Luke and Bobbie fought. He asked her why she brought Lulu with her and she told him that she had no idea that he was going to be yelling at the family when she came. She tried to make him understand that none of this would be what Laura would want. Luke told her that she would never understand him or Laura or their love and that she never had a love like theirs. She never even came close. Bobbie looked upset and told him he wasn’t honoring Laura by doing this, that he was completely being selfish. She then turned and walked away, leaving Luke to stare into space. Later, Luke went to Kelly’s to find Bobbie. He asked Courtney if she knew where she was and Courtney said she didn’t. He turned to walk away, just as Scott and Taggert walked in discussing the fire and the new police building that had been built. Taggert confronted Luke about it and Luke told him that worse things could happen. He said that he was the owner of this diner and could refuse service to people like him (then he punched him, knocking him into a table). Scott had Luke arrested.

Jason and Carly went to a nearby bar to ask one of Jason’s contacts of Sonny and Brenda’s whereabouts. The man told them that Alcazar’s plane never landed, that it disappeared off of radar over the Caribbean. Jason and Carly turned to leave and found themselves under arrest. While in their cell Carly tried to plead with the guards to let them go, that they had done nothing wrong. (Flash to the guy in the next cell) Jason asked the one guard (in Spanish) what was going on. The guard answered him and Carly asked what he said. Jason told her that the guy said that this was the wrong place and they were enemies of Mr. Alcazar. Later, a man in a suit came to see them. He told them that they were in trouble and it was an arrangement with Mr. Alcazar that was keeping them there. (Again flash to the man in the next cell) Jason told him that he would pay any fine that he wanted and any other price. The man warned that would be expensive, and Jason said he didn’t care. Carly then offered him her diamond bracelet as a show of faith. He accepted it and left. She asked Jason if he would take the bribe and Jason just stared at her.

Brenda was unconscious and Sonny came crawling over to her. He tried to wake her up. He told her that she couldn’t die on him. He said he was going to admit something and then she would wake up and be mad and say I told you so cause that’s how she is. He reminded her of the time that he gave her a diamond bracelet (he sent to the Quartermaines) and she called him and said she couldn’t accept it. She asked him to meet her at the Outback and gave him this big speech about how much it meant to her but she couldn’t accept it. Then that blonde walked in (his date) and she accused him of setting it up. He said that he didn’t, but the truth was that he did. He wanted to see if she would fight for him. Just then Brenda started to wake up. She had the worst headache. Sonny told her that when the plane crashed she was strapped in and he got her out and carried her as far as he could, and that she’d been unconscious for hours. She asked where they were and he told her somewhere in the Caribbean. She (screaming cause her head hurt so bad) said that she had never had a headache like that before. Then she asked about Alcazar. Sonny told her that he was nowhere to be found. They each assumed he was fine and he was around here somewhere. Sonny gave Brenda an aspirin and Brenda remembered her coat had her pills. Sonny said he’d go get them but she said no that she knew the plane better then him. She sat up but couldn’t continue due to her head, and told him to go get them because she couldn’t argue with him.

Later, Sonny was eating (what appeared to be a candy bar or protein bar) and offered some to Brenda who said she wasn’t hungry. Sonny said she had to eat something to keep up her strength, she tried to argue with him but finally asked if she took a piece would he refrain from speaking for at least a couple of seconds? He said he’d try. Brenda took a bite and then said that she needed to make a fire. That she had great survival skills, she was like a cat. Sonny asked if she could take care of him, and she looked at him for a few seconds then said yeah she would take care of him. Brenda motioned to the tree behind them and told Sonny it was a banana tree. Sonny asked how she knew that and she said that it was covered with bananas. They both started laughing while, Alcazar watched. He made a call telling someone that they knew where he was and to come and get him and Brenda out of this sand box and not to worry about Corinthos cause he wasn’t leaving alive.