GH Update Thursday 11/7/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 11/7/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita

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Scott and the fire department crowded outside of the police station. Lucky came up shortly, asking for his dad. Scott asked him if Luke started the fire and Lucky said he didn’t know. The firemen were trying to get into the building but it was falling apart and would come down at any minute. Lucky snuck by everyone and ran into the building to save Luke. He found him unconscious with a huge beam on top of him. He couldn’t move it himself so he managed to wake Luke up. Luke told him to leave but Lucky said he wasn’t leaving without him. He told Luke it was his choice, to leave with him or he would stay with Luke. Luke started to get up and helped Lucky move the beam. They then managed to get out of the building. The paramedics took Luke and put him on a gurney with oxygen, Taggert told him that this was personal and he began to read him his rights. Scott stepped in and said that no charges would be filed. Luke shouted to arrest him that he was guilty but Scott wouldn’t budge. Taggert told Scott that the only reason he did that was to protect his career and it was wrong. Scott dismissed him and told him to drop it. Lucky went to Luke at the hospital and Luke was less then thrilled at being alive. Lucky told him that he needed him and would never give up on him. Luke said that he didn’t want to hurt Lucky so the next time he was in trouble, to just leave him there. Lucky refused just as Scott walked in. Luke said that Scott had better be there to arrest him and Scott told him that he wouldn’t be charged. Lucky left and Bobbie found him, he filled her in and she told lucky to have faith. Scott told Luke that he wouldn’t be arrested for anything and that he needed to stop confessing to crimes he didn’t commit. He told him that Laura would never be prosecuted for the Rick Webber murder. That there wasn’t evidence and it would be buried. Luke said that that was Scott’s answer to everything and that one day this will come back just as Theresa Carter did.

Carly and Jason discussed Brenda’s kidnapping and Sonny going to save her. Jason made some calls and found out where Alcazar had taken her. Carly expressed her fears of Sonny and Brenda reuniting. Jason tried to calm her down but he had to go and find Sonny and Brenda. Carly begged to go with him, but he said it was too dangerous and she had to stay behind. She argued that she was trying to fight for Sonny just as Jason said. But Jason stuck to his guns and left without her.

Later, on the plane Jason found Carly in a closet. He expressed his annoyance but realized it was pointless now. They talked about the possibility that today could be the day that Carly lost Sonny. Jason tried to convince her that Sonny loved her but she knew that Brenda was the one he loved and Jason confirmed. She stood up and thanked Jason for trying to assure her and make her feel better. He asked what she wanted to hear? That Sonny loved Brenda that he risked his life for her, that he’d do anything for her, that he lost his mind for Brenda, that he almost married her, that she was like poison because he makes stupid decisions to protect her? He said that Brenda was bad for Sonny and he was bad for her and that he loved Carly and they worked, for some reason, they worked.

Lucas went to the hospital to show Bobbie his failing grade and found Georgie sitting in the lounge reading. He asked if all she did was study and she told him that Maxie was candy stripping and she was waiting for a ride. He showed her his grade and she expressed her concerns. Bobbie came up shortly after and Lucas showed her. She was not pleased and lectured him about responsibilities and college etc. Maxie walked in and Bobbie asked her if she and Lucas had snuck out to another party? Lucas stepped in and said that they hadn’t, that he had been doing everything that Bobbie told him and it still didn’t work. Later, Georgie told Lucas of a friend of hers who was really smart but got bad grades and it turned out she had dyslexia. Lucas dismissed the idea and left.

Jax went to his room to make a call on Brenda’s behalf and Skye stopped him. She said that he was too overprotective and needed to concentrate on their marriage and not Brenda. He agreed and they kissed. Jax asked Skye to go check on the food and as she got up her purse fell. She grabbed (almost) everything and left. Jax knocked over his magazine and when he got up to get it he noticed Skye’s passport on the floor. He picked it up and realized that Skye hadn’t gone to South Carolina as she said but that she went to Switzerland. When Skye came back he told her to go across the street and get some takeout. While he paged Alan and asked him if he knew of Brenda’s condition. Alan told him that he knew that the center that she went to for treatment was a good one. Jax thanked him and sent him away. Alan later found Skye and asked her how things were going. She told him how happy she was and that at any costs it was worth anything to be this way. Jax meanwhile, made a call to the center in Switzerland and asked about anyone who had come in recently asking about Brenda Barrett. The nurse gave him Skye’s description but before she could tell him anything else Skye came in. he quickly ended his conversation with the nurse and sat down with Skye. He told her that he was talking to a nurse and that he could go home tomorrow. Skye was so excited and told him she couldn’t wait to get home with him and just be alone.

Quick flash to Alcazar’s crashed plane. No sign of anyone.