GH Update Wednesday 11/6/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/6/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita

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Skye ran to Jasonís to tell him of what occurred with Brenda and Alcazar. He wasnít there though, and Skye was making so much noise that Carly came out to tell her to be quiet because Michael was sleeping. She ran past her to find Sonny. She told them of what had happened, and Sonny ran out to save Brenda. Carly told Skye to stop the game. That she knew why Skye had done what she did. Carly accused Skye of trying to put Brenda in danger to get Sonny to save her so that Jax would stop worrying about Brenda. Skye and Carly fought over whose husband Brenda would take. Skye threw in Carlyís face the fact that Sonny ran out to save Brenda and that maybe it wasnít her who was going to lose Jax but Carly who would lose Sonny. Skye left to tell Jax of what happened. She said he was going to find out anyway might as well come from her.

Meanwhile, Jax was walking with just a cane. Bobbie couldnít be happier and praised him on doing the impossible. They sat down and he filled her in on everything that happened with Skye and Brenda. She told him it was understandable for Skye to be mad, he said he knew and wanted to make it up to her. He had Bobbie call Skye and have her come to the hospital under false pretences so that she would be surprised when he walked towards her. When Skye arrived she went to Bobbie desperate to find out if something was wrong. Bobbie motioned for her to turn around and Jax was standing behind her. She told him she had to tell him something important, but he said that she needed to see this first. He then started walking towards her (without the use of the cane). Skye was so happy, they hugged and he asked if sheíd eaten yet. She said no, but that she had to tell him something. She filled him in (but seemed to have neglected to include herself in the story since Jax didnít seem upset he just said he had to find Brenda and then headed towards his room).

Alcazar had his men escort Brenda to his private jet. She fought every step but without result and eventually gave up. She then tried to seduce Alcazar in an attempt to stall in case someone was coming to help her. He took this as an opportunity and moved her to a chair, grabbed her hands and handcuffed her to the chair. He then went to the front to fly the plane. Brenda struggled to get free just as Sonny came on board. She asked what he was doing here and he told her that he needed a weapon for when Alcazar lands the plane. She told him that there were knives in the kitchen, while Sonny got her out of the handcuffs but Alcazar walked in before Sonny could even stand. They argued and Alcazar made notion that he would kill Sonny but Sonny told him he had to land the plane first. Then the plane started shaking and Alcazar ran to check what was the matter. They had run low on fuel and would have to make an emergency landing. Sonny and Brenda took a seat and Brenda grabbed Sonnyís hand as the plane started to tip.


Luke continued to blame Alexis for what was going to happen to Laura. She fought on her behalf but Luke was just not hearing anything and he continued to smash things. Then Lucky came in and had it out with Luke on Alexisís behalf. Luke said that Lucky betrayed his mother and called him a ďbastardĒ. Lucky jumped on Luke and they got into a fistfight, Luke hit Lucky and knocked him down. Alexis yelled at Luke and knelt by Lucky. Lucky got up and attacked Luke, who knocked him down again and started punching him. Ned came in and pulled Luke off of Lucky. Luke told Lucky that he had no right to make decisions on his or his wifeís behalf and left. Lucky got up and Ned tried to console him but he said he had to find his dad. Ned stayed and talked to Alexis who was furious with Luke. She said that she had made so many mistakes starting with freeing a man who didnít want to be free and handing the city over to a man like Scott. Then she made a remark about Luke beating up on Lucky. Ned tried to assure her, and it worked but she still felt bad.

Later, Luke went to the PCPD and smashed the glass container containing an ax. He then pulled the fire alarm and everyone cleared out. Luke started smashing at the walls and the computers. He hit an electrical outlet and started a fire. He took Scottís picture (that he had axed to pieces) and crumbled it up and through it in the fire. Then he took some sips of alcohol and poured it all over himself. He tossed the container and lied down with his arms crossed over him.

Elizabeth was walking on the docks with a bunch of bags, when Zander came by. She dropped all of her bags and he helped her pick them up. They talked about what had happened (her being arrested, and Luke and Lucky and the outfit she wore) she was so embarrassed that she was on the news in that. She told Zander that she didnít know what Luke was going to do now that Laura was gone and he feels he has nothing to live for. She said he did, Lucky and Lulu but Luke didnít see that. Just then Taggert came by. He asked Elizabeth if she knew why Scott dropped the charges against Luke. She said that she didnít and the three fo them all came upon the same conclusion that (Alexis threw the election in exchange for Lukeís freedom) Elizabeth added that Scott was not to be trusted and that anything he does is for himself. Taggert made mention of all of her bags and asked if Zander was going to help her or if he would have to. Zander and Elizabeth picked up the bags and the three went their separate ways.

Jason talked to Coleman who told him everything that happened with AJ. He told him that AJ paid him in cash, and that they met in a Chinese restaurant to discuss the plan. He said that he only did it to prove to Courtney that AJ was slime and no good for her. Jason didnít admit to Coleman that he believed him but later went to the firm that represented AJ in his lawsuit to unfreeze some of the money taken by the government. The secretary there was happy to help and she told him that it only took 2 days to finish (Jason was confused since it took weeks for AJ to return) and that they reached a settlement. Jason asked how much, but she said that it was classified and that the judge ordered for it to be sealed. Jason accepted and left. Later, he broke into the office and found the file. AJ had won half a million dollars.

Meanwhile, AJ asked Courtney to go to Manhattan with him. He told her that a friend from college offered him a job to be vice president of his company and he wanted to tell her at the perfect time and when he knew it was for sure. Now he knew it was and he wanted her to come with him. She was reluctant and said that she just found her dad, but AJ interrupted her and said that it was an hour plane ride and she could come to Port Charles to see him when ever she wanted. Finally, Courtney agreed. She said that she wanted to be with her husband and if this job was as great as AJ said then it was worth it. They sealed it with a kiss.