GH Update Tuesday 11/5/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/5/02

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

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Courtney stood outside of Kelly’s offering the passers by free donuts and coffee and telling them to vote for Alexis. Jason found her there to give her the latest news - Coleman would be charged with stalking her. Looking at Jason, and wondering to herself whether she felt the right person was being charged, she realized that Jason believed Coleman. Jason, dodging the question yet again, reminded Courtney what she thought about AJ was all that mattered. She tried to rationalize the fact that Coleman was the stalker, making AJ into a scapegoat to keep himself out of prison, get back at AJ and shake her faith in her husband. Jason kept mum. AJ showed up at that moment. Jason justified his being there, informing his estranged brother that Coleman would be indicted and that the three of them would have to testify. When AJ questioned Jason’s willingness to stand in front of a court, Jason assured him that “I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure the wack job who terrified Courtney gets put away.” He left the couple to their own discussion. Courtney confronted AJ about his dislike for her friendship with his brother, but he assured her that it didn’t bother him and told her he had a surprise for her.

He took her to a cabin, explaining that he had finally sucked it up and asked his grandmother permission to use the family habitat. Explaining that the purpose for the trip was so that no one could find them, he apologized again for not being there for her when she needed him. He told her his goal was to help her feel safe and secure again, but those were the last things she was feeling, starting to get the creeps being alone in the room with him. AJ was furious that his wife would continue to think he’d stalk her, asking her what he was supposed to gain from such a predicament. Reminding her that he loved her and that she loved him, he asked her to tell him why she would let herself believe such a thing - how she could believe he would stalk her. She had a one word answer - Jason. AJ was amazed that his wife would think he felt that threatened by his little brother, and voiced his concern that maybe he should feel more threatened, asking her if something had happened between the two of them. Dodging the question, Courtney reminded AJ that he hated his brother, a man who had been taking care of her since the day he met her. “What kind of relationship do we have if that’s what you think I’m capable of?” AJ asked his wife. Then giving her the “It’s over,” he left the cabin. She remained there waiting for him, relieved to see him when he returned. She apologized for feeling the way she had and not being sure of his innocence. She explained that she just needed to voice her doubts and have him ease them away, that she didn’t believe he would ever hurt her. Admitting she was wrong, she asked him to forgive her. He opened his arms and hugged her tight, smirking.

Inside Kelly’s where Alexis’ campaign headquarters was located, Nikolas was working the room while Gia stood back and assessed the situation. Nikolas joined her in the kitchen, and they stood together, watching as Scott entered the establishment. Wondering what the acting DA was up to, Gia had a feeling it spelled T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Realizing Nikolas was still in knots regarding his decision to trust Alexis with the tape of his mother’s confession, she turned her compassion to him, telling him that his intentions were good and he did the right thing to help Luke. At that moment Alexis walked into her own HQ and made the announcement we were waiting for: she voted for Scott at the election polls because he was the only candidate; she removed herself from the election. When the press asked her why, she quoted health reasons. Though she didn’t verbally endorse Scott as District Attorney, admitting to still disagreeing with him on many issues, she called him responsible and effective. She publically thanked her team for their hard work and pushed the press right on out the door. She then went to her opponent to await his end of the bargain, but he refused to release Luke until the election was official. She apologized again to her campaign staff, before getting bombarded with questions from Gia, who couldn’t make sense of Alexis’ decision. Nikolas had it figured out though, and so did Lucky, who outrightly admitted that Alexis cut a deal with Scott to save his father, and pulling out of the election was a consequence. Alexis tried to deny the accusation, telling them that Luke had refused her help, but they all new better. Ned walked in, having heard the news, and wanted a moment alone with her. They went outside to talk, after hearing the news of her receiving almost as many votes as Scott, even after she had dropped out of the race.

Once outside, Ned confronted her as well, knowing she had traded the election for something, something big, and he hoped it was worth it. Alexis tried to redirect the conversation, telling him that her purpose didn’t really matter, that she didn’t like what the race was doing to her, making her want to win at any cost. She thanked God he turned her marriage proposal down, admitting that she needed a friend like him more than ever. He reminded her that even though he turned her down didn’t mean he didn’t want to be a part of the baby’s life. She admitted that she had two different feelings running through her mind: throw her arms around him or push him away. She explained that her child was her responsibility, and she didn’t want to pull him into the mix, but she didn’t want to take anything away from her baby. He told her he wanted to be the baby’s father, that he wouldn’t try to control either of them and that he just wanted to be in their lives. She turned the conversation back to the matter at hand, asking if he was upset with her decision to withdraw. He voiced his theory, that her dropping out had been to help Luke, and she admitted that it was, before telling her what a great friend she was. Her cell phone rang and she picked it up to hear Scotty on the other end informing her that their deal was done.

Scott ran straight from Alexis’ campaign headquarters to the PCPD, where he called Luke from his cell. Giving his nemesis the good news about his election, he provided him with the news of his release. Luke’s no moron, though, and knew immediately what had happened, realizing that in order to get him “off,” that Scott must have offered up some other suspect. Getting Scotty by the collar up against the glass, Luke screamed at him for selling out his wife. He backed off though, and listed to a little of Scott’s story. Scott reminded him that he had always taken care of Laura, and he wasn’t planning on stopping at this point. Luke threw out the theory that Alexis threw in the towel for his release. Scott, frustrated that Luke wasn’t more receptive to the news of his release, told him, “Find yourself a bar, pour yourself a stiff one and just get out .” Luke left him with one last message. “If this comes back on Laura in any way, it’ll be my pleasure to kill you.”

Luke took his freedom straight out the doors to Kelly’s where he was when Alexis came in to take a load off. Releasing a handful of balloons on the “almost-DA,” he raised a glass to his beloved wife, “The woman you sold out in exchange for my freedom, a freedom I didn’t want or ask you for. To Laura, and what’s left of her shattered mind, and thanks to you Natasha, her shattered future.”

Brenda visited Jax in the hospital, opening the door just as he was served breakfast. She told him she had just gotten there, but he caught her in the lie, telling her he knew she had spent the night in the hospital room. They sat down and discussed the fact that today was the anniversary of the day they were supposed to be married. Brenda told him that she remembered every detail of that moment, but Jax felt he had her beat. Matching her “memory for memory,” the two relived vividly the details it had taken so long to put behind them. They remembered the first time Brenda admitted that she loved him, and they agreed that they should have eloped that morning. Holding hands, Jax apologized to Brenda for what happened to them. Skye chose that opportune moment to barge in. “How touching,” she began. “It does a cynical little heart good to know that annoying little obstacles like your marriages to other people won’t stand in the way of you two jumping each other’s bones.” Upset about what his wife was accusing him of, Jax told her that he and Brenda were just friends. Skye hit her mark, pointing out to her clueless husband, that his sweet little Brenda had made it clear that she could get him into bed any time she pleased. Not denying the accusation, but not wholeheartedly agreeing to it either, Brenda tried to put her two cents in, telling Skye she and Jax had been friends for a long time, and would remain so. That their rendevous was innocent - just two friends recalling past memories. Then she pointed it out to Jax that she had only said that after Skye visited her at home to pick a fight. Jax, as always, sided with his long time love and told Skye she never had been able to get a handle on her overactive jealousy. Skye admitted that she had been wrong, that she had picked a fight, but she didn’t go down alone. She told Jax that he and Brenda were at fault as well. Jax was shocked that his wife was accusing him responsible for the charades being displayed in front of him, but his wife pointed out that he had been giving Brenda mixed signals from the beginning, and Ms. Barrett wasn’t above acting on them. Reminding Brenda and enlightening Jax, Skye recalled Brenda boasting that she could seduce Jax into her arms at any given moment. Once again, Brenda couldn’t completely deny it, but she did try to make herself look innocent. Jason walked in and pulled Brenda away just as things were starting to heat up. Skye was, for the first time, happy to see her brother. “Take her home and keep her on a short leash, will ya! Nobody wants her here,” she yelled. “If you don’t keep your newly-married hands off him I’ll make you sorry you ever heard his name!” Once Brenda was out of site she had to turn and face Jax, who was extremely upset about the fiasco. He told her he thought she was past all the insecurities; she informed him that she thought he loved her. Assuring her he did, he tried to explain that he had a life previous to her and Brenda had just been recalling their almost-marriage. “I guess I just walked in on the part where you were wishing you had.” She pointed out that the man who so-called loved her had taken another woman’s side in a very important argument. “I’m really sorry I didn’t have a proper sedate response, but I’ll tell you what - I’ll go work on that,” she said, leaving in a huff.

Jason took Brenda into the hall, where they continued to argue. Jason didn’t care about the Jax/Skye fiasco though, he wanted to know why she let Alcazar into the penthouse. Finding no better excuse than “he’s big,” Brenda put on the tough act, telling Jason she could “handle him.” Jason reminded her that he had married her, and was therefore obligated to protect her. Brenda sidestepped his desire to want to guard her by telling him she wanted to go shop so she could redecorate the penthouse. Then she explained that she just needed time to herself, knowing that sooner than later she would be spending 24 hours a day with people surrounding her as she died. “Don’t do anything stupid,” was Jason’s advice before he left her alone.

He went to Coleman’s room, where he informed Coleman of his indictment. Coleman tried to play on Jason’s integrity, unaware that Jason was missing most of his emotions. “You know this thing has AJ written all over it,” he told Sonny’s right hand. Calling AJ a “sick puppy” for wanting to stalk his own wife just so she would need him, he tried to get Jason to help his cause by telling him that he was in the position to make it happen - to get the truth out.

Skye bolted out of Jax’s hospital room in time to catch a bit of Jason and Brenda’s fight and made a decision. Calling Alcazar, she told him to meet her ASAP at Club 101. Once in her club, Alcazar snuck up on her, frightening her a bit having already been lying in wait. Letting her emotions flow, Skye asked for details about how he was planning to get Brenda out of town and told him he’d better do it quickly, because she couldn’t wait much longer. “If you don’t ... I’ll find a way to force her out,” Skye warned him. Alcazar assured her their goal was the same, confessing that getting to Brenda had been harder than he’d thought with Jax, Jason and Sonny continually surrounding her. He explained that he knew exactly how to use her weaknesses to his advantage, especially her illness, and made Skye believe that he could persuade Brenda to leave Port Charles. In turn he only asked one thing of her -get Brenda alone. Skye stood by her side of the deal, calling Brenda and giving her a story about needing to work out their differences for Jax’s sake. Offering to “come to terms,” she lured Brenda to the club, where Alcazar would be waiting.

Brenda arrived, finding Alcazar in the lounge. He asked her to reconsider his offer to go to Paris, but she refused, telling him that she didn’t trust him. Afraid she would say that, Alcazar came prepared, and his men snatched Brenda up and carried her, kicking and screaming out the front door. Skye stood in the hallway, shocked at what she had seen, and wondering if she had made the right decision.

Jax left a message on Skye’s voicemail, apologizing for the incident getting out of hand, and telling her that he loved her.