GH Update Monday 11/4/02


General Hospital Update Monday 11/4/02

Update By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

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Courtney and Jason waited at the Port Charles Police Department to sign her statement. Courtney told Jason she wanted to go to the hospital afterwards to find out the purpose behind Coleman’s stalking. Jason offered to give her a ride, but she confessed she had been relying on him too often as of late. He told her she wouldn’t get a bus so late at night, so she agreed, thanking him yet again for his services.

At General Hospital, a bleeding Coleman wrote AJ on the window of his hospital room in his own blood. AJ then appeared in the window himself, and entered the room wiping off the incriminating evidence. Taggart joined them before AJ had a chance to open his mouth, curious as to what the blacksheep Quartermaine was up to. AJ told Taggart he had a right to confront his wife’s stalker. Taggart admitted that Coleman was a suspect for the stalking, but not the only suspect. AJ confronted him about the case, pointing out how little Taggart had accomplished in the way of identifying and capturing the man stalking his wife. He then began questioning the detective about stalkers having partners and the typical case scenarios. Before he could get Taggart too far off the incident at hand, Courtney and Jason arrived. AJ tried to get Courtney to leave immediately, but she refused, wanting to remain until Coleman woke up and told her why he was stalking her. Jason joined Taggart in the hallway to tell Taggart that even if Coleman was not the stalker, that he was not an innocent man. Taggart agreed, but the conversation was interrupted when Taggart was notified by one of his officers that a tape recorder with the stalkers voice had been confiscated from an apartment above Jake’s, where the last phone call had originated. The tape recorder was on a timer. Taggart and Jason returned to the hospital room where a hostile Courtney awoke Coleman to ask her question. His excuse? “It’s not me. It’s AJ.” Shocked at the news, Courtney asked her former employer why her husband would try to terrify her. Taggart jumped in to finish the questioning, concluding that AJ had paid Coleman $250,000 to stalk his wife so he could be the hero and save her. AJ tried to interject to make Coleman look bad, mentioning his previous job and the fact that he had probably had prior arrests. Courtney couldn’t agree with her husband’s reasoning though, believing that even the worst of people could tell the truth. They meandered outside of the hospital room, AJ extremely upset that his wife, brother and the police detective are believing Coleman’s story. Taggart admitted that he couldn’t rule out Coleman’s statement and that he would be in contact with AJ shortly. AJ looked at Jason, assuming he was happy that his brother was being seen as a criminal. Jason pointed out that AJ had burned down the coffee warehouse and the Oasis, both which were criminal activities. Courtney, however, threw in the towel and chose to believe her husband after all, telling him that she trusted him.

Jason returned to Coleman’s bedside, where he listened to the rest of Coleman’s story. “I’m telling the truth. Believe the Quartermaine if you want to. You don’t, do you? You know the guy. How insecure he is with his wife. ..”

Mac kept Luke company in the PCPD interrogation room while Alexis stood outside confronting Scotty, visible through the window, confession tape in hand. Yelling at the police commissioner to get his “so-called” attorney A.S.A.P. Nikolas entered as Mac was leaving, but he had little comfort to offer Luke either. Nikolas tried to calm Luke down by telling him that Alexis was going to use the tape to help them, not to put Laura behind bars. He reminded Luke that hiding the truth is what made Laura sick in the first place. Luke had his chance to speak, trying to convince Nikolas that if the tape was publicized that Laura would be put on trial and sent to jail for murder. When Nikolas brought up the fact that she wasn’t stable enough for trial, Luke told him that she would be put in a prison for the criminally insane. He screamed at Nikolas to get Lucky in there to see him, sending the Cassadine out the door with one last memorable line about Cassadine tradition being keeping Laura under lock and key, scaring him enough to convince him to try to get the tape back from Alexis.

Alexis played the tape for Scott, just enough to make her point. Scott practically admitted to holding back evidence, but turned the tables when he reminded Alexis that Luke walks, he would loose the election, therefore he had no reason to help out the situation. She reminded him that if she chose to take her recently acquired new public he would be disbarred, but he got her back again by pointing out the repercussions Laura would suffer. He gave the opportunity to accept one of his “deals.” “I’ll let Spencer go. When you pull out of the race,” he told her. Alexis informed him that she had no intention of dropping out of the race. Scott reminded her that if she did win and take the tape public, Luke would deny it, taking all responsibility for the murder yet again and spend his life in the penitentiary. He told her to realize the consequences and “grow up.” “Grow up? If growing up means suppressing evidence or deliberately misrepresenting the facts or better yet abusing the criminal justice system, I’d rather not,” she told him. “That’s my idea of growing up,” he told her with his cocky attitude, admitting that his “flexibility” and willingness to cut corners and reshape facts could keep Luke and Laura both out of prison. Then he asked her the ultimate question: which is more important-winning the election or freeing an innocent man. Scott left and Nikolas joined his aunt, with an agenda - to get the tape back. She refused to give it to him, realizing that Luke had got to him. She told him Laura wouldn’t see a courtroom, but Nikolas couldn’t get her guarantee on that promise. She told him to trust the system. His reaction was not the one she was expecting. “This tape will guarantee that you win this election and that’s the only thing that matters to you-you’re precious career. Certainly not your own baby and certainly not me,” he told her.

Lucky headed to the station ASAP, realizing that his father must want something important. Luke told him a little more of the story, letting him know that Scott had a tape of Laura’s confession to the murder. Lucky realized that his instincts had been correct all along - that his mother had committed the crime by accident and his father was trying to protect her. Luke ordered him to get the tape from Alexis and destroy it. Lucky refused. “You don’t get to say no to me,” Luke told his son. Lucky informed him that he was protecting him since he refused to protect himself. Worried that he let Laura down, Luke told Lucky that there was one thing left he could do for her - take the punishment. “Didn’t I teach you anything? Women and children in the lifeboats first - if their family and you like them.” Lucky informed his father that he did remember that life lesson, and another as well - “trust your gut.” And his gut told him not to turn his back on his father. Luke reminded him that his father was long gone. “I guess that makes me the Spencer in charge then,” Lucky replied, telling his old man that he wasn’t going to just sit there and watch his father go to prison for something he didn’t do. He stomped out of the interrogation room and went to Alexis, where he told her to run with the tape - that his dad may never forgive either of them, but he would know that he did everything in his power to keep his father out of prison.

Left alone in the interrogation room, Luke began to remember his wedding vows to Laura, just before Scott broke up the memory-fest. Luke confronted his rival, asking why he taped Laura’s confession in the first place - for power? Scott informed him it had gotten the job done - a confession out of Luke.

Skye and Jax finally celebrated their honeymoon - right there in Jax’s hospital bed. Commenting that they would need to keep their “treatment” secrets secret, Jax assured his wife that pushing her away had been a mistake and that he did need her.

Sonny and Brenda spent the evening arguing in Jason’s penthouse. Sonny reminded her of what she could’ve been doing the last four years of her life had she chosen not to spend them with Alcazar. He told her she used to set the world on fire. She informed him she still could. She informed him that he did not know her, that Jax knew her in a way he would never be able to and that if she did have a future she wouldn’t spend two seconds of it with him. They continued their argument into the hall “I’d go rescue Jax from that lying idiot,” she hollered out the door of her apartment as the elevator door opened, revealing Skye.

Skye barged into Brenda’s penthouse apartment, with a mission at hand. “What happened to the sweet little wife who only wanted what’s best?” Brenda asked. Skye told her she was looking at her, but she wanted what was best for her. Brenda threw the “I told you so” look at her and realized that Skye had known all alone that Brenda was aware of her charades. “At least you’re still coherent,” Skye remarked snidely. Realizing a battle of the wits would go nowhere, Brenda made another offer, “I might have to fist-fight you.” “Good thing I just came from the gym,” Skye threw back. The girls went at it a bit longer, Skye informing Ms. Brenda that she had just returned from Jax’s hospital room after spending the evening making love to her husband. Brenda laughed at the naivety. Telling Skye she was desperate, yet creative, Brenda made a play on her nemesis’ insecurities by threatening to tell Jax exactly how she felt about him. Skye reminded her cohort ever-so-gently that Jax had made a commitment to her. “He made a commitment to me a long time before anyone even heard of you,” Brenda taunted. Right before leaving, Skye pushed her though, telling her of promises Jax had made and pointing out that Jax was a man of his word. Once Skye was out of the door, Brenda was on the phone, calling for a cab to take her to General Hospital.

Alcazar cornered Carly outside of Club 101 where he made her a deal. Portraying himself as a magician who needed an assistant, he told her he could make Brenda disappear - with her help. Telling Carly that he had plans made, he asked for her assistance in getting Brenda a plane so he could whisk her away. Carly offered to drag her their by her hair, but Alcazar didn’t approve of the idea, telling her that it had to be Brenda’s decision. He told her that she and Brenda both loved Sonny, so they had a connection and she had the best chance of convincing her now was the right time. He gave her all the ammunition she needed, telling her to make Brenda never want to see Port Charles again, reminding her of her illness if necessary. Carly didn’t want to agree to his plan, but her reminding Mrs. Corinthos that her husband had left her that evening to be with Brenda and would continue to do so if Brenda remained in PC. Carly gave the “no problem” nod and headed back to the penthouse.

Carly returned home to find Sonny aloof and looking out the window. When he asked her about the party she tried to get his attention by making up a wild costume she had returned home for, but her attempt failed. She asked him about something she knew was on his mind-Brenda. Sonny’s answer to how Brenda was doing was that she hadn’t been okay since the day Alcazar had found her. He asked again about the party, trying to change the subject. Carly included him on ma and pa Quartermaine’s hopes that Brenda’s marriage to Jason would lure him back under the family tree, and that grand-dad Quartermaine believed Sonny was already sleeping with Brenda. Upset that he had left his wife in the throws of the Quartermaine clan, under their hostile scrutiny, Sonny apologized for not being there with her. Carly then eased into her departing conversation with Alcazar, asking Sonny if he felt she and Brenda were somehow connected because of their mutual love for him. Asking her where she came up with such an idea turned the spotlight on Alcazar. Upset that Alcazar could get to his wife by using Brenda, Sonny realized that Alcazar had found a way to manipulate him. Carly admitted that she had wanted to lie, not tell him about Alcazar and just get rid of Brenda, but that she wanted to be with him more than she wanted Brenda gone.

After leaving Carly, Alcazar headed over to GH where he stepped into Jax’s room. Jax had just got done trying to charm the nurse into “forgetting” his medication like she had “forgotten” his wife’s visit when Alcazar entered the room. Luis told Jax that he would have waited until a more appropriate time to bring up the subject, but he had already waited too long. He asked the bed-ridden Jasper Jax if he seriously thought he could care for Brenda in her condition. Jax informed Mr. Alcazar that his life was more at risk than Brenda’s. Luis told Jax that if he really was the “kind, generous” man Brenda believed he was, that he would set her free. “When I’m released, I’m going to find you and I’ll kill you,” Jax warned him. “Why wait?” Alcazar asked. Jax grasped him in a headlock and said, “Good idea. Why didn’t I think of it sooner?” The nurse interrupted their rumble, and Jax brushed off the incident as two old friends arm wrestling. He refused to explain his situation to the nurse.

Brenda found Jax asleep in his hospital bed, kissed him gently on the lips and sat in a nearby chair to wait for him to awaken.

Alcazar ran into Skye in the hallway, who agreed to do anything at all if it meant getting Brenda out of her life.