GH Update Friday 11/1/02


General Hospital Update Friday 11/1/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita

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Sonny grilled Alcazar’s man about where Alcazar was and why did they switch. The man pretended to know nothing of what Sonny was talking about but Sonny still suspected so he had one of his guards go and check on Brenda who had let Alcazar in when he promised he wasn’t there to do anything to her he just wanted to talk. He gave her a choice stating that she was hurting those close to her to either go with him and protect them from watching her die or to stay and he’d provide her with everything she needed and leave her alone. Meanwhile, Sonny couldn’t believe that Brenda sent the guard away stating she was fine, he still felt something was up so Carly (sick of listening to it) told him he could go check. Sonny walked in just as Alcazar made his offer and told his men to take him outside and kill him. Brenda came to Alcazar’s defense and told Sonny that he can’t just order people killed, not in her presence. So Sonny just had Alcazar escorted out, he asked where Jason was and Brenda said he got an important phone call and left. She and Sonny fought over what Brenda needed. Sonny couldn’t understand why she was protecting Alcazar. Brenda said that she knew he was a killer, liar and a criminal but it wasn’t like she hadn’t dated someone like that before. Sonny finally asked Brenda what she would do if she weren’t dying.

Meanwhile, Carly just moped around about Sonny and Brenda. Edward confronted her and asked if Sonny had left her for Brenda left. They fought over whom Sonny really loved; Carly assured him that Brenda was his past. Edward laughed at her, just as Monica and Alan came in to tell Edward to give Jason and Brenda’s marriage a chance. Edward knew that they hadn’t married for love and he said that it was only a matter of time before Brenda goes after who she really wants, Carly of coarse heard this. Later Bobbie came in and talked to Carly. Carly told her about Brenda and Sonny and Bobbie tried to assure her that under the circumstances it was ok for Sonny to want to help Brenda and that she had nothing to worry about. Bobbie got a page from Audrey about Lucky and left.

Courtney was still distraught over shooting Coleman; Jason tried to comfort her and told her that it was self-defense. AJ walked in just then and the 2 of them filled him in. He immediately jumped down Jason’s throat for giving Courtney a gun, then called the hospital for an ambulance. The police arrived and Taggert questioned all 3 then took Courtney down to the station to fill out a report. AJ and Jason stayed and argued over what had happened. AJ blamed Jason but Jason told him that Courtney needed not to be left alone with Taggert any longer then necessary. He left and went down to the station. Courtney was filling out papers and they talked about what had happened. Again Jason told her it was self defense and that if Coleman pulls through, then maybe he could tell them who the stalker is.

Scott got a call that Luke had been captured and went to take care of it.

Meanwhile, Luke, Lucky and Liz were on a plane home and talked about Luke slipping away and that the only one who could save him was Laura.

Nikolas and Gia knew that Scott had something on Luke and they had to find it so they broke into his office. Gia went in and Nikolas stalled Scott so that she could hide. Scott went inside after a while; Gia was in the closet and watched as Scott took a tape out of Luke’s folder. She told Nikolas and they headed to the station to try and get it.

Scott made a statement to the press about how he caught Luke and then he turned and as an act of faith and good will (not) said that he appreciated Liz and Lucky’s help and that in return he was going to drop the charges. Lucky saw right through it and attacked Scott (verbally) in an attempt to get the press to understand how see through he was but Liz stopped him. Audrey and Bobbie took Lucky and Liz and left. Meanwhile, Nikolas again distracted Scott and Gia got the tape out of his pocket. Then they went to listen to it and gave it to Alexis. On it was Laura’s confession of killing Rick. Alexis said she’d take it to Scott and blackmail him with it.

Later, Scott went into the interrogation room with Luke. They argued over what the future held for each of them. Luke told Scott that the only reason he was doing any of this was to clear a path to Laura and suggested that he just lock Luke away and bring Laura to GH and nurse her himself. Scott said that wasn’t a bad idea and left. Nikolas went to warn Luke about the tape, and Luke was less then happy about it.

Scott went back to his office, he called a newspaper and placed a quote for the morning paper, just as Alexis came in. she mocked his quote then showed him the tape and told him if he didn’t release Luke she’d play the tape for the press and then everyone would know he framed an innocent man.

Coleman got out of surgery, and couldn’t speak due to pain. The nurse told him to relax and not speak and when the police get there then he could tell them everything. Then she ran to the ER. Coleman took his bloody hand and tried to write on the window near him. He was able to write an A just as AJ walked up on the other side of the window and glared at him.