GH Update Thursday 10/31/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 10/31/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita

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While Lucky and Luke were breaking rocks outside the prison walls with the other fugitives, Liz (dressed in a tight shirt and short skirt) distracted the police so that Lucky and Luke could escape. Luke was reluctant, but once Lucky broke the chain on their feet, Luke had no choice. He and Lucky ran. They stopped at an old barn, and Luke told Lucky that he had no life anymore. He had nothing more to give and that he was just going to stay there. Lucky told him that he and Lulu needed him. Just then Liz came in and tried to tell them that the police were right behind them, but the police beat her to it. They told Luke that they knew who he was and that he’d be sent back to Port Charles for them to deal with him. Lucky and Liz were facing federal charges for helping a fugitive.

Brenda was reading the paper, and became so mad at Alcazar not having to pay for his crimes, she looked for Jason’s gun. She found the locked box and tried to open it but a (shirtless) Jason stopped her. She tried to get it back from him; he grabbed her waist to move her aside just as Sonny, Carly and Michael came in. Brenda and Michael discussed how cute he looked in his costume (he was a fireman) and Jason offered him some candy. They then all went out in to the hall to see what Michael and Carly had gotten Jason and Brenda. Michael grabbed Brenda’s hand and dragged her out. Sitting on the table outside were 2 carved pumpkins. Jason and Brenda expressed how cool they were and said thanks. Then Michael made a comment about how kids won’t come trick or treating cause the mom were afraid of the body guards. Brenda convinced Sonny to give them the night off. Sonny, Carly and Michael went trick or treating and Jason informed Brenda that he would be staying home tonight since she gave the body guards the test of the night off. She was less then thrilled.

Later, Brenda hovered over Jason’s shoulder asking if all he was going to do was work, he turned the tables and asked if all she was going to do was look through her magazine and spend money. Then the doorbell rang and Brenda handed out the candy to the kids.

The rest of the citizens of Port Charles were hanging at club 101 for Halloween.

Skye stopped by the hospital to wish Jax a happy Halloween, and then she headed there too. Courtney dressed like Cinderella and AJ dressed as a prince. They danced and then AJ went to go get them some drinks, while Edward grilled Courtney about being a stripper and dragging the family name through the mud. Courtney told him he was hateful and she didn’t care what he thought. She walked away and heard someone whispering that they were watching her. She turned around and assumed it was the masked man behind her. She yelled at him to leave her alone, but when she realized her mistake, quickly apologized and then left the club.

She went home and sat on her couch just as a man in a mask walked out of her room and started wrestling with her. She was able to get away and hit him over the head, he quickly got up and started towards her again so she ran to the kitchen and grabbed her gun. She shot until he fell. She took off the mask and it was Coleman.

At club 101, Maxie, Georgie and Lucas were hanging out while Felicia and Bobbie talked about their costumes. Lucas had been drinking and knocked over some glasses, Georgie ran him out of there and Maxie covered for him.

While outside, Georgie and Lucas talked about how close that was and Lucas said that it was a great thing Maxie had been there and how great she was, Georgie looked hurt.

Later, Maxie came out and yelled at Lucas for almost ruining her birthday.


Alcazar (dressed as the phantom) approached Skye and talked to her about Brenda’s illness (or lack thereof) they both agreed it was better to keep it. (Skye decided this for sure though after a talk with AJ who said that it was completely worth anything to fight for love, even making a deal with the devil)

Later, Skye went back to Jax and lit some candles and they started kissing.

While Sonny and Carly discussed him not wearing a costume, Sonny said Halloween was for kids not adults, though Carly did look good in her witch costume. She headed to the club to hang with Bobbie and Sonny said he’d follow soon.

Later, Sonny came to the club only to find Carly dancing with a phantom, he immediately assumed it was Alcazar and pushed him away. Warning him to stay away from his family. The guy took the mask off and it wasn’t Alcazar it was the guy who works for him.

Later, Courtney called Jason to come help. He reluctantly left Brenda and warned her to ignore the trick or treaters.

He ran over and saw what had happened. He comforted Courtney and told her he’d handle everything. Just as the phone rang, Courtney answered it and it was the stalker saying that he was watching her. She freaked and screamed no, Jason asked what was wrong and she told him that she had shot the wrong man.

Meanwhile, Brenda waited at the penthouse and when the doorbell rang she answered it assuming it was little kids. But it was Alcazar, he took off his mask and Brenda screamed and tried to close the door but he fought her.