GH Update Wednesday 10/30/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/30/02

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky and Elizabeth go to Perkinsville but can't find Luke at first.  Then they see him on a chain gang.  He looks horrible.  Lucky is upset about the look in his eyes, like he's beaten.  They see some women, dressed up kind of like prostitutes, going into the prison, so Elizabeth asks a woman why they're there.  The woman says that today is conjugal visit day.  Elizabeth gets an idea...Luke sits in the prison with some other men and most of them get called away for their conjugal visits.  Another man wishes he weren't single.  Luke tells him that marriage is terrible.  He sounds a little crazed.  He has a speech about how 20 years and then it's suddenly over and you're left with nothing.  A guard tells him that a woman named Laura is there to see him and Luke gets a pathetic look of hope in his face.  Of course it's Elizabeth.  He is not happy to see her and tells her to go back to Port Charles.  She says that she's there with Lucky and tells him how upset Lucky is.  He doesn't care.  She tries to tell him that Laura wouldn't want to see him this way.  He tells her not to say Laura's name.  Elizabeth reminds him that when they thought Lucky was dead and she thought she had nothing to live for, Luke talked her into not giving up hope.  She wants to return the favor.  He tells her it's too late for him and they have to leave and forget about him.  He opens the door and shouts for the guard, so she has to leave.

Later, Luke and some other men see a new prisoner arrive: Lucky.  The other prisoners want to gang up on him, but Luke tells them to get away and says the new guy is his.  He pushes Lucky out into the yard and socks him.  He tells Lucky that he shouldn't have come and says now he has to save Lucky from these guys.  Lucky says he is the one saving Luke.  Luke wants him to punch him really hard to show these guys that this is real, but Lucky refuses.  Luke tells him that he is there under federal charges.  He got into a fight and kicked a guy a little too hard, and he turned out to be the governor's nephew.  They argue about Laura.  Luke tells Lucky that he has to face the fact that Laura is gone.  Lucky tells him it's not his fault.  He tried to rescue Laura and that's what he'll do again when she's better.  Luke grabs him by the shirt collar and tells him it's no use, Laura is gone and so is he.  Luke shoves him and then goes back inside; so do the other guys.  Lucky is left standing there.  (A lot of good acting here, but it is very poorly written. How could Luke be in a federal prison and they don't know that he is wanted for murder in Port Charles (and vice versa)?  How could Lucky get in so easily?  Where are the guards?  Very stupid.)

Brenda drops by Jax's room before Alcazar's trial.  She thinks he is sleeping but when he turns, he's got Skye in bed with him.  Skye grins in triumph.  Brenda is shocked but tries to look happy for them.  Things are tense between Brenda and Skye.  Skye pretends that it's great that Brenda married Skye.  When Brenda leaves, Skye follows her out and says that she will take care of Jax now, not Brenda.  Brenda says she's given Skye everything she wanted, so why is she so insecure? Then she walks away.

Ned finds Alexis dressed up, leaving the hospital.   She is testifying at Alcazar's trial.  Ned doesn't think she should leave the hospital, but she's been cleared to go by her doctor.  She hopes they are okay after the problems yesterday.  He wants to just forget about her marriage idea.  She asks if that's what he really wants.  He doesn't answer but instead insists they just concentrate on the trial.  They both want to punish Kristina's killer.

Courtney is at home folding clothes and thinks about the kiss with Jason.  A.J. comes in and surprises her.  He says something about, "I thought you weren't going to do that" and she says, "I'm not" and looks very nervous.  He wonders what she's talking about.  He was just talking about laundry. It's his turn.  She says she has just been worried about the stalker, even though she knows it's silly.  He tells her that whatever is bothering  her, she should just tell him.  Without honesty, he says, they don't have anything.  She looks guilty.  She mentions that Jason stopped in for coffee at Kelly's and tells A.J. about his new marriage to Brenda.  A.J. is shocked and can't figure out why either of them would do that.  He supposes that his family is really happy about it.  She asks if that will bother him, if Jason gets closer to the family.  He says no, she is his family there.  He says he's there for her, he loves her and always will.  She hugs him and looks unhappy.

Scott arrives with Taggert, who has Alcazar in tow.  Scott has called out the media and Taggert makes a sarcastic remark about how he wonders who called them.  Scott asks if Mrs. Morgan has arrived yet but is told she hasn't.  He tells Alcazar that Brenda married Jason.  Alcazar is clearly not happy about that news.

The witnesses against Alcazar arrive at various intervals in the courtroom, including Sonny and Carly, Jason and Brenda, Jax and Skye, Alcazar, Monica, Ned and Alexis, and Zander.  Carly pins down Jason and questions him about Brenda and whether they have slept together.  He looks uncomfortable.  Sonny is nearby so he tells her to back off the poor guy.  Scott tells the media that Alcazar will be put away and he plans to put away all criminals.  He says this as he looks at Sonny and Jason.  Alexis walks by just as he adds that the criminals' attorneys will not escape justice, either, such as Alexis Davis.  The press go to her so she tells them that she is there to help put Alcazar away, so she and Scott are on the same side today.

Felicia arrives and asks Sonny if he's heard from Roy.  He says he's heard of him through Benny and he seems to be doing fine.  Felicia says that Scott wanted Roy there to testify, but Sonny says Scott knows that Felicia is a more credible witness, since she's never shot anyone.

Alcazar comes into the courtroom and sees Brenda and Jason together.  He congratulates them on their marriage and says he guesses he won't get to kiss the bride.  She tells him that she's going to put him away.  Alcazar tells her that just because he married her bodyguard doesn't mean she's safe.

Alexis and Ned sit in the back.  Zander sits behind them.  They wonder why he's testifying, so he fills them in on everything.  Skye wheels Jax in.  As he gets near Alcazar, Alazar tells him that his time would be better spent in physical therapy.  Jax says he wouldn't miss this for anything.  Then he stands up and walks a few feet to get to his seat (My, those Port Charles physical therapists are miracle workers, aren't they?), amazing everyone.  Brenda smiles lovingly at him from across the aisle, proud of his progress.

Ned calls Scott an opportunist.  Alexis asks Scott if he can really nail Alcazar.  Scott is confident that he can and tells them to trust him (yeah, right).

Carly asks Alexis if she isn't on the witness list.  Alexis says she is.  Carly says good, then she will be under oath so she will have to tell the truth and admit that Sonny had nothing to do with Kristina's death and that everything she said at Kristina's funeral was vicious and wrong.  Alexis says that what she said about Roy was wrong, but everything else was true.  Her sister died in Sonny's warehouse house because of some vendetta between him and Alcazar.  She holds the two of them responsible (oh, come on, Alexis! That is going too far!).

Monica congratulates Brenda and Jason on their wedding.  He thanks her.  She says that she and Lila would like them over soon.  Brenda says she'll call and set it up.  Jason doesn't say anything so Monica walks away after some more awkward conversation.  Brenda hisses at him that he should be nicer to his mother and they argue about the dinner.  She says that he if doesn't want to go, he can be the one to phone Lila and tell her that.

The hearing is convened to see if there is enough evidence to bring Alcazar to trial.  Scott questions each of the witnesses.

Scott's campaign aide interrupts him to say there's a federal officer outside to talk to him.  Scott asks the stern judge for some time, but he is only given 90 seconds.  Scott goes outside and the man hands him an envelope with one sheet of paper.  Scott looks at it and then looks disgusted.  Scowling, he goes inside and motions to drop all charges against Alcazar.  Everyone in court is shocked.  The judge wants to know what this is about and threatens to charge Scott personally for the court costs.  Scott gives the judge the paper.  He reads it and then dismisses the charges.  Everyone is shocked and outraged.  Alcazar is very happy.  There is then slow motion and instrumental music as everyone takes it in and reacts, mostly with evil looks directed at Alcazar.  You just know that he is going to get killed now and one of them will be a suspect, don't you?  Who will it be, Carly? Sonny? Jax? Skye? Brenda? Jason? Zander? Alexis? Ned? Felicia? Monica?  Scott? Taggert?  Brenda goes to attack him but Jason grabs her off him and hauls her back.  It is a pretty neat sequence.

Outside, Scott tells the press that he can't tell why it happened because it is a government issue.  Alexis comes over and yells at Scott in front of the press for not doing his job.  She accuses him of being offered a deal.

Alcazar comes out and Sonny tells him to say hi to the state department official that got him off.  Alcazar is handed a note that is made with pasted magazine letters:  "You're a Dead Man."  He goes over to Scott and tells him that he needs a police escort out of there.  Scott doesn't want to but has to order one, once Alcazar shows him the note.    Scott says he doesn't want to do it, but it's the law that he has to protect him.  He points to the crowd of people all standing there and says one of them threatened him.

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