GH Update Tuesday 10/29/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/29/02

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You should really read the transcript for this episode if you don't get a chance to watch it because it's pretty funny!

Brenda continues to spin a tale to the Quartermaines about her fantastic wedding to Jason, while we see in flashbacks what happened.  Also, at the same time, we see that Jason is being questioned by Courtney.  She keeps asking him if he loves Brenda, but he manages to avoid answering.  He does explain about Brenda's illness, and so Courtney thinks that Jason is just playing the nice hero and taking care of Brenda while she goes through this.

The Quartermaines do their usual bickering as they try to understand how Brenda and Jason could have gotten married.  Alan and Monica are happy that this might mean that they will see Jason more often (especially Monica).  Edward makes his usual snarky remarks about Jason.

We see in the flashback how Brenda manages to convince Jason to marry her by threatening to use Sonny to make Jax believe that she's not in love with him.  Jason marries her to protect Sonny and Carly's marriage.  They fly to Vegas and go to a marriage chapel there.  David Leisure (of "Empty Nest" and the Isuzu ads) and comedian Judy Tenuta play the minister and his assistant.  Jason and Brenda are the complete opposite of a portrait of the happy couple.  They barely speak to each other, and they just want to get the wedding over with.  The minister and his helper try to convince them to take all these wedding packages, but they don't want to hear about them.  Finally, Jason just hands them a big wad of cash and tells them that they'll take everything, but to just hurry up.  The ceremony is pretty funny as Jason and Brenda keep telling the minister to skip all the various parts, in order to rush through it.  And of course, they don't kiss at the end.  The assistant plays the accordion for the wedding music.  It was a pretty funny wedding.  Later, they went to their hotel room. In the elevator, first they see a couple making out.  Then a cute girl gets on the elevator and makes eyes at Jason, until Brenda grabs him like she owns him.  He jerks away as the girl gets off the elevator.  Then, two handsome guys get on the elevator and Brenda says hi to them, so Jason grabs her from behind in the same way.  When they get to the room, they see that the hotel has given them a huge suite with all of this romantic junk, like aromatherapy, heart-shaped bed, etc. because Jason is well-known as Sonny Corinthos' right-hand man.  Brenda is grossed-out by it all.  Jason shows Brenda a box of rings so she can pick them out.  They argue pretty much the whole time.  Jason sleeps on the couch while Brenda goes to the bedroom, even though she didn't want to sleep on the heart-shaped bed.  He starts to go to her room a little later (maybe to see how she's doing) but thinks better of it.

Skye flies home from Europe, remembering her conversation with the nurse.  She found out that Skye is not dying.  The nurse didn't know whether Brenda knows this or not.  Skye figures that if she doesn't, then Alcazar lied to her.  She phones Jax from the plane to tell him she misses him and to say she has big news.  He is very happy to hear her voice and eager to see her.

Gia tells Alexis that Ned loves her, but Alexis doesn't believe her.  She thinks Ned used to love her, until she left him at the altar.  Alexis says that she does love Ned again.

Courtney hints that she had been thinking that Jason might have feelings for her, but he doesn't say anything to let her know one way or another.  She also asks if he'll ever wonder what it would be like to go back and do things over, but he gives her the typical Jason answer: "I never do that".  (It'll be interesting to see how Jason will be able to help Brenda lie to people, like Jax.)  Courtney also asks him if he has any pictures.  He says they are supposed to mail a video to them, but he says that she doesn't want to see that.  Courtney reminisces about her own wedding to A.J.

Sonny and Jax continue to bicker about Brenda, while Carly listens by the door.  They insult each other.  Carly leaves them to it and chats with Bobbie about the situation with Brenda and Jason.  Bobbie thinks their marriage is a bad idea, since they don't love each other.  She also knows that Courtney has a thing for Jason.  Bobbie  has to take a call so she hugs Carly and gives her a reassuring word of advice before leaving.  Carly is about to leave when she runs into Dr. Meadows, who reminds her that she has an appointment to start fertility treatments, which she has put off several times.  Carly reminds her that she'll be there.  Sonny comes out.  He knows that Carly was listening in, and she can't deny it, but neither one is angry.  They leave together.

The Quartermaines welcome Brenda to the family and give her good-night hugs and kisses.  She has to pack up all of her stuff so she can move in with Jason.

Gia meets with Ned to try to convince him to give Alexis another chance.  She says Alexis is really upset about this.  Ned is intrigued and wants to know what Alexis said.

Skye arrives at the hospital and is a little frantic, trying to figure out exactly how to tell Jax that Brenda is not dying.  Bobbie sees her and gets her to sit down and calm down.  She thinks Skye is just tired because of Jax's condition.  Skye tells her that her marriage got off track a bit because of Brenda's return.  Bobbie gives her assurances that Jax loves her.

In the limo, Carly makes fun of Jax and then starts kissing Sonny and unbuttoning his clothes.  He has his driver take a detour around the lake and close the divider, so they can have sex.

Skye goes to see Jax, and he shows her how he can walk a little.  She is amazed at his progress and very happy.  She inquires about Brenda, so he tells her that Brenda married Jason.  She is shocked.  He wants to know her news. 

After they make love, Sonny asks Carly what she wants.  He knows that this was not just the usual love-making.  She says she just wants to make all of his dreams come true.

Gia says that Alexis didn't tell her anything, so Ned wonders why they are meeting.  He is busy and has a conference call in about 20 minutes.  She just says, "Have you ever wanted to do something over?"   He's not sure what she means, but she won't say more.  He gets up to leave, so she blurts out, "Alexis told me she's in love with you. What are you going to do about it?"

Skye tells Jax that she is never leaving him again, no matter what happens.  She has decided not to tell him about Brenda, since she thinks she is no longer a threat.  He agrees and they hug.

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