GH Update Monday 10/28/02


General Hospital Update Monday 10/28/02

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Elizabeth comes on to the biker in the bar to try to get information about Luke, while Lucky watches, dumbfounded.  She pretends that Luke is her ex-husband and that he stole all of her money.  The biker doesn't believe her and thinks she's working with Lucky.

Courtney rushes into Kelly's, late for work.  Bobbie tells her it's okay that she's late, but Courtney is on edge because of the stalker, so she rushes around very frantically.  Bobbie tells her to take it easy.  They talk a bit about how shaken up Courtney is, but she doesn't give Bobbie any details.  Courtney drops a tray or something and falls apart, so Bobbie consoles her.  Coleman sits there unnoticed, wearing sunglasses.  He has coffee at the counter.

Ned asks Alexis if she's in love with him again.  She hedges, so he thinks that means "no" and turns her down.

Monica goes to Jax's room because he had left her a message.  He is packing, so she asks what he's doing.  He wants to leave.  She tells him that he's not ready yet because he's still healing.  She thinks it's about Skye, so she assures him that she is just on a little trip.  He says it's about Brenda.  He says that she's ill and he has to find her.

Sonny and Carly are stunned by Brenda's announcement that she and Jason got married.  They try to come up with a suitable reply, but they're at a loss for words.  They finally tell them "Congratulations".  Sonny asks them to sit down while he gets champagne.  Carly wants to know who else they've told.  Jason replies that they just told them; he didn't want them to hear it from anyone else.  Carly agrees that was a good idea and suggests maybe they could send out wedding announcements.  Sonny makes a toast to "Love, Loyalty, and Friendship".  Carly suggests that they throw them a wedding reception/party.  No one likes the idea.  Brenda says she has to go.  Jason offers her money,, but she turns him down.  She gives him a quick peck on the cheek (which he wipes off, LOL!) and then makes a hasty exit.  Carly wants to know immediately why Jason would marry someone he hates.  He asks her to give him some time alone with Sonny.  She does, reluctantly.  Later, we see that she is listening in anyway.  Jason tells Sonny that he knows this is crazy.  Sonny knows that Jason did this for him, and he's grateful.  But he wants to know why Jason would do this to himself.

Bobbie tells Courtney that being stalked can be traumatic and suggests she find a support group.  They talk a bit about the strip club.  Courtney, basically, says the problem is not the stalker but that she kissed someone else.

Alexis wants to discuss her proposal, but Ned isn't interested.  He thinks she just asked him because of the election.  She tries to tell him, in her own way, that it's not because of the election, but he's not hearing the undertones of what she's saying.  He reminds them of the fake marriages they entered into previously.  He walks out on her as she tries to set him straight.

Gia finds Nikolas in the hospital, and he is deep in thought, so he doesn't act like he recognizes her at first.  He just made another phone call to Laura's clinic.  He says that Laura is still catatonic and has not improved at all.  The doctors still want to try drug therapy, but he's going by Lucky's wishes.  He thinks that Lucky is just lying to himself.

Lucky starts saying that Elizabeth tried to run off with his inheritance while cheating on his father.  They argue, but the biker doesn't seem to buy it.  The girl that Luke was last seen with, Trixie, shows up, too.  Lucky shows the biker guy the will that Luke sent him as proof that Luke left everything to him.  Elizabeth tries to get Trixie to tell her where Luke is by acting tough.  Trixie says she's welcome to him, since he likes to risk his life as his idea of fun (riding his bike on the train tracks).  Trixie knows that Luke was upset about his wife but doesn't quite buy that Elizabeth is his wife, until she says her name is Laura.

Nikolas chats to Gia about how he's handling all these problems, and how Lucky is.  Gia says that Lucky doesn't want Laura to get the drugs because then he would have to admit how sick she is.  Nikolas agrees but won't do anything for now.  He plans to work on Alexis' campaign and says maybe Lucky can stop worrying about Luke and concentrate on what's best for Laura.  Gia hugs him and says that Laura is blessed to have him.

Alexis is flipping channels on the TV when her imagination runs away with her.  She thinks she sees a Masterpiece Theater-type show, set in a previous century.  The narrator in a smoking jacket is Ned with a bad English accent.  He says that Alexis had proposed to Ned but had been rebuffed.  Now they see how she is, a few months after the birth of her baby.  We see that she is on the cold, snowy, city streets, begging for money and food with her baby.  Ned walks by and recognizes her.  He has a pretty new wife on his arm (played by the same actress who took Nancy Lee Grahn's place when she was sick last year! Ha ha!).  The woman laments how tragic it was that Alexis couldn't tell Ned that she loved him and that's why she lost him.  Ned gives Alexis a shilling and walks away with his loving wife.  Alexis, upset, sits back on her pillows and looks forlorn.

Bobbie listens while Courtney talks about how she kissed someone else.  They talk about it, and Courtney considers telling A.J., but Bobbie says that's a bad idea.  She suggests instead that Courtney make it clear to the guy (Jason) that the kiss will never be repeated.  Courtney agrees.  Coleman listens in on their conversation.  Coleman takes off his glasses and shows Courtney the black eye that Jason gave him (he calls Jason her "boyfriend").

Jason tells Sonny that marrying Brenda seemed to be the right thing to do.  Sonny tries to talk sense into him.  Jason has to admit that it was Brenda's idea to get married.  Sonny tells Jason softly how he felt when he saw Brenda at the hospital.  He says he found himself thinking, "She's dying, this is my last chance" and he was like an addict.  She kept pulling him in.  Sonny says he didn't see Carly there, but he stopped, for her sake.  He didn't want Brenda ruining his life again.  Jason says it's fine; he'll take care of her.  Sonny says this is all about Jax.  Jason knows that and says that Brenda doesn't want Jax watching her die.

Brenda goes to see Jax, and at first, she sees an empty bed.  But he's standing behind the door, STANDING, with a walker. She is astonished that he is standing and walking.  They laugh together.  He asks where she's been, and she tells him about Jason.  He is stunned and can't understand why she would do that.  He knows she hates Jason.  She lies that things change.  She doesn't say she loves Jason, but she says she cares for him and trusts him, and he will take care of her as she gets sick.  Jax says she should get an annulment.  She gets annoyed and says she won't do it.  She says Jason will be taking her abroad.  Jax wants her to stay here, so he can take care of her.  She reminds him about Skye.  He loves Skye, but doesn't want to see Brenda die with Jason.  She tells him to get over it and says they need to let each other go.  She gets annoyed and leaves.

Sonny reminds Jason that Brenda can be hard on a guy, but Jason says he can handle it.  Sonny says that if Brenda makes him want to scream, he can always call Sonny to scream at him.  The phone rings; it's Benny, so Sonny has to take it upstairs.  Carly comes in and Jason knows she was listening in.  Carly doesn't understand how Jason can want to take care of someone spoiled like Brenda.  She brings up Elizabeth, but he reminds her that they're not together.  She then brings up Courtney, which makes him angry, when she won't drop it.

Courtney tells Coleman that he got off easy; Jason could have put him in the hospital.  Coleman threatens to go to the cops, so she threatens to tell them that Coleman blackmailed her into stripping.  He says that she's a nice girl, but a "pathetic judge of people", and she's in for a  "rude awakening".  As he leaves, Courtney yells at him to stay away from her and Jason.  Bobbie watches all this.

Gia runs into Ned at the hospital and wants to talk about the wedding.  He tells her that he turned down Alexis' marriage proposal.  She wonders how he could humiliate Alexis like this.  He points out how much Alexis humiliated him by leaving him at the altar, and now she's done it again by asking him to marry her just so she can win an election.  Gia tells him that probably Alexis just didn't want to tell him that she loved him, for fear of being vulnerable.  He looks shocked.

Alexis tries to finish writing her speech, but she keeps having flashbacks to her past relationship with Ned. 

Sonny comes back downstairs and finds Jason gone.  Carly wants to plan the wedding reception anyway, even though none of them want it.  They flirt and joke around about their relationship.  She wonders if maybe Jason and Brenda will fall for each other the way she and Sonny did (since they also started out hating each other).  Sonny says the difference is, he always wanted to make love to Carly, even when he hated her.   This seems to turn her on, but the phone rings again.  It's Jax.  He tells Sonny that he needs to see him right away.

Jason goes to see Courtney at Kelly's.  She stops him and tells him that the kiss will never be repeated and that she is committed to A.J., etc.  Then she notices his wedding ring and asks him why he's wearing it.  He tells her that he got married to Brenda last night.

Trixie finally tells Elizabeth where Luke was headed.

Gia comes in and sees Alexis crying.  Alexis says, "I just proposed to a man that I really do love! "

Brenda goes to the Quartermaine mansion and tells Edward, Lila, Alan, Monica, and Reginald about marrying Jason.  They are shocked and suspicious, but they seem to buy her reasons.  She lies that she's "so happy," and that they fell for each other.  Edward demands to know how this all came to pass.  Brenda says it was "magic" and starts to describe how things happened.  She tells them a candy-coated version, while we see the real one (I assume this will carry on tomorrow as we finally get to see their wedding in Vegas).  We see how Brenda proposed to Jason, and he replied, "No way in hell!"

Courtney is obviously hurt and very confused about why Jason would marry Brenda.

Sonny goes to see Jax, who accuses him of getting Jason to marry Brenda, so he could keep her as a mistress across the hall.  We see that Carly has followed Sonny and is listening outside the door.  Sonny tells Jax that Brenda eloped because of him (Jax).

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