GH Update Friday 10/25/02


General Hospital Update Friday 10/25/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Skye went to the clinic where Brenda was treated. She acted as though she was a patient looking for hope. She told the nurse and doctor that she was diagnosed with Brenda’s disease in the US, and was hoping that a second opinion would show otherwise. The doctor ran the tests; while she was waiting she tried to get a hold of Brenda’s file in the file cabinet, but was interrupted at both attempts. First, by the nurse, then by the doctor himself. He told her that nothing was wrong with her, and he wanted her to leave, otherwise he’d call the police. She tried to continue her story but he knew the truth and wouldn’t hear any more from her. She left. Later, she snuck back in at night, and again tried to get Brenda's file, but it was locked. Just then, the nurse came out and warned her that the doctor told everyone she was faking, and to call the police when they saw her again. She told the nurse the truth about Brenda and Jax and the nurse took pity, and showed her the file. Turns out that Brenda didn’t have the disease. Skye immediately assumed she had been lying and shared that thought out loud.

Alexis prepared her next speech for the press, but was interrupted by Gia and Nikolas. She tried to read her speech to them to see what they thought, but they had other matters to discuss. They told her that opinion polls show that the voters need to see her marry, otherwise she wouldn’t be elected. Ned listened from outside her room while they talked. Alexis tried to say that was ridiculous, and that she could do anything with or without a husband, and the voters would see that. But Nikolas and Gia continued in their quest to get her to understand the true nature of what they were saying. Finally, Nikolas came right out and told her that if she didn’t marry Ned, she wouldn’t win the election. Ned walked in and asked if they had been talking about him. They filled him in, and Ned had Gia and Nikolas leave. He and Alexis talked, and she made clear that she could handle it, and the voters would see that.

Later, she visited Jax who had finished a round of therapy with his therapist, who was so impressed with his progress and determination. Jax and Alexis talked about love and marriage. Jax asked Alexis if she loved Ned. Without saying the words, she admitted it. Then they discussed Brenda. Alexis asked if he would be able to stay away from her for Skye. He said No. Under the circumstances of her dying, he wasn’t going to let her be alone. Alexis asked if he couldn’t or wouldn’t and he said couldn’t.

Later, Alexis talked to Ned. She started with the “Alexis ramblings” and finally ended with a proposal to Ned. He was shocked and quiet. She told him to please say something. He asked her if she loved him?

Courtney had a dream about the stalker coming after her and trying to attack her. Just as Jason walked in and shot him. She ran to Jason, he held her and they stared at one another. But when Courtney woke up, it was AJ holding her. She got freaked out and blamed it on the dream (really it was the fact that Jason was in the dream). She said she had to go to work and left.

Meanwhile, Sonny was looking all over for Jason, but couldn’t find him. Carly came home with replacements for the crystal Sonny broke, and Edward called looking for Brenda, too. No one knew where Jason and Brenda were. (Monica was looking for her with Jax, who received a letter from Skye regarding her leaving town) Carly assumed that Jason took Brenda out of town, so she couldn’t bother Sonny and her anymore. Sonny wasn’t pleased at this. Courtney went to see Sonny to try to find Jason (as well). Sonny said he didn’t know where Jason was. She told him to thank Jason for all he did, and she thanked Sonny, too, for all of his help. Benny called and Sonny went upstairs, Courtney and Carly talked, and Carly could see that Courtney had a thing for Jason. She tried to get her to admit it, but it didn’t work. Just then Sonny came downstairs, and asked what they were talking about. Courtney said nothing, and told him to thank Jason once more and left. Carly told Sonny of her suspicions regarding Courtney and Jason. Sonny wasn’t pleased. He threw Carly’s thoughts out the window, and told her that there was nothing going on between Jason and Courtney.

Courtney went home, AJ came jumping out of the kitchen wearing a Halloween mask. Courtney freaked out. AJ tried to apologize, and explained they had invitations to the hospital Halloween party. But he understood if she didn’t want to go. She said she did, she wasn’t going to allow this stalker to make her sit home scared.

Liz and Lucky went in search of Luke. They went to a bar, and met the “lawyer” who helped Luke with his will. But he wasn’t happy with Luke leaving without paying. He told Lucky and Liz of Trixy, Luke’s girlfriend. Then he asked if Lucky was Luke’s kid, to which Lucky replied yes. Then the guy demanded Lucky pay him. Lucky and Liz quickly made up a story about Luke being a dead beat that left them and took their money. The guy backed off, and told them of the biker gang that Trixy hung with; she might know where Luke was. Lucky sent Liz to the hotel and waited. When the guys arrived, he tried to make small talk, but they weren’t forth coming. Lucky continued to push, but finally, one of the guys broke his pool stick and looked like he was going to beat on Lucky. Just then “Bad to the Bone” played on the radio, and Liz walked through the doors. She was wearing leather from head to toe, tight pants, and a half shirt with no sleeves. Her hair was back in a leather hat, and she was wearing a lot of makeup. She walked to the guy and began to initiate conversation she hoped would lead to Luke’s whereabouts.

Carly and Sonny continued their talk about Courtney and Jason. Then the door opened and Jason walked in. Carly hugged him and asked where he had been. She asked if Brenda was gone. Then, in the background they heard Brenda laughing. She came in and said “Hi”. Then she told them that she and Jason just got married. Carly’s jaw hit the floor, Sonny looked shocked, Brenda was giggly and leaned against Jason, who looked as if he’d been hit by a bus.