GH Update Thursday 10/24/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 10/24/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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A.J. and the stalker struggled while Courtney listened from the closet. When the noise stopped, she noticed a shadow headed her way and the closet door started to move. She ran out and knocked the guy over. It was A.J..  He tried to tell her that, but she continued to fight him, until she finally saw it was him. She hugged him and then ran to Jason, who was still lying on the floor. She told A.J. to call the paramedics, just as the police came bursting through the front door. They questioned the three and wanted to bring A.J. down to talk to a sketch artist, since he got the best look at the guy. He tried to get Courtney to go with him, but she insisted that someone needed to stay with Jason until he paramedics got there, since he had a head injury. After A.J. and the cops left, Jason called and canceled the ambulance. He then told Courtney to stay put; he was going to put a stop to this. She asked if he knew who the stalker was, and he told her of Coleman’s Halloween masks. Then he left.

Jason went to Jake’s and attacked Coleman. He told him to never come near Courtney again or he'd die. Coleman threw the first punch and tried to attack Jason with a pool stick. But Jason overcame him and threw him on the pool table. As he started to head in and really give him a beating, Courtney came running in. Jason yelled for her to leave, but she wouldn’t.  She told him that they didn’t know for sure that Coleman was guilty, and even if he was, Jason shouldn’t beat him up. Jason warned Coleman to never come near her again and left with Courtney. She told him that he couldn’t just go around beating people up, especially with no evidence. Jason said he was fed up and wanted to put an end to it. She told him that she couldn’t handle him going to jail especially for her. She told him that when she saw him lying on the floor, she said was so worried.  Then she moved into him and held his head and mentioned how he was still bleeding. Then she kissed him. They kissed for maybe 2 seconds, then Jason sort of lead her away from him as she pulled away, too. She said that she couldn’t believe that, she loved A.J.   She said this shouldn’t have happened. Jason said it wouldn’t happen again. Courtney made him promise to get his head checked out and then she left.

She went home and told A.J. of Jason and Coleman’s encounter. A.J. went to call the police, but Courtney wouldn’t let him. She said she couldn’t let Jason be arrested.

Jax told Brenda of his dream about making love to her, and she told him that he couldn’t do that. They talked about her illness, but she wouldn’t open up too much. She wanted Jax not to think of it and to be happy with Skye. Jax mentioned how he tried the same thing and she wouldn’t go, so now he wouldn’t leave her, either. She said that she wanted to be alone. He didn’t believe her. Just then the nurse came in and gave him something to help him go to sleep. After he was asleep, Brenda told him how she really felt. She really loved him and wanted to be with him, and have a baby and have him take care of her. But more importantly, she wanted to free him. Then she left.

Skye hopped on a plane headed toward the clinic that Brenda was treated in.  A blonde woman on the plane chatted to her, and they shared sob stories about men. The woman had the same thing happen to her--her husband hooked up with an old girlfriend. She said that she, too, made the mistake of underestimating the first love.

Alexis’s I.V. stand fell (accidentally). When Ned came running into the room and saw Carly bending over Alexis (to help her, but he didn't understand), he grabbed Carly; she screamed just as Sonny came in. He grabbed Ned and threw him up against the door. Carly yelled that it was ok, and Alexis yelled, “How many people have to die before you stop it?”  Sonny let Ned go and made a few threats to him and Alexis. He told Alexis that if she tried to get him for anything that she learned when she was his attorney, that he would sue her.  And he reminded her that he knew her weaknesses very well and would break her without hesitation. Then he and Carly left. Ned and Alexis talked about how dangerous Sonny was and how happy she was that he was no longer a threat to her daughter. She then expressed her gratitude to Ned for all he was doing. He asked her if she regretted anything with Sonny. She said she regretted sleeping with him, but not having the baby.

Brenda went outside and saw that Sonny was just standing in the rain in his expensive suit. She went to see if he was ok. He told her that he just found out he wasn't going to have a baby, and he told her of the baby he and Carly lost while she was gone. He said he learned that there are some things you just can't have. Brenda tried to make him feel better. Carly walked to the window and watched the two of them talking. Brenda put her hand on Sonny’s face, and he looked soulfully into her eyes. But then he “came to” and told her that he had to go, and that she should go in before she gets sick. He left, and Brenda told herself that she didn’t want to get sick, and she laughed.

Brenda went back in to see Jax but was interrupted by Ned. He asked if she was ok, and she lied and assured him she was. Then she told him to check on Jax, and she left. He went in and told Jax that Brenda was still in love with him, and if his choice was Skye, that he needed to stop leading Brenda on because he was only hurting her.

Sonny went home and sent his bodyguard away. He went to the window and made himself a drink. He started smashing things and throwing the bottles, and then he sat on the couch.

Meanwhile, Carly sat on the couch in the hospital, staring at her ring, just as Jason walked in. She asked what had happened to his head. He told her that he was hit, but he was fine. She told him of what happened with Sonny and Brenda. He told her not to worry, but to fight. She said she could, but Sonny was already half way out the door and into Brenda’s arms. Jason asked her what she wanted, and she told him that he already knew. She then left and told him to get his head checked. He went to ask where Jax’s room was, and then he saw Brenda. He ran after her and grabbed her. She tried to run, but he got her. He put her in the back of the limo, and she asked where they were going now. He told her she was going to get her stuff, and she was going to Europe.  She argued with him, telling him about Jax. He said that she wasn’t going to make any more trouble for Carly and Sonny. She started laughing, and said that she had the grossest idea.

Carly went home and found Sonny. She expressed her concern over the fact that he trashed the living room in anger, but he assured her that he wasn’t going crazy again. Then she made her plea to work things out. Sonny said that she lied again, so how was he supposed to believe her. She said that she was there instead of making a plan to fight Brenda. And that he was there instead of kissing Brenda, and that was a start. He just stared at her as if not convinced.