GH Update Wednesday 10/23/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/23/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Brenda and Jax kissed. But Brenda pulled away and nervously scrambled to act like it didn’t happen. She told Jax that she didn’t love him as anything other then a friend. She was sorry for the kiss, it should never have happened. But Jax saw right through it, and told her to tell him the truth. She sort of did, then turned the tables and asked why he kissed her back? He said it was because he could never resist her. After a pause, he said she should go. She agreed, but said that she wouldn’t. She said that no matter what, she and Jax would be friends. They were friends, they could be friends. He looked at her puzzled as if the thought of them being friends was crazy, but then he smiled and said you’re right, we can do the friend thing. Then they hugged.

Skye continued to demand Brenda’s death date from Alcazar, who conveniently continued to dodge the question by playing on her fears and the true fact that it was impossible to hate a dying woman. Skye became fed up and grabbed Alcazar by his collar and asked him again. He again did a play around on the question and Skye started to leave, but she asked him one more question…why did he bring Brenda back to Port Charles, Sonny, and Jax? He said that it was because Brenda couldn’t let go, and he wanted to give her closure, but Skye saw through it and said that if it were her she would have kept Brenda far away from Port Charles. Later, Skye went by Jax’s room and asked one of the nurses how Jax was. She said fine and that the woman, who was so great (Brenda), was in there helping him. She also mentioned how impressed the therapist was. She then noticed Brenda’s jacket on the chair. She made a comment about Brenda always leaving it out there and began to walk to the room. But Skye intercepted and told her she’d give it to her. She looked through the pockets and found Brenda’s medication. She took one of the pills and gave it to one of the docs in the hospital. She told him some story about her sister having it from Switzerland and needed to know if it was still good. The doctor tested it, and it turned out it wasn’t what it was supposed to be, but that it was a mild sedative. Skye thanked him and then turned to walk away, running into Brenda. They tried to be civil to one another, but it didn’t really work so they went their separate ways. Meanwhile, Jax had a dream about making love to Brenda. He woke up just as she walked in and she asked him what he was dreaming about.  He told her that he was dreaming about making love to her.

Carly went to the Quartermaine mansion looking for Edward to stop him from his new plan. She ran into Lila, who asked her how Michael was. Carly told her that all was well, but she needed to find Edward. Lila told her she didn’t know where he was. Then they both exchanged the fact that they knew what their husbands were up to, and gave each other knowing looks.

Sonny, Edward, Ned, and Alexis argued over the illegalness of Edward’s actions. Alexis (hyperventilating) told him that she would sue every bone in his body. Ned tried to get the 2 men to leave, but failed. Edward continued to gloat with Sonny’s help over his victory at learning the truth, proving it and as a result getting Michael back as the Quartermaine heir. Carly burst through the doors grabbed the envelope and read it. She looked shocked and Edward took it from her and couldn’t believe what it said. He then shared with the rest of the group…Ned was the father. Alexis looked both shocked and relieved, and then everyone left. Alexis looked at Ned who had a huge smile on his face. She asked how he did it.  He told her that he’d prepared for Edward’s next move the moment Edward started talking about the possibility Ned wasn’t the dad. Alexis smiled, giggled, and thanked him. Meanwhile, Carly and Sonny fought over Carly’s lie and secret. She continued to maintain she didn’t betray him, but he wasn’t buying it. Then she came up with her own theory of the baby’s paternity. She told Sonny that Alexis must have told her the baby was Sonny’s to break them up and to keep Sonny. But Sonny didn’t buy that either, since Alexis was so set against Sonny being anywhere near her, the baby, or Port Charles for that matter. Carly then went to pay Alexis a visit and confront her with her theory. Alexis thought Carly was crazy and told her so. Carly warned her that if she tried to hurt Sonny again, she’d pay. Meanwhile, Ned and Sonny ran into each other. Ned threatened Sonny telling him that he already hurt enough people in his family: Jason, Kristina, Brenda, etc. and that he would not have the chance to do it again. Then they heard a loud crash come from Alexis’s room. They ran to see what had happened.

Courtney and AJ came home from walking Rosie; they seemed to be having a great time. Then the phone rang, AJ got it and it was Jason calling to check on Courtney. AJ then got a beep and let Jason go; when he got on the other line it was the stalker. He told him that he’d make sure that Courtney knew what it was like to make love to a real man. (Note: the man on the other end of the phone was looking at a Halloween mask of a skeleton head) AJ became infuriated and convinced Courtney (who was quite hesitant given Jason’s opinion) to go to the cops. He grabbed evidence from the “Daisy shrine” and they left. When they arrived at the police station they dealt with Taggert who was less then concerned. He poked fun at Courtney’s costumes and her being a stripper. He acted as if he didn’t care or wouldn’t do anything, then he tried to bring Sonny into the picture and get information on him from his sister. But Courtney went to Sonny’s defense and warned Taggert to leave Sonny out of the situation. AJ then got involved and warned Taggert to leave well enough alone, to do everything he could to find and stop this guy, and that Courtney wasn’t a stripper that there were circumstances. Taggert repeated what AJ said with sarcasm, stating that he’d be happy to spread to the world that Courtney Quartermaine was stripping and now being stalked. Then he left. Meanwhile, Jason went and paid Coleman a visit. (Note: Coleman had a bunch of Halloween costumes in his office for his Halloween party coming up) Jason warned him to stay away from Courtney. Coleman assumed that Jason had it bad for Courtney, too (since he admitted he liked Courtney). Jason stared at him (blankly) and left. But not without warning him one more time. Courtney had a cop escort her to work, she thanked her and headed in. Jason came up and asked her how things were. She told him of her and AJ’s visit to the station. She then told him that Taggert would handle everything from now on. Jason asked if AJ was mad and she told him that she just mentioned Jason too much. Then another waitress told Courtney she had a phone call. She assumed it was AJ, but it was the stalker. He didn’t say anything but you could hear Rosie barking in the background. Courtney told Jason that, he told her to call the cops and AJ and meet him there. He ran off. Once he got to the apartment the door was open, he went in and headed towards the open bedroom door. Then the stalker (wearing the mask he had on the phone) hit Jason from the back. Jason fell and before losing consciousness he looked at the mask. Courtney came in shortly after, ran to Jason’s side but was confronted with the stalker. She ran and hid in the closet. AJ came in later; he went to Jason then started fighting with the stalker, while Courtney listened in horror as AJ and the stalker fought.