GH Update Tuesday 10/22/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/22/02

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita
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Zander called Elizabeth to the docks to admit that he had remembered everything. He apologized for lying to her, but told her he didn't want her to find out when he testified. He explained that Brenda's testimony wasn't enough because of her illness, and he was a backup witness. Happy that he remembered his past, Elizabeth accepted his apology and told him that he had changed, he was doing what was right. They agreed to continue their friendship

Scott went to Kelly's bearing gifts - a bouquet of roses. Bobbie wasn't fooled by them though, refusing to take the peace offering. She ripped the flowers out one by one, throwing them back at him saying "This is for blackmailing Carly, .. This is for ..." And she sent him on his way.

Lucky took his father's will to Alexis in the hospital to look for clues. She couldn't find any. He apologized for interrupting her bed rest, and went to Kelly's to find Elizabeth and Nikolas. Once there, he decided to take off and find his father, beginning in the place the will was originated - Atlantic City. Nikolas offered to join him, but he refused, asking his brother to stay behind and run interference with the acting DA. The trio tried to decide where Luke would be heading after Atlantic City, but could come up with nothing. Nikolas blew up at the thought that Luke could be back at the institution causing more problems for their mother. Lucky defended his dear old dad like always and the conversation escalated. Bobbie interrupted before the gauntlet could be thrown though, telling them to preserve what was left of their family. Looking at Luke's will, she too offered to join the hunt for her wayward brother. Lucky declined her offer as well though, asking her to help Nikolas distract Scott. "Oh him. Why don't we just shove him off the docks and be done with it," she remarked. Though she admitted it would be tough to stomach another interlude with Scott, she agreed to stay behind and do her best. When the group broke up Lucky called for hotel reservations to get started immediately. Elizabeth sat him down and made yet another offer to help him look for Luke. He agreed to hers, admitting it would be the perfect cover, but wondered why she was willing to run from her life all of a sudden. He asked her if it was because of Jason, but she told him she just wanted to return the help that Luke and Laura had provided her over the years. Family, she called it.

Brenda primped before her trip to see Jax, putting on a sexy low cut shirt and tight pants, making sure her hair was just so. Sonny walked in while she was working on herself and made some sneering comments. "Damn if you aren't enough to make a blind man see (or a paraplegic walk)," he told her. He also told her that after one look at her Jax would be glad he was in the hospital because he would need CPR. "He sees you in that he'll get up and walk out of the hospital," Sonny continued. Brenda explained that she was Jax's new physical therapist. Sonny started to put a finger on the first button of her very revealing low-cut blouse, but she smacked it away telling him not to touch her. Edward walked in at that moment, happy that Brenda still had her spunk, but letting her know that Sonny was welcome, he had summoned him. "You in the medical profession, me hanging out with Eddie, who knew," Sonny joked. She left with a big fake smile on her face, Sonny returned one of his own. Then he turned to Edward, asking him if the results were back. Edward informed him they would be in later that afternoon, but he wanted to start negotiations. Sonny made it clear no negotiations would begin until he had proof he was the father of Alexis' baby. He also told Edward that there was nothing he wouldn't do for his child.

Felicia confronted Maxie about sneaking off to the party at Vista Pointe. Lucas tried to take the heat, telling his friend's mother that the party was his idea, but it didn't go over. Felicia noted that he tried, but went in to inform Bobbie of her son's latest stunt, after offering up Maxie her punishment - grounded. The teens sat back and discussed how badly their lives were going for a moment.

Bobbie got her turn when she found out about Lucas sneaking out to a party, asking her son if he was trying to self destruct. He told her he didn't have to try, it came naturally. Georgie listened as his mother dished out his punishment - no internet, no phone calls after eight and no television. "Why don't you just send me to prison?" was Lucas' remark. "How about military school?" Bobbie asked. "It's a real possibility if you don't shape up," she told him before retreating back into the diner. He discussed the situation a little with Georgie, who was more interested in helping him with his homework. She even offered to type his paragraph for him if he would dictate it.

Skye went to Jax's room, finding him with his physical therapist (not Brenda, the real one). He was pushing himself harder than ever to make progress, but not for Skye, for Brenda. Rather than going in to see him, Skye called him from a phone in the lobby, telling him that she got his message and wanted him to get better. He told her that he was wrong to push her away and that he loved her, he just wanted to be "whole" before seeing her again. He asked her if she was at the lake house and she lied, saying that she was and wished he was there with her. He informed her that Brenda was helping him. Brenda told him it was reassuring, that he needed friends to help him through this and she was willing to stay away as long as he needed. She caught Brenda in the hallway before she could get to Jax's room though, reminding her of their deal. She commented on Brenda's outfit, wondering if it were new. Brenda informed her that her clothes had arrived from Paris. Skye took the opportunity to make a dig, telling her that it must be good not having to accept charity from others anymore. The two go at it a little more before Brenda finally broke down and assured Skye she was playing by the rules. She asked her if there was anything else she needed her to do, and Skye replied that she would be gone by then. "What if I'm not?" Brenda asked. Skye played the good wife, attempting reverse psychology, and told Brenda that if she wanted to be with Jax and she thought it would make him happy, then so be it. But she also reminded her nemesis what would occur after her death and how Jax would feel. Brenda once again assured her that once Jax was better, she would leave town, on a few conditions: don't ever lie to him, give him a happy life, get some dogs, loosen up (go camping, have kids), laugh, and at Christmas time make sure he gets the biggest tree he can find. Skye promised that she would make him happy and the gals agreed to the deal.

Sonny visited Jax in the hospital. Jax used the opportunity to thank the mobster for saving his life while hypothesizing that he did it only to free Brenda. Sonny admitted that he was right and told Jax that he didn't want to see Brenda waste what was left of her life trying to help him walk. Sonny reminded him that he was married and had obligations to his wife, but Jax bit back, spitting out a few remarks about former wives of his own (ie, Lily). "By the way, where is your wife. She's not driving off a cliff, is she?" Sonny remarked just as Brenda walked into the room, questioning his intentions. Brenda sharpened her claws, calling Sonny "mean and immature," and telling him he feed on others insecurities. Making a snide remark about her not only being a physical therapist, but being a psychiatrist as well, Sonny left. Brenda and Jax worked on his upper body strength, getting a little too close for comfort when she had to help him sit up in bed.

Skye, insecurities swarming went to the PCPD to question Alcazar and find out the truth. Reminding him that her disease was fatal, Skye asked the most important question of all. "I need to know exactly how long Brenda has to live."

Alexis told Ned she had put her priorities in order and was dropping out of the race for district attorney. She told him about a dream she had had the night before, remembering Kristina as a baby and feeling wonderful and safe, reminding herself that no job was more important than her baby. Ned encouraged her to save her energy so she could run again in four years, joking that one of her topics would be childcare in the workplace. She began working on her meditative breathing just before Scott arrived, the flowers Bobbie had rejected earlier re-gathered in his hand. He called them a peace offering. They told him the baby was fine but to get out. Scott tried to make himself look good, apologizing for the debate driving her to a hospital bed. They let him know that Alexis had decided to drop out of the race and he would win by default, Alexis seeing the uncanniness in having to back out just when she had closed the gap. Comparing the run for DA to a war - a place women don't belong, only outraged Alexis more and Ned told Scott to get out. Though he played his role well, saying how her dropping out of the race would be a real loss for him, once he stepped out side of the door, he gave his own horn a toot. The situation didn't de-stress Alexis though, only outraged her more, making her blood pressure rise at the comment "Men go to war, women make babies." Once the press arrived, instead of backing out of the race she informed them she would be running her headquarters from the hospital bed. She informed the city of Port Charles that her child would come first, but having the child made her better for the job and more passionate than ever about cleaning up the streets. "On my worst day in this hospital I am a better DA than my opponent," she told the cameras, setting her goals as having a healthy baby, cleaning up the down and law and order. When one reporter brought up Sonny, she simply stated that he was being investigated and if found guilty would be prosecuted. She let them know that she was uniquely motivated to deal with organized crime. Edward watched from the doorway, entering once the press had left. Congratulating her on her speech, calling it extraordinary and her attack on Sonny brilliant, the bomb he had to drop began its decent when an intern dropped off the test results. Sonny arrived just in time to witness it all, anxious to see what the papers had to say. Offering his wishes that Alexis was heathy and feeling good, he let her in on the secret - "I understand you're having my baby," he told her.