GH Update Monday 10/21/02


General Hospital Update Monday 10/21/02

Update By Jenna
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Edward played his part to the hilt, harping on the fact that Sonny could be the father of Alexis’ baby. Unhappy about the parade of questions, Sonny’s asked him what position he was in to be asking questions. Edward informed him he was in the position to do him a favor. Edward’s deal? A trade - Michael for Sonny’s own heir. Sonny didn’t agree to the trade, but he did agree to begin negotiations - after he had proof Alexis’ child was his own. Carly told Edward to get out, but Sonny informed her that this was “business.” He gave Edward a lock of his hair for DNA tests, agreeing that no information would be released until the baby’s identity had been confirmed. As soon as Edward left, Carly busted out. “You bastard! You swore you loved Michael.” Confirming that he did love Michael, it took Sonny a bit to quiet her down enough to let her in on his plan - if Edward confirmed the baby was indeed his, he would take Alexis to court for shared custody, not giving up anything - especially Michael. But he explained to his wife that he had the same obligation to this new baby as he did to Michael, it was his wife he was having problems with. Michael then came downstairs, having had a bad dream that Sonny was gone. Sonny told him he loved him, and that you always wake up from dreams. After the tyke returned to bed, Carly apologized to Sonny for thinking he didn’t love Michael, but Sonny informed her that their problems were just beginning. She told him that she did the “best she could,” but he couldn’t believe that the best thing to do was to lie to him. He explained that it was hard enough finding a way to trust her again the first time, and he didn’t know if he could do it again. Fighting with the line about truth not being enough, Carly told him he had plenty of time before the baby was born (February). He told her that he didn’t know if he could get past this lie, and stopped her before she could promise not to lie again. Explaining that now he had two children, and it was important that he proved himself as a parent. He informed her that he did not get to choose his actions. “I would walk out the door right now if I could,” he told her. “But I need you.”

Edward went home, where he made the arrangements for the DNA test, extracting a hair sample of Ned’s from an old baby book. Lila and Reginald caught him in action, asking him what he was doing. “Whatever lie you’re scrambling to come up with, don’t bother. She’s on to you,” Reginald told the old man. “Why don’t you go dust something,” was all Edward could reply. Lila informed him that the butler was right, though, and he was up to something. Starting to lie to his lovely wife, Edward changed his mind and, for once, the truth came out. “Edward, you should know by now, whenever you meddle it always blows up in your face,” Lila reminded him. Edward disagreed, expecting a different outcome.

Alexis sat in a wheelchair at GH with cramps in her lower abdomen, worried about her baby’s health. The doctor and nurse Bobbie checked her out and came to the conclusion that the baby was fine, but Alexis wasn’t. Her doctor informed her yet again that stress could make her loose the child, and that she needed to cut it out of her life. They admitted her for observation, informing her that she needed rest. After they were alone, Ned asked Alexis to make a decision about which was more important in her life - the baby or the election. Admitting hands down that her child was her first priority, Alexis realized what she needed to do to remain healthy throughout the pregnancy.

AJ arrived home to find Jason in his apartment with his wife. Doing the exact opposite of what was expected of him, he thanked Jason for watching after his wife in his absence. He informed Courtney that he had expected her to turn to his brother since he couldn’t be there for her. Courtney took a moment to explain about the cameras and the stalker’s intrusion into their home. AJ asked Jason if this person was a real threat. Jason termed him creative and left it at that. Thanking Jason again for being there for his wife, he told his younger brother that he would reimburse him for any money spent, but let him know the payment might take a while since he lost his court case. After Jason left, Courtney turned to her husband and thanked him for not getting angry at Jason, but told him she could accept it if he were mad at her for not telling him. AJ admitted that he didn’t like turning to Jason, but he understood. Thinking positively about the things he still did have in life, even without money, they agreed to be honest with each other. Courtney continued to tell him about her situation, informing him about the shrine to Daisy they found in the apartment in the next building. AJ informed his wife that though he appreciated his brother’s help, that he would have handled the situation differently - with the help of the police. AJ convinced his wife that her judgement was off, and she should have went to the police. She told him she missed him while he was gone, unable to sleep without him beside her, and the two took the conversation to the sheets. Once their love making had concluded, the phone rang. The caller informed his “Daisy” that though her husband had returned, things were not over between them. AJ took the phone from his wife and informed his wife’s stalker that he would call the cops and hunt him down like a dog.

Lucky, worried about receiving his father’s will, began to wonder what predicament the head of the Spencer clan could have gotten himself into this time. Liz tried to encourage him to think optimistically, but he refused. Nikolas joined the group, informing his younger brother that their mother was unresponsive, almost catatonic. Lucky worried even more about his father after hearing the news, knowing that Luke must feel like there was nothing left to live for. Elizabeth told him that he and Lulu were an important part of Luke’s life, and they were enough to live for, but Lucky informed his ex that “without my mom, there is no Luke Spencer.” Scott overheard the young Spencer speaking of his father’s “contact,” and informed the young man that not volunteering any information about an escaped convict was considered aiding and abetting. Elizabeth stood up for him, telling Scott to back off and give Lucky room. “Stay out of this, Elizabeth. That’s the best advice I’m going to give you,” he told her, telling the group that “finding the truth” was his job and only goal. Nikolas reminded him that for someone who had “truth” on the brain, he sure had covered up enough of his own dirty past.. Scott left the table. Nikolas and Liz supported Lucky, even after he told them they didn’t need to get involved. They chalked it up to being “family,” and told Lucky that his father was a survivor. At the end of the night, after Kelly’s had closed, Lucky remained at his table, still thinking. Elizabeth told him to get some sleep, but he refused. Lucky was worried that the will was a cry for help, Elizabeth thought it may be a scam, but he decided that whatever it was, it was his responsibility to find out. So he made a decision to go find his father.

Skye pulled Brenda out of the elevator, telling her that she couldn’t leave with the situation unresolved. Explaining that Brenda leaving now would make Jax carry a torch for her forever, Skye encouraged Brenda to stay and convince him that she didn’t love him anymore. “I love Jax. You know that and so does he,” Brenda told her. But Skye reminded her that leaving the situation the way it was would only make Jax feel responsible. Brenda told Skye that she wasn’t a threat, but Skye was already aware that Brenda wasn’t a threat to her, but to Jax. “You make him see that you are part of the past and he and I are the future. If you love him, if you really love him like I do, you will let him go,” Skye told her.

Jax spoke with his parents about suddenly getting some feeling in his legs and told them that it was all because of Brenda. He also let the know that he pushed his wife away because he didn’t want her too sacrifice her life for him. They informed their son that he was in an impossible situation and convinced him to give his wife more credit. After they left, Brenda joined him. She told him that she saw his parents in the hall, but didn’t let them see her. Jax told her that she was the one who helped him, not the doctors, not his wife. Brenda apologized, feeling guilty for all of his problems, admitting that she was the reason for Alcazar. “Promise that no matter what, that you’ll accept nothing less than the best cause that’s what you deserve.” He asked her if she was leaving, if this was goodbye, but she told him not to worry, her plans to leave were delayed until she finished his therapy. Playing the role of his therapist, she told him she would leave once he had recovered. He told her he didn’t know if he could deal with losing her so soon after finding her again. She warned him that she was trying to make things right for everyone, but she couldn’t hold her own feelings back anymore, that she needed to take care of herself. When she left his room, she went straight to the phone.

Jason came as soon as she called, wondering what had happened. “Do you live in a constant state of paranoia?” she asked. She informed him that nothing had happened, that Luis was in custody, and that everything was fine. “You need to think about what you’re doing and how you affect other people,” Jason told her. She told her she called him there to let him know that Jax had moved his foot, and she was staying around for a while. He hit the nail on the head when he asked if she needed money. Telling him she did, indeed, need money, but she didn’t want charity, she explained, “I don’t want to owe anyone money especially someone I hate.” “You’re welcome,” he replied. He asked if she needed a ride, she told him not from him, and they departed.