GH Update Friday 10/18/02


General Hospital Update Friday 10/18/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Skye spied as Brenda and Jax almost kissed. Brenda pulled away. Jax asked her not to leave him. Jax knew Skye was watching and began to tell Brenda how much he loved her. But Brenda wouldnít play along. They began fighting. She was mad that he would hurt Skye like this and claimed that he was not the man that she once loved. They continued fighting and suddenly Jax moved his feet. Brenda got so excited and tried to show him, but he kept yelling. Finally, she got him to shhhhhh, and told him he moved. They both were so happy, giggling and laughing. They called for a doctor. Meanwhile, Skye was sitting in the waiting room and heard a nurse tell another nurse to page Jaxís doctor. She asked what was wrong and the nurse knew nothing so Skye went to see. She heard as Brenda and Jax rejoiced over the good news. Jaxís parents flew in and went to see him. (Brenda had already left) They asked how he was doing, he told them of his feet moving and being able to feel some of his legs. They asked how, he told them that it had nothing to do with therapy and they assumed Skyeís love did it. But he told them that it was Brenda, and then he filled them in on how she was back. They asked him what he was going to do, and he assured them he loved Skye. Skye went after Brenda and was so mean. She told her that she knew that Jax was lying about loving her and not being with Skye anymore. Brenda said she was happy that she figured it out. But Skye kept going, and said that she knew that Brenda still loved Jax and that she always had, after all of these years. Brenda tried to ignore, but finally admitted it. She did still love Jax. She said that she had no intention of telling him though cause she had no future. She tried to leave but Skye stopped the elevator and said that she couldnít go, it wasnít what Jax wanted.

Liz assured Lucky that he was just fine. She told him no matter what happened, his family lives in him. She told him heíd get through it no matter what, and her money was on Luke and Laura. He thanked her and gave her a hug. Just then, Rosie came running by with Courtney and Jason not far behind. Liz and Jason stared at each other. Rosie went to greet Liz and Lucky. They were happy to see her, commenting on how cute she was. Then Jason tried to leave, but Courtney stopped him and tried to explain to Liz that nothing was going on with her and Jason. She was scared the stalker was getting worse. He broke into her apartment again, and Jason was just trying to help. Jason tried to get her to go, but she continued to express how much she wanted them to stay and work it out. Liz said that she didnít care what they were doing, it didnít bother her and it clearly didnít bother Jason either. Finally, Jason got Courtney to leave. Lucky showed interest and concern in what was bothering Liz. He asked her what was wrong between her and Jason. She told him about Jason lying to her and not trusting her. She said that being with him would have been a mistake, and she was glad nothing happened. But then she turned away and you could tell that she was so hurt inside by her words. She totally didnít mean then. Lucky assured her that everything would work out. Then they went to Kellyís, Liz offered to pay. Then a messenger came in with a package for Lucky. He opened it and it was his dadís will.

Scott began teasing Alexis. He told her that he knew that she slept with Sonny, and the fact that she froze proved that she had something to hide. She told him that he made an ass out of himself, and that the voters saw how despicable he was and how much his word didnít count. Meanwhile, Ned and Edward continued to argue over who was the dad of Alexisís baby. Ned assured Edward that he was the dad and to mind his own business. But Edward threw Kristina into Nedís face saying that he knew he wouldnít hurt one sister by going after the other. Ned said to leave Kristina out of it. He did care for her, and he regretted what had happened. Edward didnít buy it.

Sonny demanded to know how Carly knew about the baby, how long did she know, etc. when she told him he was furious that she had kept this from him for months. She fought him, telling him that it wasnít her secret to tell and that he should be yelling at Alexis not her. She told him that she was honest with him and that is why they were having this fight now. But Sonny knew she could no longer be trusted. Just then, there was a knock on the door. Carly told him to send the person away. It was Alexis. She told Sonny that she appreciated his help, but she wouldnít be able to repay him and she gave him the heads up that if he acted outside the law she would prosecute him. She also told him that she intended to go after organized crime and he would be left with nothing from it. Sonny asked her if that was it? She said yes then he warned her that he wouldnít let her take anything from him. Then she got a call from Ned saying that he needed to see her, it was urgent. She left having him meet her. Carly asked Sonny why he ever trusted Alexis. He said that he didnít know why he ever trusted her (Carly). They fought some more about the issue. Sonny wasnít budging, but he was not happy with Carly. Carly swore she was loyal, otherwise he wouldnít know the truth. She said that all she wanted was to give him a baby, but she couldnít. She said that she did everything to help the baby even give his medical records away. Sonny was not happy with that. Then another knock, Carly told Sonny to get it for whoever it was, was more important than her. It was Edward; he told Sonny he was sorry for interrupting, he told Carly to go cause it would be boring for her. She told him not to pacify her, Sonny told him to go on. He said that he had reason to believe that Sonny was the father of Alexisís baby. Meanwhile, Alexis met Ned. He told her of his conversation with Edward, and he warned her that Edward knew the truth and didnít buy his cover. He told her heíd probably try to test the babyís paternity. Alexis panicked; she said he couldnít do that. Then she started having horrible pains in her stomach. She sat down and was breathing hard. Ned ran to get some help.

Courtney and Jason went to her apartment. She offered him something to eat. He wasnít talking to her, and hadnít since they left the park. She asked again, he said no thank you. She showed excitement that he finally spoke; he told her that he didnít talk when he didnít have anything to say. She started asking him about Liz. He tried to get her off the subject, but it didnít work. She told him that it wasnít a good idea to do what you think is good for others, it always comes back to bite you. He told her there was no other way. He told her that Liz has been hurt a lot, and he didnít want to hurt her, and he most likely would if they were together. Courtney said that Liz knew what his life was and she still cared for him. And then she asked what he wanted what would make him happy? Later though Jason, instead of answering her question, gave her a gun. He showed her how to load it, and told her that all she would have to do is aim and pull the trigger. She didnít want it but he insisted that she needed to defend herself. She put it someplace that she could get to it but not have to look at it. Then she brought up his feelings again. She told him about what happened with her and AJ, to give him an example of when it goes wrong. Then she called herself a hypocrite. Then someone started playing with the locks. It was AJ; he asked if she was ok, then he saw Jason.