GH Update Thursday 10/17/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 10/17/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita

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Jax told Brenda of his plan to make Skye believe that he and Brenda had gotten back together and that he no longer loved Skye but that his heart had always been with Brenda. She was not thrilled about this plan and let him know all that was wrong with it. He told her that Skye was an alcoholic, and that he couldn’t stand for her to go back to the bottle as relief from a life with a man in a wheelchair. Brenda said that if she married and trusted him and then the next minute he was with someone else, she’d run to the bottle. But Jax knew better and said that anger is power for Skye it only makes her stronger so this was the only way to do it without breaking her.

While Jax talked to Brenda, Alan went to Skye and tried to make her feel better. She told him that Jax was pushing her away, and he told her that Jax never had to work for anything, no one ever said No to him, that he has always had everything he wanted so this was an adjustment. He told her to hang in there, cause their love was strong.

Skye went to see Jax. She got to his room and asked for some time alone with her husband; Brenda looked at Jax, made a little sigh and told Skye that she wasn’t leaving. But that Jax wanted a divorce, and that she should give it to him. Skye (dumbfounded) looked at Brenda and said that it was between her and Jax, and she wasn’t giving him one. Brenda said that she and Jax would go to the Dominican Republic and get it done. She said that she and Jax loved each other and that she made a mistake by leaving and was going to follow her heart from now on. Skye told her to get out, Brenda turned to Jax and asked if he wanted to be alone with Skye, he said yes and Brenda left.

Skye asked Jax if he really expected her to believe any of that. He said that it was true and that it was unfair to her to pretend otherwise. Brenda always had his heart.

Meanwhile, Brenda fell asleep on the hospital couch and Alcazar came to see her. He invited her to lunch, but she showed her hatred and said No. Then Taggert came up and told Alcazar he was under arrest. He cuffed him and read him his rights, then charges him with shooting Jax, Kristina’s death, and not to mention the crimes against Brenda. Alcazar apologized to Brenda for not being able to do lunch, but he would make it up to her. She said that if he ever got out to just leave Port Charles. He said that wouldn’t happen.

Later, Brenda went back to Jax’s room and asked him if he was happy with how everything went. He said that it was how it had to be. Then he asked for one more thing. He asked Brenda to kiss him when Skye walked in. Brenda showed hesitation but then they heard Skye’s voice down the hall. So she leaned in and Skye walked in and just stared, as their lips got closer. (They didn’t kiss yet)

With Jason on the roof, Courtney began cleaning out all of the daisies on her bed. She grabbed a big brown garbage bag and started shoving them in there. Just then someone started stepping out of the closet. But before the person could show himself. Jason called Courtney. They went into the living room.  Jason said the guy was gone, but it was no longer safe. Courtney refused to move out and give the guy the satisfaction so Jason had someone change the locks. He and Courtney discussed the severity of the situation.  Courtney was so distraught to have her stripping days dug back up. Jason assured her (with Rosie sitting on his lap) that she was a very strong person with great instincts. She did something that hurt and got through it for someone she cared about. There was nothing weak or timid about her.

Carly told the press that Scott’s accusation was a lie. She told them that he blackmailed her.  He threatened to take her 6-year old away and put him in protective custody if she didn’t lie and sign that affidavit saying that Alexis and Sonny slept together. The press ate it up. Sonny stepped in and called Scott a coward for attacking a mother with her child. Scott tried to keep his only ace from going down, but then Bobbie stood up and said that he was the last person who should be voted DA. She said that Carly was her daughter, and she tells her everything.  She would know if Sonny was unfaithful to her daughter. She said she knew all of Sonny’s flaws, and that wasn’t one of them. And if it were true, Carly wouldn’t have kept it a secret. Scott was using his power as DA to manipulate the citizens of Port Charles, and it was disgusting. Sonny stepped in again and told Scott if he continued to harass him or his wife he’d sue. And then he told Alexis if she called him a mobster ever again he’d sue her, too. Then he and Carly left. Scott again tried to plead his case, but the press wasn’t listening. Alexis stepped in and apologized for being so wrong about Sonny and would from now on say he was an alleged mobster.

Edward approached Ned and said that Alexis dogged a real bullet, but it explained a lot. Then he went to Scott and asked for a copy of the affidavit. Scott happily gave him one and asked if he could make carry’s life miserable too. Bobbie was behind him and warned him that if he went after her daughter he’d have to answer to her. Then she told him that he made a real mistake by messing with the spencers, and he would soon learn how big a mistake.

Nikolas and lucky were called by Alan, to the hospital. Someone who fit Luke’s description had broke in to see Laura but only made it worse and she was catatonic. They had to decide to let her sleep and come out of it or to take different precautions. Nikolas and lucky discussed and decided Laura was strong and she would come out, she just needed time.

Lucky went to the vista point and Liz arrived too. She asked how he was and he told her not good. He filled her in on Luke and Laura and asked how: he had everything, love, family, friends everything and how it got away. She showed her sympathy.

Carly and Sonny went home and talked about what had happened. Carly told Sonny that she didn’t sign the affidavit to hurt Alexis but to protect Michael and Sonny believed her. Then she asked why he was there at all. Did he have to protect Alexis, make sure her campaign wasn’t destroyed why did he always have to jump to her rescue? Sonny said that he hurt Alexis and he didn’t want her to suffer anymore. Carly said that he did nothing wrong and that Alexis was holding back from him more then he could imagine. He was intrigued and asked what was up. She reminded him of when they were at the island and she said she couldn’t promise to never lie to him again. She said that the reason was because she already had a secret. She kept it to protect herself, then her loyalty, then some stupid belief but no more. After a pause she told Sonny that Ned wasn’t the father of Alexis’s baby, that Sonny was the dad.