GH Update Wednesday 10/16/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/16/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Jax had a doctor flown in from Europe. After looking at his records, the doctor talked to Jax about his chances of walking again. The doctor said that there was a chance, but it was slim. Jax asked about his family and the affects his paralysis would have. The doctor explained that they would feel it hard. And Jax came to the conclusion that they would feel an obligation to stay by his side. Skye went to visit Jax, but found that he wasn’t in his room. She panicked and asked if anyone knew where he was, but alas, the nurses were clueless. Finally a security guard came by with a report of a man in a wheelchair upon the roof. Skye fled, knowing it was Jax. She found him and started talking as if he was trying to commit suicide.

But Jax laughed and assured her he just wanted to think and be alone. They got him back in bed and Skye tried to be supportive, but Jax had her escorted out by a security guard. She walked towards the elevators, and Taggert caught up with her to give her a note found in the cottage. It was the goodbye/ love letter Brenda wrote to Jax before all of this happened. Skye read it and became worried. Later, Brenda came to the hospital and caught up to Skye. They talked about how Jax was doing. But Skye was very sarcastic. She then said that Brenda didn’t need to be polite to her in order to go see Jax. She said she knew that was why she was there, and she wasn’t going to get in her way, so go. Brenda looked at her and then said “ok” and left. When she got to Jax’s room, he told her he needed her now more than he ever needed her before.

Liz went to Courtney’s to give her her paycheck, and invite her to go to the mall with her. Courtney said that she had to pick up Rosie and do some laundry. Liz made a comment about how much fun that sounded like. And said that Courtney had been by herself for so long... Just then Jason walked out of Courtney’s room. He and Liz stared at one another. Jason said “Hi”. Courtney then jumped in and explained about the stalker breaking into her house and planting cameras. Liz showed concern, and said that If anyone could catch him, it would be Jason. She started to leave but Courtney offered for her to stay and have some coffee. But Liz said she needed to catch the sales and left. Courtney turned to Jason and asked if she was the only one who could see it. He poured himself some coffee, and she continued.   She went on about what was between them. She told him to run after her and fight, but he said that he couldn’t, cause his life would never change; he couldn’t take back his lie or promise it would never happen again. Courtney continued to plead her case, but Jason asked her to drop it. She said she didn’t mean to pry, just as the phone rang. Jason picked up one end with a tracer and Courtney answered the other. She said hello and a really creepy voice answered. He asked who the new boyfriend was and what AJ would think. She warned for him to stay away from AJ. Jason motioned for her to stay on the line. She continued, calling the guy a pathetic loser, but he hung up. They got the trace. It was from across the street. So they ran to the apartment. Jason kicked in the door and looked around. Courtney came in, and saw a “Daisy” shrine. She freaked and started ripping up the pictures. Jason then realized that they were set up. The guy wanted them to find him because he was in her apartment. They went back and Jason told her to stay in the hall. He started looking around. Courtney walked in and went into her room. On her bed were a bunch of daisies.

The media and people of Port Charles gathered for Alexis and Scott’s debate. Meanwhile, Lucky and Nikolas went back to Scott’s office, and finally found what he had on Alexis.

Carly headed out to go to the debate, but Sonny stopped her, asking why she was going. She made up some story about supporting Bobbie, but Sonny didn’t buy it. But he eventually let her go, while he and Benny watched on TV. Alexis started with the issues that she wanted to take care of. Cleaning up the streets, the waterfronts, and organized crime. Then one of the reporters asked the question of how each of them would take care of organized crime in Port Charles. Scott said he had two words: “Sing Sing” that is where every criminal would be going once caught doing anything wrong. Alexis stepped in trying to argue that the law could not be ignored. That she would prosecute legally, and only if it was by the law would anyone be taken care of. Nikolas and Lucky came in and went to Ned and told him of what they found, he tried to signal Alexis but it was too late. Scott started arguing that Alexis wouldn’t get Sonny Corinthos cause she was intimate with him, she slept with him. Sonny ran out of his penthouse and headed for the debate.

Alexis tried to argue that the accusations had nothing to do with the debate, but the reporters were eating this up. Carly and Scott continued to stare at each other. Carly was so mad and Scott so happy. Then Sonny came in and spoke on Alexis’s behalf, claiming that what Scott said never happened. He went on to inform everyone of how Scott is always harassing him and has no sense of the legal rights of the citizens. But Scott said he had proof. Just as Sonny and Carly were about to leave, he pulled out another copy of the affidavit that Carly signed, and let everyone know that she was his witness. She saw Alexis and Sonny together, and she signed the paper stating it as fact.