GH Update Tuesday 10/15/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/15/02

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Jason checked out Courtney's apartment before letting her enter. They made small talk about Jason's lack of furniture in the penthouse before they got into the gory stalker details. They decided it was time she took control and turned the tables. Jason was doubtful that shutting off the stalker's cameras would be enough to make him quit, quite the opposite, he believed that turning the cameras off might lure the stalker to the apartment to assess the situation. Courtney got some pillows together for Jason, despite his telling her it wasn't necessary. "I barely slept in there thinking about you," she recalled of his last night over. He told her that he wasn't there to sleep, but he didn't have to worry, Rosie was comfortable in his bed. Courtney tried to explain to her brother-in-law that Rosie was a very smart dog, but he didn't believe her, not knowing very many dogs himself. "She's loyal and faithful ... And no matter how off the wall I get she always listens to me," Courtney told him. "Come to think of it, she's actually a lot like you," she said laughing. As they were talking, the stalker stood outside the window, his shadow projecting on the opposite wall. Unaware of their being watched, Courtney encouraged Jason to make friends with the dog by teaching it to guard her, giving him doggie biscuits as incentives. Telling the overgrown puppy what a big responsibility guarding someone was, he gave her a few pointers, which included making sure the person you're protecting always comes first, they know they can rely on you, and know they are never, ever alone. The phone rang and Courtney picked it up to hear the heavy breathing on the receiver. Jason tried to get the person to talk, but the caller hung up. He *69-ed the caller to see who it was, but there was no response. AJ called, finally, to see how his wife was doing. She explained that the stalkers calls were getting more frequent. He offered to come home right away, but she encouraged him to stay and settle his court case, telling him she would be fine. After saying "I love you" and hanging up, she felt a bit better about her situation. "You didn't tell him I was here," Jason told her. She explained that though AJ had no reason to be jealous of his brother, knowing that his wife was in love with him, that the underlying competition between the Quartermaine men would only lead to further distraction and his leaving the case to come home and take care of her. Jason explained that his only intention was to get her through her scenario. Later that evening, after they were both settled in, Jason in a muscle shirt and jeans and Courtney in her pajamas, Courtney came out of her room for a drink. Rosie joined her, hopping on Jason's couch-bed instead. He offered to let her remain to help him guard her.

Carly went to Scott at the DA's office to confront him about their last little conversation. Telling her mother's significant other to leave her and her husband out of the election battle, she used the best method - a threat. Scott put on a little pressure of his own, telling her not to mess in his relationship with Bobbie. "I have every confidence in the world you'll mess that up yourself," Carly told him. She agreed to drop everything if he would. He agreed, but moments after she stepped out, he was scraping through photos of the mob boss and his former attorney to prove their intimate relationship, admitting to his slimy little cohort that a photo of the two in bed would be nice. He then headed to Kelly's to see Bobbie.

At Kelly's, Bobbie found Lucas and Maxie chatting. She confronted Lucas about his falling grades and attendance record. Felicia stopped by at that time to pick up her daughter, but Lucas made up a story about Maxie helping him with a history exam. Georgie almost foiled the fib though when she explained to the group that Maxie needed her help to pass history, that she was no tutor. Explaining that history was easier when helping Lucas, the older sister bought them a few more minutes. Bobbie and Felicia went to have a chat at the bar while Maxie and Lucas chatted about an evening party and how they were going to sneak out to it. Bobbie explained to Felicia that Lucas had been acting weird lately, skipping school and whatnot when he had been a good kid in the previous years, but Felicia brushed it off to teenagerdom. The ladies' conversation topic moved on to Jax and his condition. Scotty interrupted the conversation when he arrived, though, his shiner drawing their attention. Jokingly, asking if Luke was back in town, Bobbie questioned his reasons for sporting a black eye. Scotty brushed it off to hitting himself in the face with the doorknob (however that happens) and changed the conversation topic, asking Felicia about Roy's whereabouts. When Felicia explained that Roy was out of town and wasn't planning on returning in the near future, Scott became furious, reminding her that Roy was his star witness against Alcazar. Felicia reminded him she was capable of testifying, but he blew up even more, telling her she would be no good. Felicia left the two to chat, heading to Lucas and Maxie's table. She asked the teens if they were really studying, noticing that there were no test-like materials in their paperwork. Georgie rescued them though, telling her mother that they dropped the material, and handing her a sheet of paper with history questions on it. She told Maxie to be home by 10. Georgie let her sister and friend know that they owed her a big one.

Once he and Bobbie were alone, Scott asked her to wear his button, his campaign button that is. She agreed - with a stipulation - he must be more considerate of her family and friends. Solemnly swearing to do so, the two left the diner.

Sonny found Brenda at the Quartermaine's and tried to give her two million dollars to leave town. Brenda refused the money, feeling like she was a charity he was contributing too. She flat out asked him if he was trying to get rid of her because of Carly. Admitting that his wife did not want her in town, he educated his ex on his new love. Telling her that he overheard her express what she wanted at the safe house, he told her he just wanted her to get what she wanted. Instead of responding, she asked him if his real reason for showing up was because he wanted to see her. He told her no, but she called him a liar, telling him that he was good at telling lies, but intolerant of being lied to. Brenda asked him if his reason for wanting her to think he had died in front of the church was so he didn't have to worry about any problems with his wife. "My marriage with Carly has nothing to do with you. She's my wife. I love her," he explained, telling her nothing would get in the way of that. She told him that she would be staying in Port Charles, and she didn't want his money. When he asked her if she was staying because she was mad at him and didn't want to do what he wanted her to do, Brenda told him that she was staying because Jax was paralyzed and that she would remain in town until he got better or until he asked her to leave. The conversation ended on that note and Brenda headed to the hospital and Sonny headed home.

At home he found Carly on the couch, ready and waiting for the outcome of his meeting with Ms. Barrett. Making small talk about needing to visit Michael's school for a parent/teacher conference, Carly waited for the news. Sonny brushed off the visit, then let his wife know he was just distracted and let her know that Brenda was remaining in town. He quickly verified her reasoning though - strictly for Jax. "She's not our problem," he told his wife. Carly steered the subject her own direction, mentioning how awful it was for Skye, a newlywed, to have Brenda back in Jax's life. She played up the idea of finding happiness that you never knew existed then having someone come and take it all away. Realizing that she was still a little insecure about Brenda and her plans in town, Sonny set about assuring his wife that she had nothing to worry about, he did marry her three different times. She reminded him how far she would go to fight for him - even if the person she was fighting was him. He told her that if she walked out on him, he didn't know if he could live without her. They got into a fun discussion about sex and ended up on the couch wrapped in blankets, where their conversation strayed once again to Jax and his condition. Carly told him that having him in her arms, safe, made her feel extremely lucky and asked her husband what he would do in Jax's situation. He told her he would shut himself off and make her start over, never letting anyone touch him again.

At the hospital, Jax tried to convince Skye their marriage was over. He told her she would get a large settlement, and could have the cottage to do with as she liked. Getting upset, she told him she didn't care about the money, and to stop talking about divorce, that their marriage was forever. He told her nothing was forever. She tried to convince him not to shut her out, but he refused, telling her that they got married on assumptions and the conditions had changed. Jax asked her if she truly wanted to be tied to a man in a wheelchair. "If that man is you, yes," she told him. She told her new husband that she couldn't believe he gave her so little credit and though her so superficial. Telling her if she really loved him, she would leave, Jax continued to reject her. He threatened to drag himself out of bed and throw her out of the room if she didn't leave. "Get the hell away from me," he told her. She followed his wishes, crying every step of the way.

Brenda had clean up duty, arriving just after the confrontation. Jax tried to throw her out as well, but she would have nothing of the sort. Telling him if he didn't want sympathy she wouldn't give him none, Brenda explained that she understood his situation better than anyone. He denied that their situations were anything alike, but when Brenda began to explain, he began to listen. She reminded him of the day he told her she may have the disease her mother contracted and his reaction, refusing to let her deal with it alone. Then she explained her decision for remaining "dead" after she was recovered from the accident - the attempt to keep those you love from being burdened by your problem. She told him that just like her, he was being selfish. He told her he had every right to be and asked her if she understood, why was she questioning his actions. She told him that she had been wrong, that she should have let him stand by her and help her through it, and she wasn't going to see him make the same wrong decision because time was precious. She left him with that and orders to be nice to his wife when she returned.

Skye ran into Alcazar in her fuzzy haze of emotions and tears, smacking him and telling him he was the reason Jax was paralyzed. She was outraged that he was walking around and Jax was lying in bed and told him he should suffer for what he has done. A police officer stepped in and pulled her away from the arms-dealer, telling her to take it easy. Alcazar brushed off the attack, telling the police officer that she wasn't responsible for her words. "I'm going to make sure you burn in hell for what you did to my husband," she told him, very clearly.

Alcazar had a nurse track down Brenda outside of Jax's room. She went to see her former boyfriend, with nothing but resentment on her mind. She asked him what he wanted. His reply was to be with her, like always. He told her that everything she was afraid of had happened - the men in her life had picked up and moved on, that she would be better off with him. She told him that it would be hard when he was going to prison, but he told her he could have a plane ready in an hour. He told her she would always be on the outside looking in - not wanted or needed. "You'll be back. You need me," he told her. "You're going to hell," she spat back.

She headed to a waiting area where she found Skye. Encouraging the newly wed not to give up, Brenda tried to explain that Jax just doesn't want to be less in her eyes and that she has to give him her support whether he wants it or not. Skye asked Brenda if she still loved Jax. Considering her answer carefully, Brenda told her that she didn't love Jax as much as he loved his wife.

Skye headed to Jax's room to continue their argument. He told her he didn't need or want her help-despite his pain. "You can be as hurt and angry as you want. You can scream at me or the heavens, whatever helps, but I am staying right here with you until you realize that we are stronger together than we are apart," she told him. Brenda stood at the window watching, smiling.

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