GH Update Monday 10/14/02


General Hospital Update Monday 10/14/02

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Edward invited Alexis to the Q mansion. Edward tried to convince Alexis that she needs to fight fire with fire. He offered a folder full of things that could be used against Scott in the campaign. Alexis tried to get away before he showed her but he’s a persuasive old man. As he began to truly get to the point Alexis informed him that her campaign was going to be clean and about the issues.


Scott, (who caught Lucky and Nikolas in his office searching through his files) informed them of what was ahead if he so chose to file charges against them…claiming it would take a while to process and he was tired and needed to rest for the debate… instead he suggested that they come to some sort of mutual agreement.

Courtney (Checked her email and found herself staring at herself through her computer) began to freak out. She stood from her chair and started looking around, and finally noticed the camera. She unhooked it and her computer screen went black…but only 2 seconds later 4 more pictures popped up, indicating that there were more cameras in her apartment.

Jax struggled to get up or at the very least reach the phone to call for help. He reached for the phone cord, but the phone fell on the opposite side of the table…leaving him with no way to reach it and helpless. Just then he began to experience serious pain in his back, which led him to moan really loudly.

Sonny continued to ask Brenda if she was ok. For a while she looked like she didn’t know he was behind her. Carly rolled her eyes and closed the door. Sonny asked if there was anything he could do…and finally Brenda became aware of his presence. She said that she was fine, and it wasn’t necessary for him to help. She quickly rushed to the elevator and said she needed to get to the hospital, cause Jax might be paralyzed. (As she repeatedly hit the elevator button till the doors opened, she seemed almost panicked) She got in the elevator and pushed the button continually till the doors closed. Sonny turned around and walked into the penthouse. Carly had gotten the fireplace started. She asked how things with Mike went. Sonny told her that Mike had been drunk for days and that Jason and Courtney had to drag him out of a bar. He then asked her how it went with Brenda…to which Carly replied, “How do you think?” Sonny watched her as she walked from one side of the room to the other (with an attitude in her hip movement), and he just looked to the side, with a half eye roll. Carly said that neither women had use for each other, and it went back and forth for a while. Sonny said he knew that Carly had her reasons for not liking Brenda, but that Brenda wasn’t a threat. He was where he wanted to be, and reminded her that she promised to believe him. Carly said she believed Sonny, but not Brenda, and reminded him of what happened with Lilly. Sonny said that was a different story…but Carly continued with the fact that she believes Brenda would play Sonny every chance she got.  Brenda was going to need his attention so she could have Jax’s attention, too. Sonny said that might be true, but it didn’t change the fact that Brenda suffered cause of him. Carly said Brenda chose Jax and Alcazar and any pain Sonny caused was years ago. Sonny asked if Carly wanted him to pretend like it never happened? She said yeah she would love that, but she knew it would never happen and asked him how far he would go to make up for it?

Brenda went to the hospital, and asked Bobbie if there was any change with Jax.  She said no and suggested that Brenda get some sleep. Brenda went in to check on Jax and found him on the floor. She yelled for someone to come help and ran to his side, but he said he didn’t need her help.

Scott suggested that the only reasons Lucky and Nikolas were there was either on Alexis’s orders or they were looking for dirt on him, but either way he could have them arrested, and they’d make the late news and their mug shots would make the morning paper. They told Scott that Alexis had nothing to do with their being there. And that they were looking for info on Luke. Nikolas dared Scott to have them arrested cause then they could tell the press all about Luke and have them look into how Luke escaped under Scott’s watchful eye. Lucky chimed in with the fact that Scott had the police pull the van over. They continued with the facts that Alexis was running a clean campaign and Scott wasn’t. Scott interrupted with the fact that even Alexis had secrets, and once exposed it would change everything. Then he began to look up Alexis’s number to call her.

Edward continued to try and convince Alexis to use dirt on Scott. He said that it was nice of her to want to be the savior of port Charles but the truth was that she was the mob’s mouthpiece. And she did have skeletons in her closet but so does Scott. To which she replied, “you have no idea”. Edward became intrigued believing that she had evidence on Scott that he didn’t, but she dodged his attempts. So Edward told her of a couple of scandals related to Scott, like how he slept with a member of the NY state ethics committee to have his legal license reinstated. Or to ask him whose baby Lucy Coe was carrying when she married Alan. And his affair with Tracy. Ned came in and started yelling at Edward to leave Alexis alone. Then Alexis received Scott’s phone call and left. Leaving Ned to deal with Edward.

Courtney called Jason to come back to her apartment. She filled him in on what happened with the computer and cameras. She started freaking asking about the guy being able to hear them. Jason said to let him then he knows that Courtney has help and she’s smart and he doesn’t have power. She said it was obvious that he wants her to know that he could get into her apartment. Jason chimed in with the fact that he wants her to be afraid, and it was up to her to let him know she wasn’t. Courtney asked if she should go to the police, but Jason said no cause she was Sonny’s sister and they wouldn’t help her. But it was up to her. She asked what her other choices were, Jason asked when AJ will be home. She said she wasn’t sure. So Jason suggested she go live at his place until this was done with.

Alexis went to Scott’s office and he filled her in on what lucky and Nikolas had done. Lucky started in on Scott about his dad, and he called Scott a liar. He said he framed his dad. Nikolas interrupted trying to get lucky to calm down he told him to think of Alexis, but lucky said he wasn’t interested in Alexis winning he wanted justice for his dad. So he punched Scott. Sonny and Carly continued to discuss Brenda’s problems. Financial, emotional, medical etc. Sonny suggested that he give her money so she could live her life without being dependent on others. Carly began to flip out, saying that she understood what was going on with Jax and Sonny which was that neither one of them could have the girl but they would fight over who got to be her hero. Sonny giggled and said he handed Brenda over to Jax when he left her at the alter. Carly chimed in and reminded Sonny that it was for Brenda’s own good. But Sonny said that it didn’t turn out that way. Carly asked him if he wished he had gone to the church? He said no, that Brenda couldn’t deal with his life the way that Carly could it would have destroyed her. But he continued to explain how Brenda lost all of those years cause of him, then the 4 years she lost with Alcazar. And now she’s got nothing left. He wants her to have a good life and live it out on her own terms. He said that he was going to offer her some money as a final present to her. But only if Carly didn’t object.

Bobbie helped Jax back into his bed. Brenda stayed by his side, but he told her he didn’t need her and he wanted her to get out. Brenda’s eyes began to tear up but she listened. She then went to a phone and called Skye and told her that Jax needed her. Skye said she was on her way and headed for the hospital. Bobbie told Jax that he would cause so much more damage if he didn’t stay in bed. She asked him what he thought he was doing. Then she answered her question: saying that he was trying to prove the doctors wrong. She told him that doctors once told her she would never walk again too, but she was proof that the doctors weren’t always wrong. She gave Jax some advice about letting those close to him help out. It was the only way to recovery. Bobbie then left and Brenda walked back in.

Carly said that she thought it was a great idea to give Brenda money. Sonny asked her if she was saying it cause she wants Brenda to leave town. She said that that was what Brenda said she wanted, but she also said she didn’t want to see Sonny but she set up the meeting at the church. She said she was trying to be patient but she loved Sonny and she didn’t know how long she could put up with it. Sonny assured her that it would be over soon, and Carly said that it wouldn’t be over till Brenda was gone. She suggested he give Brenda the money tonight.

Brenda said that she knew Jax didn’t want her there but she was staying anyway. He apologized and said that she could come in if she wanted. She asked him why he got out of bed, cause the doctors said that he couldn’t? He said it was one of his lesser moments, to which Brenda giggled and reminded him of all of hers. Then she told him she called Skye, who walked in just as she said it. Brenda left and Skye sat by Jax. She reprimanded him for what he did, and told him not to send her home so that he can pull stunts again. She told him she was in it for the long hall.

Courtney rejected Jason’s offer to move in. She told Jason of AJ’s asking her to promise never to go to anyone else for help but him. So Jason told her to have him come home but she said no cause he was in court. She said she could handle it. Jason asked her what she wanted to do. She said she wanted AJ to win the court case and this creep to go away. She then said that maybe she’d stay with a friend, maybe a waitress from Kelly’s or Wynona from the oasis. But she also said that the only way to get this guy to back off would be to catch him.

Scott and Alexis tossed threats back and forth. Alexis said that if Scott told anyone how he got his black eye she would bring up why lucky gave it to him so Scott didn’t press charges. Alexis, Lucky and Nikolas left, and lucky and Nikolas apologized for what happened. Alexis told them what a bad idea it was and to never do it again.

Ned told Edward that the baby remains off limits. Edward told Ned he didn’t understand him, he gave away one child and now he was going to give this baby away to Alexis. He asked if he cared at all, Ned said he cared but reminded Edward that it was he who sent Brooklynn’s mother away to keep her child from the Quartermaines. Just then Alan came in and mentioned how Ned didn’t sell his children. (Direct fire at Edward for Skye). Ned told Edward to leave Alexis and “the baby” alone. He left, and Edward pointed out to Alan that end continued to refer to his baby as the baby. Alan didn’t see anything wrong with it but Edward thought it was weird. He vowed to find out what was going on.

Monica brought Brenda to the mansion, where everyone greeted her. Lila was so happy to see her and told her that till this morning she thought she’d never see her again. Edward told Brenda she was exhausted and needed sleep. He told her to sleep in as late as she wanted and the servants would bring her breakfast in bed. Alan gave her keys to the house, and a temporary license from Mac. Brenda went outside to get some air. And Sonny came to see her.

Carly went to see Scott and demanded the papers she signed about Sonny’s affair with Alexis. He said no but she threatened him that it would cost him her mother. And if he didn’t give them to her that she would go home and tell Sonny the truth and he would help Alexis against Scott and Scott would lose everything. He gave her the papers and she destroyed them.

Bobbie told Jax and Skye that there was no damage done by Jax’s fall. Skye was thrilled to hear it. Bobbie warned that next time he might not be so lucky so wait for the physical therapist. She then gave them the number of a designer who was familiar with all of the necessities a house would need to accommodate a wheel chair. Skye went to Jax’s side and he expressed his annoyance. He went on to say that he was going to be bumping into furniture in his wheelchair, that he would need help getting in and out of bed, he asked if she had a clue what she was getting into. She said yes, a lifetime of loving him. He asked her if the doctors told her that he would be paralyzed for the rest of his life?

Jason gave Courtney some tips about not doing the same thing twice; don’t make anything a habit that her stalker could pick up on. She asked why he said that she had to make it harder for the guy to get to her. She realized that he wanted her scared and Jason said she needed to take that power back. She asked if a computer guy would really be dangerous, he said only if he gets her alone, and he won’t let that happen.

Jason told Courtney that he could live with her 90% of the time. He’d sleep on the couch, and watch over her, walk her to and from work and anywhere else. She said that she didn’t want AJ to know anything; maybe they could get this guy before AJ got back. Jason said he’d do whatever he could to make that happen and she said that she guessed she had a bodyguard.

Sonny told Brenda of his wishes and offered her the money. She saw through him and asked for the truth, did he want her to leave town.

Skye told Jax the doctors weren’t exactly optimistic but he could do anything. He said he couldn’t walk to the door. She said he would one day and she’d be there the day that he walked she’d be there and he would walk to her. But Jax said she wouldn’t, he wanted a divorce.