GH Update Friday 10/11/02


General Hospital Update Friday 10/11/02

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Jax explained to Skye that he couldn’t feel his legs; he couldn’t feel the sheets against his legs. He asked Skye to grab his leg, but she wouldn’t, claiming it was too soon. So he started hitting his leg and yelling he couldn’t feel his leg. And then said he was paralyzed.

Scott and Taggert discussed Alcazar, and the charges that he would be facing. And how it would nicely tie into Scott getting elected DA. He wanted Alcazar to be arrested during the debate. Taggert said that their witness was Brenda, but she was a wild card.

Alexis, Lucky, Gia, Ned, and Nikolas discussed (in Kelly’s) the election. Alexis’s numbers go down every time the public sees Sonny’s face or hears anything about him. Gia expressed her annoyance with Sonny; she thinks he should have stayed “dead” until after the election. They began strategizing ways to separate Sonny and Alexis in the minds of the voters. Many of who believed Alexis to be “in Sonny’s pocket”.

Courtney and Jason brought Mike to Courtney’s place. Mike expressed his annoyance with not being able to drink in peace. He tried to get a “night cap” but Courtney told him she was out of everything. Mike went into the other room leaving Courtney and Jason to discuss her gratitude for Jason calling her.

Carly answered the door believing Jason was on the other side, but when she opened the door Brenda was there instead. Michael asked who the lady was, and Sonny introduced Brenda as one of his old friends. Her and Michael said hello and shared a high five. Then Brenda asked to speak with Sonny alone. Carly dragged Michael upstairs, and Brenda filled Sonny in on her conversation with Taggert. About his twisting her statement and trying to make it like Brenda asked for Alcazar to kill Jax and Sonny. Sonny told her to tell the truth, she laughed, and said that it would have been nice to know he hadn’t been shot that night. Sonny said he did what he had to do just as the phone rang. Sonny assured Brenda he’d take care of her.  Brenda said she didn’t need him to take care of her. That she just came to tell him what was going on. Carly came down the stairs and told Sonny that Jason was on the phone and needed him.

Courtney told Jason a little about her childhood. How Mike and her mom would fight, and how he’d disappear for weeks, and the time he went to get her a candy bar and didn’t come back for a month. Jason told her that Mike seems to listen to her and maybe he was just getting in the way. Mike walked in and accused Jason of hitting on his brother’s wife.

Back at Kelly’s Alexis, Ned, Lucky, Nikolas, and Gia continued to discuss Sonny. Gia and Alexis agreed that Alexis’s personal life shouldn’t be an issue. Gia very subtly called Nikolas and Lucky outside for "air".

Gia, Lucky, and Nikolas stood outside and discussed how to find out what Scott had on Alexis. Lucky suggested kidnapping him, Nikolas discussed pictures, and Gia thought that breaking into his email would be good.

Nikolas and Gia left with one request: No freezers. Lucky laughed saying he liked freezers and they yelled together “No freezers”.

Jax demanded to know what the doctor told Skye. She told him Brenda was the one who figured out he maybe might be paralyzed. Jax told Skye to leave; he wanted to talk to his doctor alone. The doctor came in and Skye left with Monica.  Monica told Skye to relax and that nothing was certain, but Skye wanted to know exactly what the chances were of paralysis. Monica told her there was a very good chance that Jax would be paralyzed for the rest of his life.

Meanwhile, Jax and his doctor discussed the procedure. The doctor told him of the extensive work done near his spinal cord and how it would be a while before they knew anything. Jax wanted to go to physical therapy right away, but his doctor was opposed to that and told him to rest.

Alexis and Ned came up with the possibility that Scott knew of her attraction to Sonny. She told him about the time that Scott caught her staring at Sonny in the PC Grill, and when she was in the drug store buying a pregnancy test, and Scott bumped into her.

Jason told Sonny about Mike, and Sonny left to see how he was. He offered Brenda a ride, but she said it was ok that she’d call a cab. He offered her money for the cab but she said no, that she borrowed money from Ned, but that she would use his phone. After Sonny left, Brenda walked over to the phone but Carly stopped her and said she wasn’t going anywhere. She told her to never come to her doorstep again.  She didn’t care how much trouble Brenda was in, or how needy, to call the cops or Jax or whoever but to stay away from Sonny. Carly continued warning her to never give her son a high five again to just stay away. Brenda asked Carly why if Sonny loved her so much was she so afraid of her?

Mike continued to express his annoyance with Jason, and warned him to stay away from Courtney. Courtney came to Jason’s defense, and Mike apologized. Courtney suggested Mike go lay down. Just then Sonny knocked on the door, he asked how everyone was and how this happened? Jason told him of Mike at the bar and he called Courtney. Sonny then started yelling at Jason, saying he shouldn’t have made Courtney see that. He should’ve called him or Marco or Johnny. Courtney came to Jason’s defense again, and reminded Sonny of why Mike was like this in the first place. She said that were it not for Jason, Sonny wouldn’t even be alive right now, so why was he yelling at him? Why was he even there anyway? Sonny said he was worried about her, and she said don’t be, she didn’t need him watching out for her.

Nikolas, Lucky and Gia went to Scott’s office. Nikolas and Lucky were dressed up like plumbers. They wanted Gia to go in and make sure the coast was clear then they were going in to “fix the leaky pipe in the ceiling” and find out whatever Scott had on Alexis. Gia showed her concerns, but she did what was asked of her. When she went in Taggert was there. She quickly made up some story about wanting to go over some rules with Scott about the debate. Then she asked Taggert to go to dinner with her. He stalled; trying to see if that was the true reason she was there.

Ned and Alexis talked about what Scott would do during the debate. Ned pointed out that Scott would let everyone know what he had on her at the debate and repeat it over until everyone believed it to be true. Alexis responded with an optimistic thought about keeping whatever Scott had or didn’t have out of discussion. Ned asked how she was going to do that just as Scott walked in. He went to their table and Alexis asked him if he was working late. He said that the DA keeps long hours, and then he made a sarcastic remark about that being tough with a baby. Alexis shrugged him off and asked him to join her. She threatened him that if he brought up anything personal he’d regret it.

Jax apologized to Skye for yelling at her and kicking her out. She said she understood under the circumstances. Jax vowed to beat this problem, and Skye went along with it. Jax said he’d push and push and push until he was healed. He said he didn’t have hope because it would mean he could fail he said he was going to recover in record timing and walk out of the hospital with her. He asked if she was with him and she said she believed he could do anything.

Jax started hitting the call button over and over, and Skye tried to stop him by saying the physical therapy wasn’t even open till the morning. Jax just said he wanted a personal therapist then who could work and be paid overtime. Just then his doctor came in and said if he hits the button one more time the nurses were all going to leave. Jax explained his wishes to the doctor who told him to rest and they’d see in the morning. But Jax he couldn’t sleep, so the doctor just happened to have a sedative with him. Jax asked if the nurses put him up to that. Skye asked if a sedative was necessary, the doctor said if he pushed himself too hard he’d make everything worse. So Jax gave him the ok for the sedative saying the sooner he went to sleep the sooner he could start.

Alexis reminded Scott of Theresa Carter and her skull. She said if he goes after her she’d be on the 6 o’clock holding the skull. Scott tried to pull Lucky and Nikolas into it saying that he knew Alexis didn’t want them hurt. She told Scott to stick to the issues and there wouldn’t be a problem and he agreed. Then he left.

Ned asked if Alexis was ok, she said that if he wanted a debate she’d give him one and Ned said that was what worried him.

Sonny tried to smooth things over with Courtney, but she was not pleased with the way he treated Jason. Just then Mike woke up and came in the room, Sonny took him into the hall and explained that he was sorry, but he’d do it again. Then he started in on Mike for what his actions were doing to Courtney.

Courtney and Jason discussed Sonny’s actions. Jason stood up for Sonny explaining that Sonny doesn’t always say the right thing, or know how to deal with his feelings but it was ok. Mike came in and apologized to Courtney, she accepted and they hugged.

Brenda asked Carly what she was afraid of (again) and Carly attacked back with the fact that Sonny loved her and that he married her, 3 times. How many times did he marry Brenda? And which one of them did he leave standing in the rain on her wedding day? Carly said that Brenda wasn’t strong enough to be Sonny’s wife and he didn’t want her anymore so go bother Jax. Brenda warned Carly to leave Jax out of it. Carly told Brenda to go mess up his life. Brenda told Carly that Jax could be paralyzed.

Monica convinced Skye to go home. Skye wanted to stay and sleep in the hospital room on a cot but Monica told her it would be better that she go home and take care of herself. Skye agreed and left. Jax had a dream about dancing with Skye, as he spun her away from him and then back into him, Brenda was in his arms instead. Jax woke up a little freaked out and started calling Skye’s name.

Gia finally got Taggert to buy her story and leave with her, he then turned to lock the door but Gia made up some story about Scott not having his keys so Taggert quickly forgot about locking the door and they went to Kelly’s to eat. Lucky and Nikolas went into the office and started going through Scott’s folders. Just then Scott walked in.

Courtney and Jason took Mike home and went to pick up Rosie. When they got back, Jason offered to stay with her but she said it was ok, that AJ would be calling soon and that always makes her feel better, so Jason left.

Courtney went in and sat at her computer, she received an instant message from the guy who is watching her with.

Skye went home and started smashing the glass vases sent to her and Jax as wedding gifts. She then curled up on the couch crying.

Meanwhile, Jax tried to get up to get to the phone. He moved his legs (with his hands) to position them to stand but he fell instead.

Carly didn’t show much concern about Jax, instead she accused Brenda of not wanting Jax cause he couldn’t walk and that’s why she was after Sonny. Brenda said that she knew that Carly only cared about herself so she wasn’t going to try and left. Then she started looking like she was really upset and started banging her head on the wall, just as Sonny came off the elevator. He went to her and held her arms and asked if she was ok. Carly came out just in time to witness this, and was less then thrilled.