GH Update Thursday 10/10/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 10/10/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Felicia and Roy discussed his proposal. Felicia was stunned, sad, and happy all at the same time. Roy pledged his love and said what an honor she becoming his wife would be. But Felicia said that she couldn’t do that to either of them.

Jason and Zander talked about Zander’s memory. Zander pretended to not know what Jason was referring too, so Jason pointed out a few things about Zander not searching every face wondering if he knew that person, or will they know him etc. He doesn’t look confused or scared anymore. Zander admitted (not in those exact words) that Jason was right, but pointed out that maybe he wanted to change, have a fresh start since his life up until now hasn’t been ideal. He has done a lot of stupid things that he wants to forget. Jason said he didn’t care what Zander did as long as he didn’t hurt Elizabeth. Elizabeth walked in just as Jason said that, and asked if everything was ok. Jason assured her it was, but she turned to Zander and asked him if Jason was giving him any trouble. Jason rolled his eyes and left.

Courtney confronted Coleman about the call. Coleman claimed that he lost his courage to talk to her, but that he wanted to be friends. Courtney said it was too late for that and left.

Sonny and Carly talked about how nice it was to have everything back to normal. Sonny left to go to a meeting with the families.

Carly offered her bat to Sonny in case he needed it. (He didn’t) Carly then used the bat to hit the picture of Brenda in the paper…calling her a bitch.

Monica and another doctor talked to Skye about Jax’s condition. They tried to sugar coat it, but Skye wanted the truth…meanwhile Jax and Brenda were talking. Jax asked Brenda to pinch his leg to see if he could feel it…she did…but he didn’t feel it, so she pretended it was better for him to sleep and wait for the doctors. He said that she was still as bossy as ever. She happily agreed. Jax suggested to Brenda that she go home and take care of herself for a while. Alexis walked in and Jax mentioned it again. Brenda left, and Alexis asked Jax why he was so anxious to get rid of Brenda. Jax said it was a good idea for Brenda to keep her distance from now on.

Liz and Zander talked about truth and Zander wanting to start his life over. He covered his and Jason’s true conversation by pretending that it was about the two of them burying the hatchet. Zander mentioned to Liz that Jason’s telling him not to hurt her and Liz got mad asking where he got off… stating that she barely knew the guy. Liz said she doesn’t like people she trusts lying to her face.

Felicia and Roy continued to talk about the issue at hand. Roy talked about his past (thinking that was why Felicia was hesitant.) But Felicia told him that she knew what it was like to deny who you were. And she didn’t want that for Roy. Roy tried to explain that he’d rather be with her than be a “mob player”, but Felicia stuck by what she knew to be true: Roy would never be happy being a suburban dad.  He needed the crazy, consequence filled, and rich lifestyle.

Sonny and Jason met with the families. Sonny told them exactly what was going to happen. He was alive and well, there would be no drugs run through his territory, no participation in profits from his casinos, and no distribution of his assets. Then he sent everyone home, but had one more thing to say to “Sammy.” (The one who directly dealt with Carly in Sonny’s absence) Sonny told him he’d deal with him later. Jason told Sonny of his conversation with Roy, and informed him of the pier being given back. Sonny said that everything was back to normal, and Jason asked if he wanted to do anything with Brenda. (?)

Brenda told Skye of what happened with Jax (not being able to feel her hand), and Skye thanked Brenda for not letting Jax know and then told her she’d done all that she could do and Skye would handle the rest.

Mike went to see Sonny, but since Sonny wasn’t there, Carly tried to explain and make Mike less mad, but Mike wouldn’t have it… Meanwhile: Jason and Sonny made plans to move Brenda to a house in Europe, by the water with a nurse.

Jax explained to Alexis that he was happy with Skye, and that he made the right choice

Brenda sat down on a couch in the lounge and Taggert approached her with more questions about Luis, Sonny, and Jax. Brenda tried to dodge him but he was very persistent. He asked how she caused so much trouble. (?) Brenda tried to defend herself but didn’t have too because Ned came in and did it for her. He told Taggert to leave her alone and that she wouldn’t be answering any of his questions today.  Taggert left and Ned welcomed Brenda home with open arms!!

Roy continued to try to convince Felicia how happy he would be, but she still could see that he would always want power, and they said goodbye.

Mike tried to tell Carly to leave and cut her losses with Sonny, but then Sonny and Jason walked in… Carly took Jason into the hall and asked for $500,000, but Jason could see right through it and assured Carly that Sonny loved her, and Brenda was leaving so not to worry or do anything “crazy”.

Mike and Sonny talked…Sonny apologized, but Mike said that sorry wasn’t good enough and left.

Jax and Skye discussed their honeymoon. Skye talked about them having so much fun, eating, and dancing…but Jax chimed in with how it wouldn’t work since he couldn’t feel his legs!!

Brenda filled Ned in on what happened with Jax (and possible paralysis). Ned assured her it would be ok, and then told her that Lila had her old room all ready for her and that she should go move in with them…Brenda tried to say no (not wanting to be a burden), but Ned insisted and Brenda said yes.

Roy had Jason meet him at Jake’s, and told him he changed his mind and would accept Jason and Sonny’s offer to do business in Miami. The only thing he asked for was for Jason to watch out for Felicia.

Jason called Courtney when he saw that Mike was there and had had too much to drink.

Courtney convinced her dad to go home with her, and with Jason’s help got him up and out.

Michael came home and surprised Sonny and Carly who were so happy to see him.

Felicia found Roy to tell him that she’ll never forget him, that a part of her heart would always be with him, and that she loved him. He said he loved her too, and if she ever changes her mind to call him in Miami and just say yes. They hugged and said goodbye!

As Sonny, Michael, and Carly talked about being a family again, and Michael’s new ability to swim under the water there was a knock on the door. Carly ran to get it: assuming it was Jason…. but it wasn’t!!! It was…Brenda!!!

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