GH Update Wednesday 10/9/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/9/02

By Jenna
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Jason went to Kelly’s to see Liz. While he waited, he talked to Courtney about how things were with her. Then Liz walked out of the kitchen and looked at Jason, but she quickly walked away as Jason watched every move she made. He asked her if she was just going to walk by him from now on, and she said he would be treated like she didn’t know him.

Coleman offered Zander a job at Jake’s as a bartender, but he turned it down.

Roy and Felicia paid Alcazar a visit in the hospital. Alcazar showed his annoyance that Sonny was still alive.

Edward and Brenda reunited. She asked him to talk to Skye about her not wanting to break them up.

Monica talked to Jax and Skye about their options for surgery and removing the pieces of the bullet. If they aren’t removed, he could bleed to death. To reach them would be very hard. One slip could mean paralysis.

Jason and Courtney discussed his problems with Liz. Courtney tried to make him feel better by telling him that he could tell that Liz still cares, by her actions. Jason sort of bought that. He told Courtney he’d wait to walk her home. She tried to say that it was ok, but he said he’d just follow her if she said no. Just then, Liz came within earshot.

Alcazar continued to express his annoyance with Roy. Then they agreed to sever ties. Taggert walked in, and was very opposed to the idea of pretending that their partnership never happened.

Jax and Skye discussed his options and came to the conclusion that the surgery was best…but Jax still had his issues with it. Being an athlete, he hated the idea of being helpless. He was worried about Skye’s life, too. But Skye told him they’d get through it; all that matters is that he lived.

Liz offered Zander a handyman job, but he turned that down, too. He wanted to do things himself.

Taggert advised Alcazar of his charges, and what not to do, then he kicked Roy and Felicia out. While in the hall, he warned Roy to stay away from Alcazar or else. Roy assured him he would; he wanted out of this whole situation. Taggert was reluctant to believe him.

Jax went into surgery…Skye wished him luck.

Jason had to talk to Roy about an offer from Sonny, so he couldn’t walk Courtney home. Roy and Felicia sat down while Jason explained Sonny’s need for Roy to go to Miami on some business dealings. Roy turned him down, saying he doesn't want that kind of life any more.

Brenda and Skye talked about Jax’s surgery. Skye went on about Brenda not wanting to be a third wheel, and Brenda painted a picture for Skye about when Jax is better and off on business dealings, and on the phone…how Skye would always worry that he was with Brenda, talking to her, in her bed, at her side. Brenda said that one day he would be. But not in the way Skye was thinking. Brenda told Skye she wasn’t here to make trouble or split them up. Skye dared Brenda to try…it wouldn’t work.

Courtney went home and changed as someone watched her (someone planted a camera in her apartment), and then she got another silent phone call…she used *69 and Coleman answered.

Roy proposed to Felicia.

Jason figured out (while talking to Zander) that he got his memory back.  Zander looked shock as Jason says that he knows what it is like to lose your memory.  Zander doesn't have that lost look in his eyes anymore.

Courtney went to Jake’s to confront Coleman; she told him to back off.  He confessed that he is the one that called her, but he lost his nerve and that's why he didn't say anything.  

Skye talked to the doctors about the success (or lack thereof) of Jax’s surgery. Brenda sat by Jax’s side until he woke up. Jax was worried about what happened and didn’t want to wait for the doctors. He asked Brenda to put her hand on his leg to see if he could feel it, not realizing that her hand was already on his leg.

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