GH Update Tuesday 10/8/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/8/02

By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita
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The news of Sonny and Brenda being alive hit the citizens of Port Charles today. And it hit HARD.

Zander watched the news on television, hearing the news about Jax, Sonny, and Brenda. His memories came flooding back to him: memories with Liz and Emily and memories of working for Sonny. But he lied about remembering when Elizabeth asked him. He informed her of what had went on. Elizabeth was aghast when she heard Sonny was still alive, refusing to believe it at first. Zander swore he was only repeating what he had heard - and seen. He had watched Sonny being arrested after Jax was taken to the hospital. He told her that Jason had to have known and that he had played them for fools. "All the nights I laid awake worried about Jason....all the nights he's been out with Sonny?" Elizabeth exclaimed. Zander tried to calm her down, telling her that there were reasons for the hoax. He finally got around to telling her that there was a woman involved - a model, Jax's ex-wife. Even more upset at the discovery of Brenda and the lies and deceit that had passed between her and Jason recently, Elizabeth decided it was time to move on, and move out. She made the offer to Zander as well, telling him they could return to the studio, and she would show him around town - try to get his memory back. He thanked her for the gesture, but chose a different path - one of his own. "It's time to make my own way, become my own man. Maybe even a new man. I'll see you around," he told her.

Jason went to Alcazar's hospital room. "Too bad they didn't let you die. It would have saved someone the effort," he told the arms dealer. Alcazar reminded Jason that if he died, Jason would be the first suspect. Jason assured him that he would die, but not in the hospital, he should worry when he gets out. Taggart showed up at that point, hoping he caught Jason in the act, but he pretended nothing was amiss. He told Taggart he was just visiting a "friend." "Mortal enemies, united in your contempt for the law," Taggart muttered. "Does that sound familiar?" Jason asked the detective. Taggart stands in the room, rehashing the turn of events that lead them to their current predicament. He put the pieces together, realizing Roy had been a pawn and that Alcazar himself had blown up Sonny's warehouse.

Alexis walked in at that moment, overhearing. "Is that true?" she asked. "Is that the bastard that killed my sister?" Taggart told her to relax, but she refused to relax until he had the proof to put Alcazar away. Monica interrupted the shebang, telling them all he may be a murderer, but Alcazar was also a patient. Jason and Taggart left, but Alexis remained a few moments longer. "Look at my face and remember it. If you killed my sister you will see it again, because I'm coming after you."

Taggart caught Monica outside of the hospital room, telling her he needed a statement. She assured him she would call and set up a time to go to the PCPD and give one. She also let him know that she had almost let him die, and she was beginning to regret her decision to heal him.

Alexis confronted Jason in front of the elevator, trying to discover the truth. "I need answers," she told him. "I thought you had them all," he replied. He admitted that Alcazar was responsible for the bomb that killed Kristina. Alexis wondered what kind of man Alcazar was to kill her sister and shoot her best friend. Jason gave her a few pieces of information, but excused himself to take care of other matters at hand.

Jason returned to his penthouse to find Elizabeth's bags by the front door. Letting him know she knew Jax was shot, Sonny was alive, and Brenda was back, she asked, "Does that cover all the reasons you've been gone at night, while I sat here wondering whether you were dead or alive?" He tried to explain it had only been a couple of days, but she refused to hear it. Asking him if he felt his recent actions were acceptable - pulling an elaborate hoax, letting people grieve for the un-dead, and letting her worry about him not knowing - she wondered what had been going through his head. But she retracted her question, answering it herself, telling him he was only doing what he had to do. She then brought up Carly and the pain she must be going through, but Jason informed her Carly had been in on the scam. Furious with the news, Liz asked him if he had any idea how foolish she felt. She told him that he had trampled any chance they may have had and ruined any trust between them. "Or is that a small price to pay knowing you did your job the way Sonny wanted?" she asked sarcastically. He told her that he had tried to warn her that there would be things he couldn't tell her, and that lives were at stake, but he couldn't save face. "You did tell me the truth," she said, recalling his pushing her away and telling her that she didn't want anything to do with his life. She told him that she had turned her life inside out to prove to him that she deserved truth and trust, but that he had thrown them in her face. He tried to explain that it had nothing to do with her, but she informed him that she was there, she was involved, and she counted. "You are Sonny's enforcer first, last, and always. I hope it's enough," she said as she walked out the door, grabbing her suitcase on the way.

Carly told Sonny to get out of his own penthouse, finally understanding the recent turn of events and the importance of the "kink" in the plan. She reminded him that Brenda was the "great love of his life," but he told her he wanted to be with his wife, not Brenda. Wondering why he didn't tell her earlier made her even more furious - furious at the idea of a reunion between the two. He tried to explain that Brenda hadn't known he was alive until the shooting in the cottage, and that he had to send her to the safe house because she could have ruined his plan. He explained that she had come to warn him and Jax, and that she was planning on returning to Europe afterward. He told his wife about Brenda's illness and that his plan would have let her leave never knowing he was alive. "But she does know, Sonny, and it changes everything," Carly told him. He told her that he knew she would get upset at the idea, which is exactly what she did, spinning a crazy hypothesis about him wanting Brenda to think he was in love with Carly so she would follow him around like a lost puppy. He told her that her reactions were exactly the kind he had been trying to avoid, and that her paranoia was flaming up.

Spitting out that he was guarding Brenda like some secret treasure, she told Sonny , "I am not going to be the next thing to get in the way of you being with the woman you really love." He told her that she was the woman he loved, and he wanted to be with her, to just have faith. "Your wife doesn't want to be with you," she spouted. Starting to get angry himself, he told her that she shouldn't throw away their relationship because he had been with other women. She pressed on about wanting to know exactly why he didn't tell her about Brenda, but when he told her this conversation was why, she threw it back at him. "This is about you. You and your obsession with that whiny little viper." Instead of arguing, he told her that he loved her, and he didn't know what else she wanted him to say. He explained that he had tried to be responsible and keep as many people from being hurt as possible. Then he told his wife that he was glad Brenda was alive and that he hoped she would have a lot of years left, that he hoped she would find happiness, but it wouldn't be with him. Reminding her that she knew how much he loved her, and he had married her three times to show it finally made her understand. But Carly had a message of her own. "I have no more reserve left," she told him. She explained that if he continued with their marriage and ended up leaving her for Brenda, that it would make him a cruel person.  She would hate him for the rest of her life, but if he left now they could salvage something. She gave him the choice. He kissed his wife, holding on tight.

Skye confronted Brenda, wondering what she was doing in Jax's room. Recalling her face from the pictures, she finally realized what had been going on. Wondering how Brenda knew who she was, she let the picture come together - the woman at the shooting, Alcazar's girlfriend, and Jax's disappearance. "Maybe you need to explain just what's going on," she said to her husband's ex-wife. Brenda tried to explain that Jax had been helping her, that he had wanted to be spending his time with his new wife instead. Brenda told her that she wasn't there to complicate things, that she just wanted Jax to be happy, and to warn him of the pending danger. Informing Brenda that her husband was happy, she realized that it was Brenda's fault he had been shot. Jax woke up that moment, and informed his bride that it was Brenda who had kept him alive. Refusing to rest, he told his wife the sequence of events. "I guess I owe you a profound debt of gratitude," Skye told her. Brenda refused to take the credit, choosing to take the blame instead. Jax told her not to blame herself for the outcome. She explained that she wasn't, that she was blaming herself for her choices. Jax then admitted, to Skye's amazement, that he had asked her to stay. He told his wife that he had needed to know what had happened. Brenda left them to talk. "Well, this gets more and more interesting my the minute," Skye told her hubby. He told her that it was Brenda's intention to disappear again. She questioned his loyalty to her, asking if Brenda had showed up before they had been married if he would have went through with the ceremony. He explained that she could've showed up while they were at the alter, it wouldn't have mattered, that he loved her. He promised her that once he had returned to full health, they would continue with their plans for a honeymoon. He sadly told her that he hoped she could understand his reasons for not telling her about Brenda, that the secret was one he didn't want in their marriage. He had just wanted to keep his wife safe and out of the crossfire. She kissed him, and told him to rest.

Brenda went to Alcazar's room, where he was expecting her. He told his possession of choice that he was planning to make a full recovery , but she informed him that she wanted nothing to do with him. He tried to redeem himself by telling her he was only keeping his promise to keep her from going back to his past, but it didn't work. She told him that she couldn't return to her life, that she had nothing left for him. He admitted that they were both well aware that she didn't love him, but it didn't matter. "I don't care if you love me or not. You're mine, and I will never let you go," he told her. She told her former partner that she should wish he was dead, but that life was important - anyone's life-even his. "I don't know how much longer I have left, but I do know this is my last second with you," she said, turning to leave. She was forced to stay a bit longer though, seeing Alexis in the room. She finally realized what would make one man want to destroy two people who wanted nothing to do with each other. "It's all about you. Every single lousy thing," she told Brenda. Brenda nodded, apologizing, and left. Alexis turned to Alcazar, beginning to introduce him to the person who remained collateral damage in his war against Brenda's past loves. She hovered over him, taking the nurse's call button from his grasp. She introduced herself, explaining that she was a lawyer - a good one, and she could take him through the system and prosecute him for everything he had ever done. "But why would I make the poor citizens of Port Charles, the good citizens of Port Charles, pay with their hard earned money to dispose of a vermin like you?" she asked. She went to the IV bags nearby, sadistically questioning their contents and their importance. "How can I turn you off as slowly and as painfully as possible?" she asked him. Ned came in at the right moment, encouraging her not to do anything - to give him the opportunity. "Murder doesn't look good on the resume of a mother-to-be who's running for district attorney," he explained. "But on the other hand, I come from a family with a great tradition of getting away with murder." Alexis drug him out of the room before he could make good on either of their threats, but he managed one last warning - that someone someday would make him pay for his sins.

Brenda returned to Jax's room, watching Skye with her husband. The former Quartermaine stopped her before she could leave, apologizing for her rudeness at their first encounter. Brenda told her that she had been brave through the recent events, and she was leaving town, but that this time it would be much easier knowing that Jax had her. Skye offered her a chance to go in and say goodnight to Jax, and Brenda took her up on it. Skye stood at the window, looking in on the two of them.