GH Update Monday 10/7/02


General Hospital Update Monday 10/7/02

Update By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita
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Courtney confronted her the person outside Club 101, who turned out to be Coleman.  She assumed he is her stalker.  She screamed at her former employer, accusing him of trying to scare her. He told her that he liked her, and just wanted to say hello, but she told him to get lost.  She explained she didn’t want to be reminded of the days she was blackmailed into being a stripper.   He was always lingering around to remind her.  She told him to leave her alone.

At her apartment, someone wearing black gloves let himself/herself in, looked around and peeked in briefly on the dog.  He set up a camera for his/her own viewing pleasure.

Alexis and Scott were at each others throats at Club 101. Scott tried to get Alexis involved in a debate, silently holding the new information Carly gave him over her head without telling her what he was hiding. “What are you hiding?” he kept asking her, goading her. Refusing to partake in his personal slams, Alexis stood up to be the better woman, explaining that personal attacks weren’t warranted. Scott tried to manipulate her into thinking that the voters wanted to know where they stood, but she wasn’t fooled. “The voters would have to be in an irreversible coma not to know where we stand. It’s been all over the news. You are interested in mudslinging and manipulating the press, and I am interested in making Port Charles a better place,” she told him. When Scott began addressing Alexis’ secrets with the press, Gia couldn’t help but jump in. Taking on the persona of Alexis’ press liaison, Gia agreed to the debate for Ms. Davis and even set the time. “Ms. Davis prides herself on openness and flexibility. Willingness to change,” Gia told the crowd. “Who wants to muzzle Gia? Any volunteers?” Alexis asked. Everyone in their small group raised a hand. Scott used the situation to his advantage, though, taking the opportunity to point out Alexis’ lack of control over her support group. Alexis asked Gia which side she was fighting for. “The side you’re fighting against - yours,” Gia told her. Throwing around talk about fear of success, Gia told Alexis that she would prosper. Her groupies encouraged her to go forth with the debate, telling her that declining would only encourage Scott to release his ammo early. They explained that if she agreed, that Scott would be forced to stall, and she would have ample time to figure out what he had on her.

Lucky spent the evening in Scott’s face as well, taking photographs of the acting DA. Continuing to use his line about Scott having to turn around to have the camera capture his best side, Lucky’s small nips began to wear at the backstabbing DA.

After the group dispersed, Alexis told Ned she was going back to Plan A - forget the race for DA and kick and scratch for a chance at a normal life. Ned, using reverse psychology, told her to give up, recalling all the problems she had encountered in her life in good old PC - Scott, Sonny ... “And then there’s Luke Spencer. Isn’t it a crime to press charges against somebody you know is innocent?” he joked. He eased his way into the final stretch, asking what it would be like having Scotty Baldwin run the town. Alexis admitted she couldn’t imagine it, and agreed to continue the farce. Getting up to leave, Ned asked her to dance - to the song he requested at the Nurse’s Ball the year before. As they were dancing, in came the news hounds with the news of Sonny being alive. Shoving the microphone in Alexis’ face, they asked her how she felt about it, and if she was involved in the charade. Alexis was so shocked she could barely answer. Telling them she knew nothing about it, and giving them a small piece of her conscious self, she told them she would give a full statement the following day. Upset at the outburst, Ned asked them to leave and took her aside. “Carly knew. That vindictive shrew,” Alexis mumbled. “I mourned the bastard, and he’s not even dead!” Ned won the award winning prize for the question of the day, asking her if she was mad because Sonny had fooled her, or if she was mad because she was still in love with him. Alexis let her anger flow, screaming at him for the thought, attempting to reassure him (and herself) that she stopped loving Sonny the moment Kristina died because of him. Ned kissed her; then told her to take a breath.

Carly stopped Brenda at the PCPD, all of the holes in the past couple of weeks finally piecing themselves together. Sonny and Jason watched from the interrogation room, worried about how Carly would react. “You’re Alcazar’s girlfriend,” she realized. “You were at the safehouse.” Brenda nodded, trying to excuse herself. “I just have one question for you. Who’s your next victim?” Carly asked her. Brenda jerked her arm free, and told Carly she was headed for the hospital to see Jax. “Yeah, well, you’d better hurry, ‘cause Jax is married, too,” Carly taunted. Happy that his wife had held it together for the moment, Sonny knew that she would let her anger out later.

Letting Ms. Barrett leave, Carly headed in to chat with Sonny and Jason. Taggart joined the three of them. “So, the devil wouldn’t have you,” he said sarcastically. Taggart was outraged at the whole situation - knowing that Carly and Jason were involved and not being able to prove it, knowing his nemesis was alive, and he had been deceived. He threw Jason out, threatening to charge him with getting on his nerves. He confronted Carly, asking her what she knew. “I obviously don’t know anything going on in my husband’s life,” she told him.

Courtney headed down to the PCPD to file charges against Coleman, but got sidetracked (and a little defensive) when she noticed Jason cuffed and in a chair. While she was offering to help, he was trying to tell her about Sonny, but was too late when looked through the window of the interrogation room and noticed her brother sitting there, alive and well. Her commotion drew them all into the lobby, where Taggart made a fool out of himself after Scotty and Mac opted to let them all go.

Jason walked Courtney home, offering to go inside and check her place out, but she declined the offer and went in alone.   She let the dog out of the room and didn't realize someone was watching her via the camera.

Carly stomped into her and Sonny’s penthouse, mad as a hornet. Trying to calm down his irate wife, Sonny told her that a lot needed explained, that the worst was over, just like he said it would be. “Pack your bags and get out,” Carly told him.

Skye went to the hospital where she found Jax being prepped for surgery. Telling him she loved him, and that he would be okay because they were meant to be together, she was forced to cry alone while he went into the OR. Monica put a reassuring hand on her shoulder, and told her that Jax was a fighter. Skye holed up in an empty room to cry her eyes out, but couldn’t even do that in peace, getting interrupted by her grandfather. Edward asked her how Jax was, and if he would be okay, but Skye couldn’t believe his compassion. “Edward, the vulture. Drawn by the smell of blood,” she tossed. Trying to use the family card, Edward succeeded only in upsetting his granddaughter more. “I am the woman I want to be - secure, solid, and valuable. But if Jax dies, the old Skye will be back with a vengeance,” she warned. Telling him to get out, she also told him to pray for Jax’s heath, sarcastically. He admitted that he had, compassionately. Edward assured her that Jax was never his victim, and that all he wanted was for her to be a good Quartermaine. He encouraged her to think positively. Jax came out of the surgery stable, but Monica made Skye wait to see him. She got to wait out the time with Edward instead, looking through the window as the staff situated him in his room.

She finally got to go in to see him, Brenda watching at the window. Brenda stopped a nearby nurse to ask his progress. The nurse told her to ask his wife, but Brenda avoided the bad situation by explaining that she was the “ex”, and didn’t want to cause problems. The nurse told her they couldn’t be sure about his condition. Skye continued to remain by his side, calling him her prince because he made it through the thorn bush surrounding her heart. She labeled the thorns fear, bitterness, and envy. Asking him to open his eyes, she told him “You woke up my heart to be with you. Now you need to wake up and be with me.” A doctor pulled her away from his side, requesting her assistance to discuss Jax’s treatment. As soon as she left the room, Brenda entered, gently talking to one of the men she had loved dearly. Telling him that going to New Orleans was fine with her, because they had had a great time there, she began to reminisce, telling him stories of their times together. Recalling her stunt on Broadway and the Valentine’s day raft, she held his hand. “Bright as the sun, pale as the moon. Vanishes quickly but is never gone. I will always remember us. You will always be in my heart,” she told him before ordering him to open his eyes. Following her orders, he opened his eyes, and she assisted him in removing his oxygen mask. She gently asked him how he was and told him he needed rest. Just as he closed his eyes again, Skye opened the door. “Who are you? And what are you doing with my husband?” she asked. Brenda turned around and smiled.