GH Update Friday 10/4/02


General Hospital Update Friday 10/4/02

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Brenda thinks she's hallucinating when she sees Sonny. Sonny and Jax tell her that she's not. Sonny gets close, and says his death was staged. Then she gets angry when she realized what Sonny did, and shouts at him to call 911. Jason arrives, so Sonny quickly fills him in and then Jason phones 911. Jason gives Sonny the phone and then tends to Jax's bleeding. He puts pressure on the wound, and tells Brenda to talk to Jax to keep him awake. She tells him, "Nobody leaves, remember?" Sonny watches, frowning.

The ambulance arrives. There is a slow motion sequence while a song plays, as they put Jax and Luis on the stretchers and take them away. Brenda gets hysterical, and has to be forcibly removed from Jax's side so they can take him. She goes over and looks at Luis, who is barely conscious, then runs back to Jax. The cops arrive, including Andy and Taggert, making Sonny and Jason raise their hands. Andy has to also keep Brenda away from Jax and try to calm her down. As he grabs Brenda, Sonny yells at him to keep his hands off her.  Brenda doesn't appreciate her help, and blames him for what happened. The cops interrogate Sonny, Jason, and Brenda about what happened, and all of their stories are the same. She just wants to go to the hospital to be with Jax. Sonny insists on a lawyer, so the cops insist that they all go to the station.

Scott wants info about Alexis to help him win. Carly says that Sonny wouldn't tell her anything about Alexis, and she wasn't allowed in the room most of the time when Alexis was there on business. They argue, and he tries to get her to join his side through jealousy of Alexis. He says he thinks they are alike. She makes sarcastic remarks, and he says they are both not afraid of anything. He tries to paint Alexis as Sonny's girlfriend, but she denies it. He threatens her, using Michael. He knows where Michael is and being the DA, can make social services take her child away. She protests that she's a good mother, but he doesn't care. She brings up Bobbie, saying that she won't let him do this, but he thinks that Bobbie will give him the benefit of the doubt. She finally gives in. He helps himself to a drink while she gets some papers. He peruses them, and says they aren't what he's looking for. He wants personal stuff. She says she doesn't know anything. Desperate, she mentions that Alexis is neurotic, and sometimes hyper-ventilates when she's nervous. No, that's not enough. She says Alexis hid like a coward when Sorel was holding them hostage. Scott thinks she knows something more personal, but she won't confirm that. She says that Alexis went to Puerto Rico with Sonny. Finally, she says that they slept together, and she gives him the details. Scott gives Carly a document to sign, but she doesn't want to be tricked into anything. He shows her another document, that he will sign, saying that he believes this is the best place for Michael to live. So she signs. Scott gets a call about what happened at the cottage, and tells her that Sonny is alive. She tries to pretend it's a surprise, but he knows better.

Alexis has an evening at Club 101 for her supporters, including Ned, Edward, Alan, Lucky, Gia, and Nikolas. The press is there. Alexis gives a speech. Ned tells her afterward that he thinks she avoided the central issue: the Sonny question. In other words, the fact that she was Sonny's lawyer.  She says she won't. Ned says she'll lose if she doesn't address it. She wants to focus on the issues. They go back and forth.

Lucky, Nikolas, and Gia talk about Alexis' campaign at Club 101 and about nailing Scott. A little later, Nikolas tells Alexis that she should have this interview with a news reporter, which will be on in time for the evening news. She is reluctant, but gives in. They ask her about Sonny, but she turns it around on Scott. After more questions, she says that she didn't work for him before he died. Then later she says she is prepared to speak candidly about her dealings with Sonny, for the voters' sakes. We don't see her do this, but afterwards, Ned congratulates her on how she handled the press. There is applause from the crowd. Scott arrives to invite her to a debate. She is suspicious and takes him aside. She knows he must have something on her, but, of course, he doesn't reveal what.

At Club 101, Alan tells Edward about Monica's kidnapping. Edward blames Jason, and then says maybe that was just her excuse for having an affair. Later, Edward expresses his sympathy to Lucky about Laura's situation, and asks what he can do to help. Lucky thanks him, and tells him to use his power and influence to help Alexis get elected, so she can overturn Luke's conviction. Edward points out that Luke confessed, but Lucky claims that Scott railroaded him. Lucky and Nikolas talk about how much they are worried about Laura, and Lucky is particularly worried about Luke.

Skye has her table set for what looks like a romantic dinner (which is rather strange considering that Jax told her he'd be gone for a few days!). She looks at photos of her and Jax. Courtney drops by with a wedding gift. Skye opens it excitedly. It is a silver frame with a passage from the Bible about love that Courtney wrote herself with calligraphy. Skye also used the passage in her wedding vows. Skye asks Courtney to stay and chat. She wants to change their relationship since they got off to a bad start. They talk about A.J. and his trip. Courtney says she should get a second job in case A.J. doesn't win. Skye says she can help, and she places a call to Club 101. She gets Courtney a job there as a waitress. Courtney is grateful. Skye says that she bets Courtney thought she was too selfish to do such a nice thing for someone. She said she was insecure and paranoid. She even though Jax might go for Courtney. That was the old Skye, but now that she has Jax's love, she's different. They talk about their husbands.

Later, Skye goes to GH when she finds out that Jax was shot. Bobbie shows her where he is. Skye asks Monica what happened, so Monica fills her in on what she knows from the paramedics. She doesn't know that Brenda is back, though. Later still, Monica tells her that Jax has to get an operation. Skye tells Jax that she'll be with him always. In his pain and delirium, he says, "Brenda..."

Courtney goes to Club 101, and tries for the job. A guy there hits on her, and mentions the phrase "I've been watching", which freaks her out. She leaves later, and hears a noise. She gets nervous and says, "Who's there?" as footsteps approach.

Brenda tells Mac at the police station about what happened. She just wants to go see Jax. There is some disagreement with the cops about their stories, but finally Max says that she can go, but he will be holding Jason and Sonny for a while. Sonny tells Jason that he should probably call Carly and warn her about Brenda, because otherwise...  Just then, Brenda is on her way when she literally runs into Carly, who yells at her to watch where she's going. Carly gasps as she recognizes Brenda. Sonny is watching through the glass from the other room and gets this look on his face, like "Oh, Sh*t".

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