GH Update Thursday 10/3/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 10/3/02

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Brenda tells Jason that she doesn't need him. He says he gave his word to protect her. She says Luis doesn't know about the cottage, but he asks if she's sure. She says she won't be going back to Alcazar and yells at Jason. He tries to take her somewhere, but she refuses to budge. They argue some more. Monica phones (see below). Now he is torn between having to protect Brenda and his mother. He doesn't want to leave her alone. She says that Sonny is dead, and she releases him from his obligation. He decides he has to go, and gives her instructions about where to go if she gets in trouble. He tells her not to go to Jax no matter what, and she agrees. Brenda phones Jax, tells him what happened, and says not to come there any more.

Jax confesses to Skye that he lied. He says he's trying to find Alcazar, who is more dangerous that he imagined. Skye is unhappy that he lied and is risking his life. They argue. She tries to get him to agree to leave town with her. The phone rings. Jax tells Brenda that he'll be right there. Skye is annoyed, but he says he has to take care of this and will be gone a couple of days. He begs her not to follow him. He suggests she go to the south of France until he can join her, but she says no. She says, "As long as we're honest with each other, we'll get through this, right?" They tell each other "I love you", kiss, and hug. He leaves.

Edward arrives, and she insults him. He says she beat him, and he wants to give her a chance to gloat. She knows he is just there to give her the business about something. She asks him to give Lila a thank-you note for the goblets she gave them. Edward is annoyed that Lila gave them his grandmother's goblets. He tells Skye that Jax is not there because he has already lost interest. Now that he's got Skye, he's gone to chase something new. She is glum, and tells him to leave. He keeps taunting her. She tells him off, saying he's wasting his time. She then ushers him out. She thanks him, saying she's learned that he has no power over her any more. He leaves after she threatens to smash a goblet.

Jax shows up, and she fills him in more. He wants to fly her to New Orleans tonight. They talk about where to stay. She doesn't want to stay in the hotel where they stayed the night before they were supposed to get married. She agrees to go but cries, thinking about that night and how happy they were. He asks why she didn't trust him enough to let him take care of her like he promised. She says it doesn't matter now and apologizes. He says he made vows to Skye but it's hard to keep them when he also made vows to Brenda. She says she just wanted him to be happy.

Alcazar's assistant rushes off from Alan. Monica phones Jason from the hospital elevator and fills him in. She is between floors, and is afraid if she lets it go to a floor, that guard will be there. Jason tells her that he's on his way. Jason shows up at the hospital, and tells Monica over the phone to take the elevator back to the first floor. He runs into Alan, who wants to know if he's seen Monica. The elevator opens and there's Monica. She hugs Alan, glad to see him. He wants to know what's going on, but they want to fill him in later. Jason asks Monica to take him to where Alcazar held her. Alan wants answers, but they rush off, saying there is no time.

Alcazar gets dressed, and phones someone to get Brenda's address. His assistant comes back with the drugs and doesn't tell him that Monica escaped. Alcazar wants to get Brenda, take care of Jax, and leave town. Jason and Max show up with their guns, but it's too late, Alcazar is gone.

Carly causes a distraction so that Sonny can get away unnoticed from the mob meeting that has just been broken up by the police. The cops point their guns at her, but she yells that she's unarmed, as she raises her hands. Carly tells the mobsters that she's not working with the cops. She claims to Scotty and the cops that this is a wake for Sonny. Sonny listens in the limo as Carly yells at them. The cops take the other crooks out to put them in jail for RICO violations. Scott and Carly argue. Scott says he just saved her.

Carly gets back in the car. Sonny yells at her, as she tries to explain that she couldn't hear him through the earpiece. They go home. Carly gets there first and takes out her fabric sample book. When Sonny arrives, she asks him which fabric he prefers for this chair in their bedroom. He is perplexed, so she says that's the only room where they're on equal footing. He says this is not about sexism. They argue about her getting involved in the business. He says he is going to end this, but she reminds him that he is dead and Alcazar is still out there. He says he doesn't care. He'll tell the whole world before he'll let her get involved with the mob. They keep arguing. Carly cries as she points out how she has helped to convince everyone he was dead. He explains that he doesn't want his business to destroy her. They sit down together. He says she almost died tonight because of him. She says she would have come up with something, but he doesn't believe it. He says the mob is part of his life, not hers. He doesn't want her tainted by his business, and he shouldn't have let this go on so long. She hugs him. She swears she will keep out of it, and she will avoid the mob. And if approached by one of them, she will claim to be brainless and grieving. He says she's brave and far from brainless. He wants to keep her hands clean. She agrees, even though she doesn't really understand. They kiss.

Jason phones and tells Sonny what happened. Jason found a map with a section torn out where Brenda's cottage is. He says Sonny is closer so he can get to her before Jason can. Sonny says he will meet him there. Carly asks him not to go but then Scott shows up outside her door. Sonny slips out the other way.

Scott wants Carly to give him info in exchange for leniency. Carly says she doesn't care, and he will lose her mom if he tries to put her in jail. He reminds her that he got her brother, Luke ,charged with murder and sentenced to life, so he will take his chances. She agrees, and says she will deal.


Alcazar bursts in on Brenda and Jax with a gun. They argue. Jax says Alcazar is a dead man because Jax will get to him before he can get to Jax, and Brenda will be gone. Also he says that Jason, Jerry, and others will come after Alcazar and kill him. Jax rushes him and Alcazar shoots Jax. Jax is still conscious and tells Brenda to run. Brenda starts to, but Alcazar threatens to shoot Jax's brains out if she keeps on going. Brenda wants him to call 911 for Jax, but he won't until they're in the car. She covers Jax with her body and dares Luis to shoot her. He won't call 911, and says she can sit there until Jax dies. Jax tells Brenda to go. Brenda kisses Jax and then Sonny comes in behind Alcazar and shoots him, twice. Alcazar is on the floor and stares at Sonny in shock. Brenda's back is still to Sonny so he says her name and she turns around. Now it's her turn to be shocked.


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