GH Update Wednesday 10/2/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/2/02

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Ned and Alexis chat about the issues at Kelly's. Mob business is a sticky point. Nikolas and Gia drop by and give her a big check. She says that she has to turn it down, since she turned down Edward's. Nikolas says that it's family money. He wants to be her campaign manager. Gia says she can bring in the youth vote, and tells Alexis she should change her hair and makeup. Scott is outside with the press, so they all go out to see. He is asked about Alexis and mentions that she represented the mob, and that she is an unwed mother. He wants to concentrate on the families, he says. They ask him how Luke escaped and whether he really had Scott in shackles. Scott sidesteps that question. He puts down Alexis some more, so she steps in and then the press start asking her some tough questions.

Scott says in a snide way that Ned doesn't care enough about Alexis to marry her, so Ned punches him. Scott gets up, and says he won't sue. Ned tells him to go ahead. Scott says he wants to get back to the issues. The press is only interested in Alexis' personal life. She answers as best she can. She cuts it short and then asks Scott what that was all about. She thought he was going to stay away from personal issues. He apologizes in that insincere way he has for stepping over the line. She chews him out quietly, reminding him about the skull and Luke. He gets beeped and has to leave. Gia, Nikolas, and Ned offer their opinions about what happened. They discuss how Scott is going to use her pregnancy against her. Nikolas suggests that she and Ned get married, but they don't want to do that and think the voters will understand. Gia suggests that, instead, they pitch Alexis as a woman who runs her life on her own terms. They see the news broadcast, and both Scott and Alexis look bad. Scott is said to be ahead in the polls. Both Ned and Alexis, shocked, say they are going to have a big, conventional church wedding.

Carly gets ready for her meeting with the heads of the five families. Sonny is uneasy, and says he's going with her. He gives her a bug and microphone to wear so he can be in charge. She jokes that, finally, he can control every word she says. He'll be in a limo outside. They test it out. He worries that she won't listen to him. She goes into the meeting and Sonny guides her through. Mostly he tells her to keep her mouth shut. Then they say that Scott can be bought but ask her if Alexis can, too. She says it's not an option. They ask her if they can move a shipment of drugs through Sonny's territory. Sonny says to agree, and they can deal with it later, but instead she says "Sonny hated drugs". Then her connection to Sonny gets fuzzy (she is touching it with her hand so I'm not sure if she is deliberately messing it up, or if she's trying to fix it). She asks why would they expect her to agree when Sonny wouldn't. One of the men says that Sonny was weak, and suggests that she shouldn't make the same mistakes. Sonny tells her to let them "move the damn drugs", but she doesn't hear. She tells them, "I came here with respect, and I expect the same thing." She chews them out, and says that he spits on her husband's memory. "No way in Hell" will she let them run drugs through Sonny's territory. They say she's brave, but naive. She reminds them that she has Sonny's entire organization behind her, including Jason. In saying this, she stands up, making her earpiece fall out. One of the mobsters picks it up and says, "She's wired!" Sonny jumps out of the limo. They are disgusted, and say she's going to join Sonny now, as they advance towards her. Just then the cops run in, with Scott behind them, to arrest everyone (for what, I wonder?). Scott comes up, and tries to hug her, but she slaps his hands away. Then she sees Sonny standing in the doorway.

Monica is done with the operation and Alcazar's alive. He awakens and remembers that she's Jason's mother. He asks why she didn't kill him. She says she wishes she had, but she's not a murderer and she took an oath. She says he needs antibiotics right away or he'll die. She can't get them because she has no prescription pad with her, and if she tries to call it in, it can be traced and since they're probably looking for her...She says she has to go get the drugs herself. He is against it, but she describes how he will die. He tells his assistant to take her to the hospital and don't let her out of his sight. He whispers to the man to get the meds and then kill her. At the hospital, Monica tries to give Bobbie a note that says "HELP," but Bobbie is too busy to notice, and is then called away. They are about to leave with the medicine when she sees Alan getting off the elevator. So she grabs the man and kisses him. Alan stops them, and starts yelling at the guy for kissing his wife in his hospital. Monica jumps in the elevator and tries to get Alan to join her, but he's too busy demanding answers from the guy.

Alcazar thinks about a conversation he had with Brenda about Port Charles, and how much she loved her cottage, so he realizes she must be there.

Skye comes out of her house, sees a bodyguard and points a gun at him, wondering if he works for Alcazar. Jason stops her, and says that both he and the bodyguard are on her side. Skye is irate and says that Jax hired his own people. As usual, Jason is stone-faced, and doesn't say much. She asks if he knows where Jax is, and says he's been "disappearing a lot". She also asks if Jax has been meeting with him. Jason is vague in his answer. They argue about Jax's safety. She worries more. He gets fed up and leaves.

Jax barges into Brenda's place just as she is about to grab a shirt to put on (she's naked from the waist up). He turns his back as she finishes getting dressed, and apologizes for not calling first. She says she dreamed about the cottage, and says Luis was good to her but she never thought he would hurt Sonny or Jax. He assures her that they'll catch Alcazar and then she can leave. She says he should be gone already. He tells her that Skye understands, and that they love each other. They talk briefly about Brenda's drugs. She says she loves Europe, and her life is over here, but his is just beginning with Skye. She wants to know what Skye is like. He is at a loss for words at first. Brenda wants to know what his life is like after she leaves so she can think about him being happy. He tells her the good things about Skye, but she doesn't believe that he could love someone so perfect. So he tells her some of Skye's faults, too. They chat briefly about Ned and Lois. She's glad that Jax will have his hands full with Skye. She knows how he is about commitment and marriage, how he can't let go. He says, "not completely" and there is an awkward moment as they gaze into each other's eyes. She's sorry things turned out this way. They bicker again about her leaving. He says she can't leave without saying goodbye again. She asks him not to put his life in danger for her again. He promises to be careful, and then he leaves. Later, Brenda finds his coat and smells it. Jason shows up just then and pounds on the door for her to let him in.

Jax comes back home and he and Skye hug. She's worried, and asks where he's been. He is vague so he says he was dealing with security measures. She asks if he was with Jason and he says yes, so she knows he was lying. She demands to know who he was with.

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