GH Update Tuesday 10/1/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/1/02

By Jennifer
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The episode begins outside Kelly's, where Jason walks Courtney to work. Courtney stops, and thanks him for spending the night at her house. Elizabeth overhears Courtney speaking and immediately misinterprets the situation.

Inside Kelly's, Scott talks to Bobbie. He wants to take her out for the evening, but Bobbie is still upset over Scott's treatment of Carly. While they are talking, Bobbie shows Scott an article in the Port Charles newspaper announcing Alexis' bid for D.A.  

At the Quartermaine house, Ned toasts Alexis. Edward makes a generous, but highly suspicious, campaign donation.

In Alcazar's hideout, Monica is frustrated because she has very few resources at her disposal to operate on Alcazar. While she is tending to him, she overhears Alcazar mumble in his dying state the phrase, "Kill Morgan."

At Jax' house, Skye awakes alone. Skye cannot find Jax, because he is bringing Brenda breakfast at the cottage.

Jax and Brenda are both concerned for each other and worried that Alcazar is after them. Jax tells Brenda that he has brought her some clothes to wear while she is "hiding out." Brenda tells him that she does not think staying in the cottage is the best idea; but Jax persists. Brenda tells him that he should be worrying less about her and more about his new marriage. Jax tells her he knows exactly how to handle the situation and what to tell Skye.

Back at Jax's house, Mr. and Mrs. Jacks arrive, and spend the morning talking to Skye about Paris (and a possible detour to visit them in Alaska on their trip home.) Mr. and Mrs. Jacks ask about Jax's whereabouts; Skye tells them he left a note saying he had to tend to some business. Mr. and Mrs. Jacks take that opportunity to tell Skye that they feel blessed to be able to welcome her into the family. Skye tells them that she is honored to be a member of the family, and to be the new wife of such a wonderful man.

At Alcazar's hideout, Monica insists that hospital attention is needed to care for Alcazar. Alcazar tells Monica to make a list of supplies that she needs to successfully operate. Alcazar tells her to be careful, and says that if he dies, she will die with him. The guard gives Alcazar a gun to control Monica with while he gets the supplies.

At the Quartermaine house, Alan tells Alexis she will make a fine D.A. Meanwhile, Ned talks to Edward about his questionable donation. Edward reminds Ned that Alexis is the woman who ran from him at the altar, and that he is concerned that she is running as a single mother. Alexis overhears Edward talking and joins them. Ned says that he believes Edward is laying groundwork for taking Alexis' child. Alexis tells Edward she doesn't need his money or his ideas to win the election, because she can win on merit. Edward smirks at her, and explains the only way she will win is if she marries the father of her child.

At Kelly's, Scott ripped the newspaper from the hands of the person holding it- who happened to be Lucky, who continued to snap pictures of Scott. The two bump heads, and Bobbie intervenes, asking Scott why he is antagonizing different members of her family. Scott convinces Bobbie that he is only doing his job. Bobbie talks to Lucky alone, and tries to convince him that Scott helped Luke escape, and is not the horrible person Lucky believes him to be. Lucky believes none of the things Bobbie says, and instead warns her that Scott will step on anyone (Bobbie included) to get what he wants.

Outside Kelly's, Jason tells Courtney to call him if she needs anything. Elizabeth walks up to Jason, and asks what was going on that required him to "spend the night" with her.

Inside Kelly's, Bobbie persists in trying to convince Lucky that he is mad at Scott for the wrong reasons. Lucky says Bobbie is being naive; he thinks she is looking for good in a person where there is none. Lucky says that he loves her, and he is concerned. Bobbie says that she loves him, too, but she will make up her own mind about Scott Baldwin. Lucky leaves, telling her not to say that he didn't warn her. Bobbie talks to Scott again, and asks him not to hurt the people she loves.

Alexis and Ned enter Kelly's and approach Scott and Bobbie. Alexis suggests that she and Scott follow some ground rules for the campaign that include no smear attacks, no personal references, and a strict adherence to the issues only.

Outside, Jason explains to Elizabeth that Courtney is being terrorized by a stalker, and he was only in her apartment to protect her. Elizabeth apologizes for interrogating him or assuming anything, but she admits that it's hard for her to deal with the lack of information. Jason says he does not like the strained situation either.

At the cottage, Brenda finds paper and a pen, sits down at a desk, and begins to write a letter.

At Jax's house, Skye continues to entertain Mr. and Mrs. Jacks. Jax, himself, walks in, and explains that he was held up. Mrs. Jacks notices something is different in his expression, and talks to him privately outside. She asks if anything stressful has occurred since the wedding. Jax denies everything, and tells her that he is completely happy and stress-free. Mr. and Mrs. Jacks leave soon after. Jax then turns to Skye, and tells her that the honeymoon to France must be postponed.

At Kelly's, Alexis tells Scott that 'sticking to the issues' includes talking about his performance as a D.A. so far. Scott responds by saying that Alexis' future maternal plans are fair game, too. The conversation becomes heated as Alexis mentions that Scott is a parent, too, although people rarely see his children; Scott counters with a comment about how she is attempting to start two new jobs (Mom and D.A.,) both of which she knows 'nothing' about. Ned steps in and breaks up the fight, pulling Alexis out of Scott's vicinity. Alexis turns to find herself face to face with Lucky, who offers to 'help' her campaign with the negative information about Scott that he has captured through following him.

Outside Kelly's, Elizabeth talks to Jason about how overworking and avoiding friends are not conducive to a healthy grieving period. Jason agrees with her, but says he must continue to work to find Alcazar anyway. He tells her that he appreciates her concern and care. They tell each other to be careful. Jason holds Elizabeth's hands in his and says he could not take it if Alcazar came after her. Courtney watches from the window.

At Alcazar's hideout, Alcazar is partially unconscious from the wound and pain, so Monica attempts to sneak out the door. Alcazar awakes enough to threaten her again and call her over to him. He asks her specialty, then asks her name. Monica answers "Quartermaine," and before Alcazar realizes who she is, he feels sudden pain from his bullet wound. Alcazar's guard returns with the supplies, and gives them to Monica so she can begin operating. As Monica begins her work, she eyes the gun in Alcazar's hands as he lies dying on the table.

At Jax's house, Skye asks Jax why the honeymoon must be postponed. Jax explains that the man who killed Sonny wants to come after him as well. Jax says the man is powerful on an international level, so it would be risky for them to travel. He tells Skye that the best thing they can do is wait at home, and let Jason take care of things by avenging Sonny's death. Jax says that he was "meeting with someone close to the situation," (Brenda) and says he will arrange for body guards to watch the house. He tells Skye that he does not want her leaving the house. She agrees, but begs him to be careful while he tends to the situation.

At the cottage, Brenda reads the letter she has written to Jax. In it, she tells him that she is leaving Port Charles so that Alcazar will follow her away from the people she cares about. She writes that she was glad to see him, and she knows for sure now that he will be all right. Though things didn't turn out as they planned, Brenda admits that the love they shared will never disappear. She wants Jax to be happy. She signs the letter, "I love you, Brenda."

At the Quartermaine house, Alan is upset because Monica has not answered her phone, and she is not at work. Edward tells Alan that Monica must be out "tending to another man's needs." Neither Edward nor Alan realize that Monica has been abducted by Alcazar.

At Alcazar's hideout, Monica makes it clear to Alcazar's guard that she does not know how successful the operation is going to be. She gives Alcazar a sedative to prevent him from twitching or moving in pain during the procedure. As Alcazar drifts off, he realizes Monica is Jason's mother. Monica appears to begin the operation with a strained, protective look in her eyes.

Outside of Kelly's, Courtney asks Elizabeth if she is upset about Jason spending the night at her apartment. Elizabeth admits that she was concerned at first, but later understood that Courtney needed to be protected from a possible stalker. Elizabeth tells Courtney that she is frustrated that she cannot help Jason as much as she would like.

At the cottage, Brenda plants the letter she has written for Jax to find, then gets her things and prepares to leave. As she starts toward the door, she notices Jason entering, so she quickly hides herself. Jason comes into the cottage and looks around. Jax follows behind him. Jason turns to Jax and demands to know where Brenda is.

Outside Kelly's, Elizabeth and Courtney continue to talk about Jason. Elizabeth says that Jason warned her that there would be secrets between them, but she didn't realize the situation would be as frustrating as it has become. Courtney says Jason is only trying to protect her, but Elizabeth feels that hiding information does not imply protection. Elizabeth admits that she is not sorry that she became involved with Jason. Courtney helps her realize that there are many good things about their relationship-- beyond the frustration.

In Kelly's, Alexis cautions Lucky that she does not want any part of a smear campaign against Scott. Lucky tells Alexis that he will only help her run the campaign she wants, if she promises not to give up on Luke. Alexis tells Lucky that she never had any intention of abandoning Luke's case.

Meanwhile, Bobbie talks to Scott. She asks him if he truly helped Luke escape. Scott tells Bobbie that he did; he says Lucky is not be trusted because he is in an emotionally vulnerable situation.

Scott exits Kelly's, walking past Elizabeth and Courtney on their way inside. Scott sees Mac outside the restaurant, and asks him if endorses his bid for D.A. Mac says he does not want a former attorney of Sonny Corinthos in the D.A.'s office, so he backs Scott by default. Scott tells Mac that he needs him to give him a high profile case to crack so he can prove his abilities. Mac says he just may have something for Scott to work on.

In Alcazar's hide out, Monica operates. She tells the guard watching her that things do not look ideal and that there is a chance that Alcazar could die.

Alan arrives at Jax and Skye's house with flowers. Skye tells him that her honeymoon was postponed, and Jax was unexpectedly called to business. Skye and Alan then proceed to talk about how they are both sorry for Alan's absence at the wedding. They exchange forgiveness, and both admit that they will always love each other. Alan comments that Skye is the happiest that he has ever seen her and the sight makes him happy as well. Skye says that Jax has lifted her spirits. She is happy because she knows in her heart that she is the only woman for Jax.

Meanwhile at the cottage, Jason tells Jax that he knows Brenda is hiding there. Jax will not reveal Brenda's presence, so Jason leaves angrily, telling Jax it is now in his hands to make sure he protects her and himself. When Jason is gone, Jax tells Brenda to come out of hiding. Brenda appears, and tells Jax that the best thing she can do is leave. Jax tells Brenda that he can handle Alcazar. Brenda wants to know if Jax has told Skye. Jax says that he loves Skye, but he wants Brenda to trust him. As Brenda answers, "Of course," and Jax pulls her into a hug, she carefully slides the letter she left for him into her hands and out of Jax's sight.

Jax stonewalls Jason about any knowledge of Brenda. Jax tells him to protect himself and anyone he cares for, and then he leaves. Brenda comes out and wants to leave, but Jax won't let her. She knows he didn't tell Skye the truth. He says to trust her. They hug, and she hides the goodbye letter.