GH Update Monday 9/30/02


General Hospital Update Monday 9/30/02

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Courtney got worked up after the caller told her he was watching her. Though the power was still out, she shut all the blinds in her house and made sure the door was securely locked, Rosie by her side. She tried to call AJ, but couldn’t contact him, so she turned to the only other person she felt she could-Jason.

Sonny and Jason discussed the Brenda situation. Jason voted to send her as far away as possible. Sonny overruled him though, opting to send her to one of his casinos in Puerto Rico.

Carly returned home, happy to know that Sonny would be joining her. Her first order of business, however, was getting rid of all her company. Bobbie was the first obstacle. Trying to be the concerned mother, Bobbie had arranged for the two of them to fly to Sonny’s island to get Michael and give him the bad news. Carly explained to her mother that breaking the news was her responsibility, and she would do it in due time. Just before she got her mother out the door, Scotty showed up to apologize. Carly dodged the bullet by letting her mother know just what her boyfriend had been up to the night before. She sent the two away so she could “think.” Relieved the coast was clear, Carly turned to find Sonny already waiting for her. Jason joined them, but before he and Sonny had a chance to really talk about their plan, he had to leave to take care of Courtney. Knowing something was wrong with her husband, Carly asked Sonny what was going on. Rather than tell her about Brenda’s uprooting appearance, he told her about Courtney being afraid.  Sonny is unhappy about leaving the people he loves grieving for no reason at all. Before she had a chance to “enjoy” her companion, though, she had to go to bat again (no pun intended).

Mr. Tagliotti showed up, with a proposition. He tried to persuade Mrs. Corinthos using the power failure to heighten the tension, but Carly stood her ground. Calling her spunky, he offered to fill the “void” left in her life by her late husband, while continuing to give her a lifestyle she had become accustomed to - one with a powerful man. Appalled at the idea, Carly explained that she wasn’t the type that needed her hand held in a tough situation, and she didn’t need anyone to take the place of her husband. Asking if he could escort her to the evenings meeting of the families, Mr. Taglioti got turned down cold, but promised he would try not to hold her attitude against her. Sonny, furious about the situation Carly had gotten herself into, told her he wasn’t going to keep doing this anymore-he would send Jason to the meeting, and she would be off the hook. Carly refused, using the excuse that Jason had his hands full with Alcazar’s girlfriend.

Bobbie and Scotty continued arguing once they arrived at Kelly’s, where their discussion took a new turn. Bobbie explained that Scott could not use Carly’s pain as a stepping stone for his career. Telling him there was no chance of talking his way out of this one, she started in on him about barging in on Carly.

Ned and Alexis were eating nearby, discussing Alexis’ next career move. She admitted that she needed to take her practice in a different direction - preferably one that kept her out of jail cells. Overhearing Bobbie and Scotty’s conversation, Ms. Davis just couldn’t help herself, and stood up, confronting the DA. Explaining that she couldn’t help but overhear, she asked Scott if he had obtained a warrant before barging in on Mrs. Corinthos.  Entering without a warrant would mean he was guilty of criminal trespassing. Scott, upset with the confrontation, asked her if she ever got tired of representing the lowlifes of town. Ned stepped in before Scott had a chance to play too dirty, though he did get in a comment about Luke being gone and Sonny being dead, and her having no one left to defend. “Your worst enemy is your own big mouth,” Ned told Scott.

Ned and Alexis returned to their table, and Bobbie and Scott returned to their conversation. “Who are you, and what have you done with the man I was falling for?” Bobbie asked. Scott told her that he was the same guy, only now his job was to clean up the streets, and it wasn’t his fault that most of the people in her life had a criminal history. He tried to redeem himself though, by “reminding” her that he had let Luke escape, and that he was trying to help Carly. Ned and Alexis didn’t see Scott’s ways as being too helpful though, deciding that leaving him without an opponent in the race for DA was giving him the right to jerk everyone around. Ned began naming qualities in a good opponent and Alexis agreed to give him a run for his money. “Go for it. Wipe the floor with that idiot,” Ned told her.

Courtney’s situation heightened when the door began to rattle. She ran to the phone to call 911, but recognized her father’s voice. Mike pounded on the door until his daughter opened it. Letting him in, she could tell he had been drinking. His explanation was that he was honoring his late son’s memory by continuing to screw up his life, like Sonny always said he would. Another knock sounded on the door, this one Jason. Courtney was relieved to see him, but Mike wasn’t, rather he was furious. “What the hell are you doing out socializing, Jason? Why aren’t you out trying to find who killed my son?!” he asked. Courtney explained that she had asked Jason over because she felt closer to Sonny with him around. Mike took the comment the wrong way, believing that she didn’t feel close to Sonny with just him there. She encouraged him to stay, but he refused. Jason agreed, telling him he was in no condition to drive. Mike explained that he hadn’t been driving all night, that his car had died several hours ago, and he had been on foot. Jason told Courtney that he couldn’t help Mike, but he may be able to help her. The lights came back on then, which lightened the air for Courtney a bit. She told Jason that she would be fine without him, but he didn’t believe her, and offered to spend the night on the couch. She told him she couldn’t ask him to do that, and he explained that she didn’t and asked for an extra blanket.

Alcazar’s man took him to a cabin, refusing to head to the hospital, but attesting to needing a doctor. He sent the man out to find Brenda while he remained on the bed in pain. His employee didn’t find Brenda, but he found someone else - Monica, and kidnapped her. He blindfolded her and took her to the cabin to fix Alcazar’s bleeding side.

Jax spotted Brenda outside of his house while Skye was inside preparing for the wedding night. “I always knew that you were alive,” he told her, knowing that he had seen her that day in Paris getting into the limo. They had a reunion hug as Jax was amazed at finally finding her again. Jax finally realized that Brenda had taken the limo from the church after watching his wedding. He asked her about the accident and what had happened to her. She explained a little, telling him that she remembered nothing after hitting the water until waking up a few days later on a yacht. “You know the rest,” she told her former love, but he denied it. Admitting that he couldn’t bear to look at the results of the test confirming or denying her illness, he explained that he had wanted to be there for her. As he was pouring out his heart, she continued to attempt to tell him of the danger around him. It finally dawned on him what he and Sonny had in common, and that Brenda had been with Alcazar all these years. She confessed that she had loved him at first, but that her feelings had faded and changed all together in the past few weeks. “He’s killed Sonny, and now he’s coming after you,” she told him.

Brenda encouraged him to take Skye on their honeymoon, and get out of town quickly so he would be safe. Realizing her angst at his recent marriage and ability to fall in love again, Jax began to get upset, especially after Brenda told him she would never have married. “You just popped out of the shadows after four years,” he explained, trying to make her understand the years of pain and grief he had put himself through in order to find love again. “I thought that was the price I paid for finding the one great love of my life,” he told her. Then, he explained his meeting with Skye and finding her a “miracle.” He asked her why she didn’t call after Sonny was shot, and she began to explain that Jason had taken her away, but Skye began to call before she could finish the story. Still unable to leave his precious Brenda, Jax handed her his cell phone and told her to meet him the following day at the cottage. He went inside and made mad, passionate love to his new bride.

Brenda watched Jax and Skye before they retreated inside, happy for him, but unhappy for herself. She wasn’t the only one watching, though.  Max was keeping an eye out on Jax as well, and called Jason to give him an update that the newlyweds were doing fine. Brenda headed for the cottage, happy to return home once again. She lit a candle and sat down in a chair, pulling out the wedding ring she had found on the ground outside St. Timothy’s. She let her emotions take over, tears streaming down her face.

Once Skye was asleep in bed, Jax gently eased himself out from beside her and went to the veranda to call Brenda. Once he had her on the phone, he explained that she had never promised to meet him, so she made her promise. “Nobody leaves, remember?” he told her. “Nobody leaves,” she replied.

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