GH Update Friday 9/27/02


General Hospital Update Friday 9/27/02

By Jennifer
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At the safe house, Carly and Sonny hear PCPD at the door. Sonny jumps in the closet as Taggert and Scott enter. Carly grabs her baseball bat, and tells them to leave her alone.

At the church, the reverend blesses Skye and Jax's union, and pronounces them married. Jason, Felicia, and Roy are meanwhile hiding behind the back pews, still in search of Alcazar.

In the back room of the church, Brenda confronts Alcazar. She tells him to kill her instead. She says that he has already killed Sonny, and if he kills Jax, she will kill herself.

Brenda continues to pressure Alcazar. She tells him she hates him, and never cared about him. She tells him to just kill her because she knows he wants too. Alcazar rejects the things she says. Brenda tells him that no matter who he kills, he will not have her heart.

Brenda tells Alcazar to shoot her, but Alcazar cuts her off, and tells her everything is over. He wants to bring her back to the life they made together. Behind Alcazar, Brenda sees Jason enter. She embraces Alcazar, and lies to him, saying she did not mean what she said.

In the church, Jax and Skye kiss as newlyweds. The reverend presents them as "Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Jacks." Jax and Skye take turns talking to members of the congregation. Skye talks to Jax's parents and thanks them for their support. She then speaks to Ned. Ned tells her he is "truly happy" for her, and they hug. Then Courtney approaches Skye, and tells her that the wedding was very beautiful. Courtney is visibly moved by the beauty of the celebration and the power of Skye and Jax's love. Skye thanks her, and they hug. Jax, meanwhile, speaks to Alexis - who gives them her blessing.

In the back room, Alcazar realizes Jason is behind him. He pushes Brenda down, and takes a shot at Jason. In the struggle, Brenda escapes.

Jax surprises Skye with a reception waiting in the front of the church. Skye is thrilled to find the cake and musicians that Jax has arranged for her.

In the safe house, Carly wards off Scott by threatening to call the media, and tell them what the acting D.A. is doing. Sonny listens from the closet as Scott and Taggert tell Carly they have reason to believe that criminal activity will be occurring at the safe house that night. They believe Carly is too involved with the other mob bosses. They act concerned for her. Carly, as the grieving widow, is completely offended by their presence. She contends that they will not let her grieve; their "concern" is lost on her.

Carly tells Scott that the media will most likely appreciate her story, because she is trying to grieve and Scott is harassing her, and violating her privacy. Then Carly threatens to call her mother first, so she can make sure that Bobbi is watching the news when Scott's actions are revealed. Scott is obviously concerned about Bobbi finding out, so he and Taggert leave. Sonny exits the closet, and embraces Carly - who is upset by the ordeal.

At the church, Jax and Skye feed each other cake while friends and family watch. Ned makes a speech, and says they have "love that won't quit." He says two people who can rise above obstacles and continue to return to one another must be soul mates. During the speech, he glances at Alexis. Jax then thanks him for his words, and says that he is looking forward to spending time alone with his new bride. Before the newlyweds can leave, Mrs. Jacks reminds Skye that she must throw her bouquet. Skye tosses the flowers, and Alexis catches them, then shares a stressed glance with Ned.

In the back room of the church, Alcazar enters looking for Brenda. He finds Roy instead. They struggle and a gun goes off. Alcazar's guard arrives to help Alcazar in the struggle. Roy escapes to the next room. Roy then bumps into Felicia, and tells her that Alcazar is indeed somewhere in the church. They split up to find him.

Outside, Jason notices a limo waiting. Roy runs up to Jason, and asks if he is okay. Jason tells him he wasn't hit by Alcazar's bullet, but he did see Brenda, and he knows she must be somewhere in the church. They decide to find her before Alcazar gets to her.

Jax and Skye exit St. Timothy's as their guests throw rose petals on them. They kiss.

At the safe house, Carly and Sonny discuss the event with Taggert and Scott. Sonny tells her that she did a good job, and she has good instincts. Carly says she was just afraid, and she would have done anything to save Sonny. They talk about how Scott and Taggert had no right harassing a woman that was supposedly grieving. Sonny says he wanted them to find him in the closet so he could defend her from their harassment. They admit that they both would do anything to save each other, despite the fact that they are both difficult people to be around. They decide that making up is much better than fighting, so they kiss.

Outside the church, Jax and Skye are about to leave together. Courtney approaches Skye to tell her again how wonderfully happy she looks. Skye knows that Courtney is insecure about the current state of her own marriage, so she reassures her by saying that the love between A.J. and Courtney is just as strong and beautiful as her love with Jax. In the background, the limo that everyone thought was for Jax and Skye is heard speeding off. In the limo, Brenda is heard telling the driver that he will get his $5,000 cash if he will just keep driving.

Roy and Felicia meet up in the church. Roy asks Felicia to get away from the scene again, and give him a chance to take care of Alcazar. Felicia tries to convince him that Jason will finish Alcazar. She says Roy's only obligation is to stay alive for "us." Roy hesitates, and tells her that he is not her family. Felicia tells him that he is, in fact, family to her, and that if he leaves, she will have to go with him. Roy pauses to consider the the weight of what she is saying. Then he says okay and asks where they will be bringing the girls. Felicia is overjoyed, and embraces him.

Back inside the church where the reception was held, Alexis tries to give Mrs. Jacks the bouquet she caught. Mrs. Jacks explains that returning the flowers will not change the fact that she has been designated as the next woman to be married. They join Ned and Mr. Jacks, and talk about the importance of love in a marriage.

Courtney interrupts the group, and says goodnight. She leaves, walking out the door of the church. Coleman lurks behind her, following Courtney out of sight.

Inside, Mr. and Mrs. Jacks ask Ned and Alexis why they will not be getting married. Alexis and Ned explain the logic they used to make the decision. They all agree that the most important aspect of the marriage is the truth of love between the two people. Mr. Jacks notes that sometimes people miss their chance at love by being "so careful and logical that they miss what is right in front of them." Mr. and Mrs. Jax then excuse themselves, and Ned and Alexis, standing right in front of each other, share another pained glance.

At the Jacks home, Jax carries Skye over the threshold, and surprises her with more beautiful decorations, candles, and flowers. Skye comments that everything is perfect - even the limo that sped off (which she believes Jax planned,) to make room for the rose-covered carriage that pulled up behind it. Skye then exits to her room to get ready for a "spectacular wedding night."

At the safe house, Jason enters, and begins to report to Sonny about what happened. Carly tells him that Sonny told her "everything," so he does not have to worry about speaking in code in front of her. Sonny tells Carly that she has to go home. He says that he will follow behind her because the safe house isn't safe anymore, and no one will think to find him at the penthouse. Carly exits. Jason then asks Sonny if he is going to tell Carly about Brenda.

Courtney enters her apartment, where there is no power, and begins to light candles. The phone rings and her prank caller says, "I watched you at the Oasis...and I'm watching you now." Courtney backs up against her wall afraid.

At the church, Ned and Alexis sit in pews and talk about the past. Alexis wonders how their lives would be if she hadn't run away from marrying Ned. She tells him he never meant to hurt him. Ned understands, and says that it wasn't the right time. They both admit that they want what is best for each other. They decide to get some air and exit, walking up the aisle together.

In Alcazar's limo, Alcazar gives orders to his guard to kill Jason and find Brenda. The guard notices that Alcazar has been shot, and points to the blood on his stomach. Alcazar refuses to be taken to the hospital, and instead demands to be brought to his apartment. He tells his guard that the most important thing is that Brenda is found.

At the safe house, Sonny tells Jason that Carly does not need to know about Brenda, and Brenda does not need to know that he is alive. Jason says okay, then recounts the events of the night. Jason says that Alcazar took a shot at him, and in the struggle, Brenda disappeared again. Jason says he will look for her. Sonny says he does not have too,  because he knows exactly where she went.

At Jax's house, Jax blows the candles out in his living room and out on his porch. As he turns to go inside, he hears a voice behind him say, "Congratulations." Jax turns, and comes to face to face with Brenda...

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