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General Hospital Update Thursday 9/26/02

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The episode begins at St. Timothy's Church. Skye, Jax, and Jax's parents are having their pictures taken around the altar. No one can stop smiling; everyone seems thrilled about the ceremony about to take place.

In another part of St. Timothy's, Roy and Jason meet to discuss their plans. Jason wants Roy to keep his position in the choir loft so that when Alcazar arrives, he will see that Roy is in place to kill Jax. Roy argues with Jason saying that Alcazar may not even show (because he was not at Sonny's "shooting;"), but Jason makes a strong case that Alcazar must still be interested in finding Brenda.  He knows that she won't be able to resist going to Jax's wedding.

At the safe house, in Brenda's now-vacant room, Carly wonders who "got away." She says the person must have been fairly small to have escaped through a narrow vent. Sonny is frustrated with her. Carly said she was going to play along with the plan, and the grieving widow act, but so far she has caused unnecessary damage. Sonny wants her to simply sit in the room, stop looking for trouble, and keep her mouth shut. Sonny exits the room with his guard. He realizes that Brenda must be walking straight into Alcazar's trap at St. Timothy's.

At St. Timothy's, the photo shoot of Skye and the Jax family continue. Alcazar, meanwhile, hides in an adjacent room, and prepares his gun. By the altar, Jax and Skye continue to smile and profess their love to one another. The photo shoot ends, and the wedding service gets under way.

Outside St. Timothy's, Brenda holds onto the ring Jax tossed "to chance" that she found. She reads the inscription fondly, and tears fall down her cheeks.

Inside St. Timothy's, Jason and Roy continue to discuss the plan. Jason believes he has the best advantage to take out Alcazar because Alcazar probably thinks Jason is elsewhere tending to Sonny's business. Roy has an inclination to take a shot on Alcazar out of revenge for himself, but he agrees that Jason should be the one to do it. Jason leaves to get into position. Felicia enters, visibly upset; Roy sees her immediately, and tells her that her presence at the church is a "bad idea."

From the pews in St. Timothy's, Mrs. Jax greets Alexis and Ned. Mrs. Jax congratulates her on the baby and then thanks her for helping Jax get over Brenda's death. Mrs. Jax says his current happiness had a lot to do with Alexis' influence over a difficult time. Alexis is simply glad that Jax is happy. The reverend then calls the congregation together. Jax turns toward Skye and asks her if she's ready. She responds hesitantly, "No, I'm not..."

In the front room of St. Timothy's, Roy talks to Felicia. He is mad at her for not staying home; she is upset because she thinks she has unraveled Roy's plan to "kill Alcazar." Roy comments that Felicia couldn't stay away from this dangerous situation. Felicia admits that she knew a showdown was about to occur. She resolves to find Alcazar herself if she has too.

Outside of St. Timothy's, Courtney arrives in a rush from work. She bumps into Brenda - still standing there with the ring. Courtney asks Brenda if she is there for the wedding.

At Sonny's safe house, Sonny gives his guard an order to get over to St. Timothy's, find Jason, tell him that Brenda is on her way to the church, and that Alcazar is to be forgotten. Sonny wants Brenda brought back to the safe house immediately. The guard leaves and Sonny re-enters the room where Carly is waiting. They have a tense conversation about how Carly jeopardized an extremely dangerous situation - one in which Sonny risked his life, trusted Roy, and caused unfounded grief in the hearts of many. He needed Carly to simply play the grieving widow decoy for the cops, but she became too involved. Carly says she needs more information; Sonny says all she needs to know is that she should trust him. Carly then reveals that she knows the person who got away from the safe house was probably Alcazar's girlfriend.

Outside of St. Timothy's, Brenda talks to Courtney. Brenda lies and says she doesn't know anything about the "private ceremony" going on in the church. Courtney tells her Jasper Jax is marrying Skye Quartermaine. Brenda says she's "heard of" Jax. Courtney tells her that she is A.J's wife, then she excuses herself and starts toward the doors to the church. Brenda watches her walk in.

In the back room of St. Timothy's, Skye walks in alone and finds Alcazar standing there.

Just inside the doors to St. Timothy's, Brenda stands ready to enter the ceremony area. Jax then comes through the doors, and Brenda ducks down so he cannot see her. She watches him as he looks out the door to the church. She slowly rises and stands behind him, ready to speak.

Before Brenda can say anything, Ned enters through the doors to the ceremony area and jokingly asks Jax if he is planning on leaving. Jax tells Ned that he is looking for the carriage covered in roses, drawn by two white horses, that he arranged for Skye. Ned asks Jax if he really wants this marriage...if Skye is truly the one for him. Jax responds, "I wouldn't be marrying Skye if I wasn't sure I'd love her for the rest of my life."

In the back room of St. Timothy's, Skye innocently asks Alcazar who he is. He lies and says that he is another minister at the church. He says he's checking the wiring of the building because it tends to short easily. (That supposedly explains the gloves he's wearing...) Skye accepts his lies and then asks him if he has seen an antique handkerchief that she has misplaced. (Hence the reason why she told Jax that she wasn't quite ready to be married - she had to find the handkerchief from Lila.) Alcazar finds the handkerchief then asks if he may have the honor of kissing the beautiful bride. Skye says okay and he kisses her on the cheek. He exits the room with a haunting remark about the memories of that night staying with Skye forever, but she interprets his words as good natured.

Outside St. Timothy's, Felicia and Roy argue over Felicia's presence. Roy wants her to go home, claiming that her first responsibility is to her children. Felicia says the only way she can keep her girls safe is to make sure that Alcazar is stopped.

At the safe house, Carly pieces together her memory of the night Sonny was "shot." She says there are holes in the story. She figures that Jason left because Sonny ordered him to take the girl away; and since that night, Jason has been guarding this girl. Sonny says her conclusions are true, but there is more to the story than that.

At St. Timothy's, Brenda is watching the wedding from behind a pew. The wedding march begins to play, A.J. walks Skye down the aisle, and Jax looks happy. Jason enters quietly at the door as the ceremony continues. As the reverend begins, "Dearly Beloved," Felicia and Roy appear in the choir loft and watch over the scene. Roy sees that the door to the back room is partially open and believes he sees Alcazar. Brenda continues to watch the wedding from her hiding spot. Jason then spots her. From the back room, Alcazar raises and aims his gun. At that moment, lightening strikes, and the lights in the church go out.

Jason and Brenda continue to hide themselves in the back of the church. The reverend apologizes and says he will try to get the lights back on, so the ceremony is temporarily stopped. Skye and Jax discuss whether this is a "sign," and if they should proceed with the ceremony. Jax reassures Skye that they've never done anything ordinary, and this seems to ease her anxiety about the situation.

Meanwhile, A.J. realizes he must leave for his court date. Courtney agrees to walk him out.

Jax and Skye continue to talk about resuming the ceremony if the lights come back on. The reverend returns and says that the lights will, unfortunately, not be repaired that evening. He asks them if they want to re-schedule.

In the back room, Felicia and Roy make an armed entrance, thinking they will find Alcazar. Unfortunately the room is empty.

Brenda meanwhile heads for the choir loft. Courtney returns indoors from walking A.J. out and almost runs into Alcazar. However, Jason comes up behind her, puts his hand over her mouth, and saves her from an encounter.

At the safe house, Carly is upset because Sonny moved her from Brenda's room to his room. He tells her he did this because he does not want Jason to return with the girl and have her see Sonny and Carly together. This makes Carly wonder exactly who this girl is, why she's so important, and why Sonny trusts that she won't go running back to Alcazar and help him get Sonny.

At St. Timothy's, Brenda is in the choir loft, watching Jax and Skye. Jax and Skye talk about re-scheduling. Skye thinks it may be the better choice, but Jax says he knows he wants to marry her, and he cannot think of a reason not to tie the knot that night. He says what matters is what is in their hearts. Skye hears this, and realizes that they do not need to re-schedule. Brenda listens to every word Jax and Skye say to each other from the loft. She holds the ring in her hands, and her eyes fill with tears.

Meanwhile, Jason apologizes to Courtney for scaring her. He tells her that he cannot give her information. She asks if the night's events have anything to do with Sonny. Jason asks her to re-pay him for one of his favors by pretending that she didn't see him there that night. She agrees, tells him to be careful, and leaves. Jason then gets the message from the guard that Sonny just wants Brenda back at the safe house.

In the church, the ceremony starts up again. The reverend says vows will now be shared between Jax and Skye. Meanwhile, Roy searches for Alcazar. Brenda tearfully watches the wedding from the loft and flashes back to her memories of Jax.

At the safe house, Carly and Sonny continue to have a heated discussion about the situation. Sonny tells Carly, in great detail, what Alcazar is going through concerning his girlfriend. He says a woman like that can make a man like Alcazar become obsessed with having her around. He describes what it is like to be devoted to a woman who could easily rip a man's heart out versus a woman who makes a man stronger. Carly is moved by Sonny's words, and tells him that she would never hurt him in the way he is describing. Sonny responds by telling her that she makes him mad by doing the wrong thing most of the time, but he knows deep down that he is stronger with her than without her. They embrace.

At the church, the reverend blesses the rings. Alcazar moves into position.

At the safe house, Carly and Sonny agree that she needs to know less to be protected, and she must trust him more. They begin to kiss, moved by their earlier words. Suddenly a loud knock on the door is heard and the voice of Taggert booms, "PCPD, open up!"

At the church, the ceremony continues as Jax and Skye (teary-eyed) affirm their love to one another through rings. Alcazar raises his gun and takes direct aim at Jax. Before he can shoot, Brenda comes up behind him. Alcazar turns around and faces her...

Flashback to Brenda and Jax's wedding

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