GH Update Wednesday 9/25/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/25/02

By Jennifer
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The episode begins at the Corinthos home. Jason enters, so Carly greets him and asks how things are. Jason says Sonny is concerned and worried about Carly. Jason reprimands her for threatening the mob bosses.

At Sonny's safe-house, Roy enters and says Alcazar is getting frustrated. Roy thinks Alcazar is more concerned with making sure Jax is dead than worrying about Brenda. Sonny comments that everything has been arranged.

In Brenda's part of the safe-house, a guard brings her food and a newspaper. Brenda is disturbed by the wedding announcement for Jax and Skye that she happens to read.

In Alcazar's limo, Alcazar comments on seeing Jax in the newspaper. Alcazar and his guard discuss their plans to find Brenda at the wedding, since he knows she will not be able to resist making an appearance. Alcazar comments that Roy's heart is no longer in the "assignment" to kill Jax, so Alcazar may have to get the job done himself.

At St. Timothy's, Jax surprises Skye with the beautiful decorations he had placed around the alter and on the pews. Skye, visibly touched, says everything looks incredible. They discuss how the wedding will be simply unforgettable.

Alcazar is ominously seen lingering around the outside of St. Timothy's- where Jax and Skye are together inside.

Back inside the church, Skye and Jax continue to talk about being awed by their love. Jax and Skye should be getting ready for the service and presents the dress he bought for her. Jax's parents arrive, and Mrs. Jax makes sure the men (Jax and his father) are out of the room so the bride can begin to get ready. Mrs. Jax and Skye share a wonderful moment when they talk about being family to one another now. Mrs. Jax lovingly steps in to help Skye prepare for the ceremony.

Outside St. Timothy's, Jax and his father talk about the newspaper article. Jax's father warns that the public announcement may not have been a safe move. Jax admits that he had nothing to do with having the announcement published, and says he wanted to keep his wedding private. Jax's father wonders if Alcazar will make an appearance at the wedding. Jax says that he does not care if Alcazar does show up because he realized that he has something much bigger in his life now. His father says that he has never seen Jax this happy. Jax comments that he almost let happiness get away before, referring to Brenda, but he will not do the same this time. Jax's father gives Jax sound marital advice.

At the Corinthos home, Jason is angry with Carly for meeting with the bosses. He tells her that she should have called him. Carly is also upset because Jason and Sonny have both been hard to reach. Jason says she'd be better off on the island. Carly says he's doing a terrible job of lying - she knows Jason and Sonny need her in Port Charles to continue with the grieving widow act. Jason says he and Sonny knew about the bosses and things were in place; but Carly's baseball bat and her initiatives were not productive.  He tells her to stay out of the business because "Too many other things" are going on now. He wants her to remove herself from the situation and just wait for Sonny to come home. Carly is frustrated because she doesn't know when Sonny will return. She asks if Sonny is actively mad at her; Jason admits that Sonny doesn't even know about her episode at the mob meeting. Jason has not had a chance to tell Sonny. Carly asks if she can tell Sonny herself in person. Jason says her timing is bad because of the things going on. Carly wants to know why things are more complicated than they should be. She asks if the "woman on the yacht" has anything to do with the additional complications. Jason gets quiet, demands that Carly give him her bat, and then leaves in a huff. Carly is exasperated and goes to the phone to call someone. She asks the person she calls to come see her.

At Sonny's safehouse, Sonny tells Roy that he put the announcement in the paper about Jax and Skye in order to lure Alcazar. The plan is to ambush him at the wedding. Roy agrees that this is a good idea and inquires about Brenda. Sonny reports that Brenda blames herself and only cares about saving Jax. Roy says that, at the very least, the night's actions will finally free Brenda of Alcazar's influence. Sonny says the plan will allow for Skye and Jax to be happily married, Roy will be able to keep his money, and Sonny will be rid of Alcazar.

In Brenda's room at the safe house, the guard checks Brenda's tray of food and notices that something is missing. He finds a knife hidden on her. Brenda is upset - as the guard leaves, she throws a pitcher of water at the door, and it shatters to the floor.

In Sonny's room at the safe-house, Jason hears the pitcher of water crash on the other side, and recommends that they ship Brenda off to the island. He implies that it's not a good idea to keep her around because she "hasn't changed." Sonny says things will be all right, then asks what the bat (Carly's bat that Jason was carrying) is for. Jason begins to tell Sonny about Carly's rendezvous with the mob bosses by saying that things have been very difficult for her.

At the Corinthos home, Sonny's guard, Greg, arrives. Carly asks where Benny is (that is the person she called earlier) It is explained that Benny is busy with a conference call. Carly then lies to Greg by telling him that Jason gave her a message that he was needed at the safe-house. Greg is leery of Carly's statement, but Carly explains that Jason didn't call because they fear the phones may be tapped. The guard believes Carly's lie and goes to the safe-house. Carly, now unguarded, waits a moment and follows him out the door.

On the dock, Alexis, dressed for Jax and Skye's wedding, is met by Ned. Ned asks what Alexis was doing/thinking there on the dock. Alexis begins to reflect about the last time she and Sonny had a civil conversation - they were standing on the dock together, and Alexis had commented that Sonny had "given her something that (she) would always cherish." Alexis wonders if Sonny had known that she was pregnant. She feels guilty about ever wishing him dead. Ned tries to calm her, but Alexis is concerned with what she will tell her daughter if she ever asks about her father.

At Kelly's, A.J. is asking Courtney about a flier of herself as Daisy that she found at a table. Courtney is worried that the person who left it is the same person who has been prank-calling her. A.J. says he wants to wait for her shift to end, but he can't stay because he has to get to the church and then go to his court date. He tells her he loves her and leaves.

Outside Kelly's, Felicia tells asks her girls if they want to go home and learn to crochet; Maxie wants to know why she didn't just leave the girls in Texas because they are clearly in the way of the upsetting things going on. Roy arrives and greets them. He asks them if he can buy them dessert, but the girls are very upset with the entire situation. They leave Roy and Felicia alone. Felicia tells Roy that she can't handle the stress anymore. Roy tells her that it will all be over soon.

In one of St. Timothy's back rooms, Skye and Mrs. Jax are getting ready. Jax walks into the room even though it's "bad luck" to see the bride early. Jax lovingly will not leave, so Mrs. Jax gives them privacy. Jax and Skye share a moment in front of a mirror, and tell each other that they will create their own luck. Nothing will stop them now.

At the dock, Ned wants Alexis to take it easy, and stop putting herself through so much strife over Sonny. Ned reminds her that she was never planning on telling the truth about Sonny being the father anyway. Alexis persists in her concern about her daughter. She wants to know what will happen when the girl asks questions. Ned gets upset, and says that by that time Sonny will be long gone. He says Sonny led a violent life, and died a violent death. If the girl ever asks why she wasn't told the truth about her father, Ned advises Alexis to say that she was simply trying her best to protect her. Alexis still seems hesitant to move away from the issue. Ned states that the night is one of celebration with a healthy baby girl and a beautiful wedding to attend.

In the back room at St. Tim's, Jax and Skye continue to reflect about their love. A.J. enters, and smiles at the sight of the two of them. Jax gives A.J. a moment alone with Skye. Skye and A.J talk about being united - "The black sheep gives away the baby sold at birth."

Outside Kelly's, Roy and Felicia continue to talk. Felicia wants more information, but Roy insists that she is better off knowing as little as possible. He needs her to trust him. He tells her to stay inside for the night because she needs to remain safe. He kisses her goodbye and leaves.

In Brenda's room at the safe-house, the guard is picking up shattered glass from the pitcher she threw. When the guard leaves, Brenda holds up the piece of glass that she kept for herself and plans to use to escape.

In Sonny's room at the safe house, Sonny is concerned about the news Jason brought him about Carly's meeting with the bosses. He instructs Jason to smooth things over with the bosses by saying that Carly was simply reacting to her grief. Greg, the guard Carly lied to and sent to the safe-house, arrives. He tells Sonny he was given a message to come to the safe-house. Before Sonny can respond, Carly appears in the doorway behind Greg.

At Kelly's, Courtney runs into Coleman. He asks about the man who offended her the other day. He seems genuinely concerned for her. Courtney, thinking of A.J., continues to look stressed while talking to him.

Outside Kelly's, Felicia sits with the girls. Georgie and Maxie want to go out for the evening, but Felicia knows they cannot. Georgie is very upset and storms into Kelly's. Maxie is also upset. She says she is tired of re-arranging her life according to the things that are happening with Felicia. Maxie doesn't want her life interrupted anymore. Maxie follows Georgie into Kelly's. When Maxie leaves, Felicia notices a newspaper on the table, and sees the Jax/Skye wedding announcement. Felicia suddenly puts things together in her mind. At the moment, Mac walks up to the doorway of Kelly's. Felicia begs Mac to take the girls for the night because she must attend to an emergency.

A.J. talks to Skye and Jax in the dressing room at St. Timothy's. Skye gives A.J. advice about trusting love and happiness. Skye makes optimistic comments about enjoying the good things in life. Mrs. Jax enters, and tells everyone it is time to begin the ceremony. They file out of the room. In the now empty room, Alcazar appears and grimly looks around.

At Sonny's room in the safe-house, Greg tells Carly that she shouldn't have lied to him. Carly says she had to do something to get to Sonny. Sonny is very upset, and tells Greg not to listen to Carly anymore. Jason and Greg leave the room. Carly and Sonny are alone. Carly tries to tell Sonny that she did what she did because she misses him. Sonny won't hear it; he's very upset about all the trouble she has caused. They are angry with each other. Carly hears something in the other room (on Brenda's side,) Sonny claims it is his guards. Greg interrupts them, and tell him that "It's time." Sonny leaves her in the room, and talks to Greg in the hall. Greg says Alcazar was spotted outside the church. Meanwhile, Carly and Brenda, both in different rooms of the safe-house, are unknowingly mere inches from one another. Carly begins to snoop around the room and finds the door to Brenda's room. As she begins to open the door, Sonny tries to stop her. Carly enters the room. Sonny enters behind her and realizes that Brenda has escaped. Carly can tell from his expression that someone was in the room. Carly wants to know who got away, and what's really going on.

At Kelly's, Courtney is leaving for the night. She gets a phone call and thinks it's A.J, but it's her prank caller.

Meanwhile, Jason is looking around St. Timothy's.

Outside the church, Jax talks to the reverend and thanks him for doing the service on short notice. Ned arrives, Jax greets him.

Roy is now seen looking around the church. He meets up with Jason. They begin to search for Alcazar. Meanwhile, Alcazar is seen preparing his gun. From his position in the church, Alcazar can see Skye and all the wedding guests.

Outside St. Timothy's, Jax talks to Ned about the significance of his old wedding ring that he had with Brenda that he brought with him that night. Ned helps Jax realize that it's time to let go of the ring because it has "No place in his life" now. Jax kisses the ring, says he will leave it to chance, and throws it into the air.

Brenda gets out of a taxi near the Church, and finds the thrown ring on the ground...

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