GH Update Tuesday 9/24/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/24/02

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita
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Elizabeth ran into Courtney at work, literally. She tried to sooth Sonny's little sister by letting her know it was okay to be shaken up after a night like the one she had. Elizabeth explained that Jason had told her what happened. She even went so far as to tell Courtney that she was raped, and if Courtney ever wanted anyone to talk to, she would lend an ear. She used the opportunity to lead into questions about Courtney and Jason's relationship, telling Courtney it was a good thing her "brother-in-law" had been there. Courtney told her she didn't think of Jason as her brother in law. "Oh? How do you think of him?" Elizabeth asked.

Before Courtney got a chance to answer, AJ brought his boss and a few fellow co-workers in to meet his wife. Unfortunately for everyone involved, AJ's boss recognized Courtney from the Oasis, and felt it necessary to fill in everyone else at the table as well. Unable to say anything for fear of losing his position, AJ remained still, just listening as the men surrounding him at the table spoke of his wife. Though AJ couldn't bring himself to say anything, that didn't stop Coleman who interrupted the talk by letting the men know that Courtney's dancing was a one-shot deal that she didn't care to remember. Understanding, the men let up and left. Courtney and Liz overheard the whole thing, which left Liz with some questions. "Haven't you heard?" Courtney asked her co-worker. "I'm a celebrity." She thanked Coleman for his words, a thank you that AJ didn't care to over hear, but did. "How quickly you forget," AJ told his wife, reminding her that Coleman blackmailed her into the dancing gig to begin with. Coleman let AJ know that he was no worse than AJ himself, and that Courtney was simply picking up her husband's slack. After Coleman excused himself, Courtney let AJ know that he was never to talk to her like that in public again, that Coleman had stood up for her, when he had let his coworkers embarrass her. Upset, AJ informed his wife that it took a lot out of him to sit there, and let them say what they wanted, but he had wanted to keep his job. "You, of all people, should understand," he told his wife of what he had just put himself through.

Scotty found Taggart at his desk at the PCPD, and proudly informed the detective of his plans to run for District Attorney. Taggart informed the current "acting" DA that he didn't have a chance in hell after his screw up with Luke. Scott told him that his plan was to get the scum off the streets, and Sonny's murder was starting him off on the right foot. Taggart shared a tape from the particular gathering at the NoName the evening before, revealing Carly as Sonny's successor. "She's going to make more messes than Jason can clean up," Scott said with a smile, telling the detective that "Carly is going to get me elected." Bobbie overheard the conversation, but Scott managed to turn it around, telling his sweetie that he was after the man who killed Sonny, and finding him would get himself elected DA. Bobbie warned him that she sometimes overlooked things when dealing with someone she cared for, but was no pushover, and she wasn't too confident of his current argument. "How ambitious are you?" she asked her beau. Scott tried to convince her by reminding her that Luke had never made it to Pentonville, and that if he had to break the rules for someone she loved, he would, making it sound like he let Luke escape.

Lucky went to Alexis, barging in on her conversation with Ned about stress and the baby. Promising to look for more positive things in life, "I'm going to smell the roses. I'm going to smell the coffee, whatever someone sticks under my nose, I don't care," Alexis agreed to lighten her load. Happy for the intrusion, and the change of topic, Alexis sent Ned on his way, agreeing to help Lucky. Lucky presented an argument to get Scotty out of the running for DA, using the skull of Teresa Carter as bait. Understanding Lucky's blackmail plan, but not agreeing with it, Alexis reminded him of something very important: "Scott didn't kill Teresa Carter. Your mother did. And you know it as well as I do." She explained to Lucky that trying to blackmail a person with a crime he didn't commit didn't make for much ammunition, and sent him on his way.  Later, Alexis and Ned went to the OB/GYN, and the doctor said the amniocentesis showed that the baby was fine.  They did an ultrasound and showed Ned and Alexis her new baby girl.  Alexis said tearfully that she really wanted a girl.

Gia threw a fit to Nikolas about the demeaning article Tina Bass wrote on her. He told her that he had a surprise, and left her there. Taggart joined her, and she told her big brother that her modeling career was history. When Nikolas rejoined her with news of a new cover and interview where she could change opinions, she regrettedly informed him that she was stepping aside. She was worried that he would be disappointed, since her fabulous life was the "one bright spot" in his own dimming trail. He informed her that it was not the life that was the bright spot, that it was her, and he could care less if she continued modeling.

Carly went to the church to ask the father a few questions about the mysterious woman. She thanked the priest for being there during her husband's time of need. Jax and Skye walked up before she could get too deep in her questioning though, and she took the opportunity to turn on them. Calling her former partner a hypocrite, she told him that he knew Sonny was the love of her life, and only ended their partnership because of his dislike for her husband, and as soon as they were back together, he threw her out. She aired her feelings that he wasn't unhappy about the way the business had been run, and didn't even care that she had taken the money, rather that he wanted her to pay for going back to Sonny. "My husband was a constant reminder of Brenda - your biggest failure," she told the glamour boy. Apologizing for his lack of support, or her perception of it, Jax let her finish questioning the priest. He informed them that he didn't believe she had seen anything. Carly enlightened them all - she may be the key to everything. Understanding Carly's thinking, well, sort of, Jax began asking questions of his own after she departed. Skye asked if he thought he knew her.

Responding that it could be anybody - even Elizabeth Webber, he let the subject drop. His parents joined them, and they all went inside to explore the church. John Jacks asked his son about the pending situation with Alcazar. Jax tried to play down the situation by telling his father that he felt Alcazar had gotten what he wanted - Sonny. Jax let his father and Lady Jane continue with the preparations, and took Skye outside to give her the necklace he had purchased for her once again. "I bartered this for a night of martini's" she recalled, wondering where he had found it. Explaining that he was a man of details, he asked her to wear it on their wedding day.

Felicia and her girls ran into Roy on the docks. Maxie was happy to see him, but Georgie didn't look too thrilled. He asked about their well being after the incident, and inquired if there was anything he could do for them. Lucas informed him that he could stay out of their lives. Upset with the series of recent events, and having his two best friends kidnaped right in front of his eyes, Lucas let out his anger at Roy, placing blame. Upset with his outbreak, Felicia ordered him to knock it off, but Roy told her to let him continue. "You've got my full attention," he told Bobbie's son. Lucas continued to blame Roy for the recent events until Felicia had had enough, and told him he was finished. Lucas ran off, upset, with Georgie only a step behind. Maxie reluctantly followed to calm her friend down. Roy let Felicia know that everything Lucas had said struck true. He regretted again his decision to take the money. She let him know that she didn't have to go along with the decision, and they were both guilty of bad judgement. Felicia began to worry that Roy wanted to keep his distance, but he reassured her he was going nowhere. "If you ever think that you've mistaken me for a much less selfish man," he told her. Though she could tell something was on his mind, he refused to tell her. He tried to ease her worries though by telling her that "I promise, this long, slow walk through hell is almost over."

The kids, back at the table outside of Kelly's reflected on what they had just heard.   Maxie was amazed that Roy let Lucas get away with confronting him like he did. She reminded him that Roy had saved their lives, and Georgie was well aware of that. Upset about the whole situation, Georgie expressed her desire to have Mac return to their lives instead of having their mother date Roy DeLucca. Maxie reminded her little sister that her mother and Mac's relationship had ended long ago. Seeing Carly headed into Kelly's, Lucas excused himself, and went up to express his condolences to his big half-sister. Letting him know she was doing fine, with a lot on her mind, she told him to rejoin his friends, and entered the diner.

Carly sat at the counter at Kelly's, where Liz asked her about Jason. Admitting that she had seen him the night before, and had alerted him that Carly was looking for him, Liz was surprised Carly hadn't heard from him. She told her new neighbor about the previous night's incident on the docks, and Jason's friendly get-together with AJ's wife. Getting her panties in a bunch, Elizabeth began worrying again, but not about Jason's safety, rather about his integrity. Agreeing with everyone else in town, Carly told Elizabeth that AJ was an idiot (I think that's like the third time this week I've heard that) and not to listen to a word that came out of his lying mouth. She then asked Liz if Jason had given her a message. She replied, "No, but he did have lipstick on his neck." Understanding but not condoning Liz's worries about Jason's current activities (Liz mentioned Jason leaving for " blocks at a time"). Carly informed her that, "I don't care if he has lipstick all over his face, and he reeks with perfume. ... unlike the person standing in front of me.  He knows what he wants," pointing out that Elizabeth was that something. Wondering aloud how Jason and Sonny could both see Elizabeth as sweet and innocent, yet perceive her as self-centered, Carly informed Elizabeth that in Jason's business there would always be questions that would go unanswered. Understanding Carly's words, Elizabeth tried to get an insight from her perspective, asking the wife of the great Sonny Corinthos, the woman who understood her particular situation better than she did herself, how she dealt with it. Explaining the lipstick and the disappearances once again, she told Carly, "You can't convince me you wouldn't be wondering, too." Looking at Elizabeth, lost in the same exact situation she had been lost in for so long, Carly decided to take it upon herself to give some advice. "Alright. Sit," she ordered. Although the conversation wasn't on screen, Carly concluded by easing Elizabeth worries, telling her that she would have Jason call when she next saw him, and would keep her eyes and ears open.

Scott happened upon Carly at Kelly's walking right up to her, and trying to play nice. In his attempt at being sincere, he brought up the "underworld" and it's influences, managing to raise Carly's adrenaline. Explaining that she could see his "would-be fishing expedition" coming from a mile away, she gave him some advice: "Save your nice guy routine and cheesy kisses for my mother." Lucky snapped his photo that very minute, informing the DA that he was now public enemy number one, and thanks to freedom of press he would be documenting the events of Scotty Baldwin's life - lawful or otherwise. "Shoot my good side," Scotty told him. "Then you should turn around, Baldwin," young Spencer said in true family fashion.

Alcazar phoned Roy to get on his case about his job.  Roy said he's been tailing Jax, and hasn't seen Brenda.  Alcazar said to go ahead, and kill Jax anyway.  Then Alcazar tells one of his henchman that Roy may be the wrong man for the job; Alcazar may have to kill Jax himself.

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