GH Update Monday 9/23/02


General Hospital Update Monday 9/23/02

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Edward put Courtney in the hot spot by revealing to the family her regretful stunt as a stripper. He included the fact that she did it in order to prohibit AJ from going to jail after another accident during a drunken stupor. Upset with the information, Ned refused to believe it. "I believe Courtney would strip to save AJ. I just don't believe you'd throw it in her face."  Unhappy with her dirty laundry being aired in front of the entire family, Courtney left to get some air. AJ stayed behind to defend her though, reminding his grandfather that his intentions weren't to get back at Courtney for marrying him, or even for his choosing her over the family; he did it because he was angry at AJ for not fighting for custody of Michael. AJ let Edward have it. He told his selfish old grandfather that this stunt sealed the deal - Edward would never get his hands on Michael, and he would make sure of it. After the words between grandson and grandfather ended, Monica stepped in, asking her son if the story was true. AJ admitted that it was, and Courtney had paid the price. He told them that going to the family had not been an option - they had never provided assistance in the past. Then, turning to his grandfather, he said, "You go to hell old man."

He reminded the eldest Quartermaine that there was "still time" for himself to become a better person, but it was "way too late" for Edward.

After AJ left, Skye got a chance to get her digs in by announcing to the family (and especially Edward), that regardless of Edward's efforts to keep the two lovebirds apart, they were getting married after all, and soon. When Edward told her he couldn't wait for the wedding, she informed him that he wasn't invited - and neither was Monica. She and Jax returned home to discuss AJ's step off the program and their upcoming wedding. Jax proposed again - the right way - with a humongous diamond. Realizing that though she loved the elaborate ring her fiancÚ had given her, she didn't want an elaborate wedding, just a small quaint gathering - at St. Timothy's. When she remembered Sonny's "murder," happening right in front of that particular church, she started to change her mind, but Jax encouraged her to go forth with her plans, and not to let Sonny, even dead, ruin her wedding.

Lucky was upset when Nikolas admitted to being Luke's cavalry for the escape. He explained what had happened during the venture, and tried to convince his little brother that his father hadn't wanted him involved for the right reasons. Not believing that his father would ever ask a Cassadine for help, Lucky questioned Nikolas' integrity, theorizing that Nikolas may have set up his father. Pointing out that if he had set Luke up, he'd be behind bars, not on the lam, Nikolas tried again to explain the situation. Alexis informed both brothers that they had played large enough parts in the felony, as well as aiding and abating, and they should keep a low profile and stay out of trouble. After she left, Lucky finally accepted that his brother was telling the truth, but decided that it was his turn to play, and he was going to make the DA pay.

Brenda awoke from a nightmare screaming, and was happy for Jason's arms to comfort her. Jason offered to get her medication, but she refused. When he asked her what he could do, she asked him to leave. He went straight to Sonny, where he asked his employer, and best friend, to send her away to Puerto Rico. Sonny refused, telling Jason to hold her until Alcazar was out of the picture, and that if things went according to plan, she would never have to know he was alive. Agreeing to follow orders, Jason made a request of his own: "I need a break. If she starts in on me again, I'll loose my mind."

After Jason left, Sonny sat alone near the grate in the wall, listening to Brenda through the duct. She was screaming for Jason, beating on the door. After a few seconds she stops, realizing there is someone nearby - in the room next to hers. Finding the grate in her own wall, she sits beside it and talks into the void trying to get the person on the other side to let her out. When Sonny doesn't respond to her questions, she said, "You aren't very talkative are you? You must be friends with Jason." She then began pouring out her heart to the void and the listening ear. Afraid of being responsible for Sonny's death, she admitted that she only wanted to protect him, and that she never stopped loving him. Projecting her wish to see Sonny one more time, she explained to the grate that a life can change in one moment, and hers changed one day when she was on the docks carrying her suitcase, and a man asked her if she needed help. The two reminisced silently, recalling their days together, his proposal, and the good times they had.

Carly turned down the offering from Mr. Tagliotti, and the other families, telling him that no one would touch Sonny's territory. He told her that it was too late, that he and the heads of the other families were meeting that night at the NoName to discuss how to split up the territories. She tried several methods of getting ahold of Jason, none of which provided her with any leads. Elizabeth walked in just as she was leaving a pleading message on Jason's voicemail to get in touch quick. Worried that Carly's plea may have something to do with Jason's well being, she began asking questions that never seem to get answers. Carly explained that Jason was fine, that she just needed to talk to him. When Elizabeth asked the topic, she got the notorious one word answer: "business." Trying to figure out what kind of "business," Elizabeth began asking more questions. Carly defined the word for her: "The all-purpose answer that translates into don't ask any more questions." Carly then ordered her doorman to get the car, and sent Elizabeth on her way.

After leaving Sonny and Brenda at the safehouse, Jason headed to the docks to take a break. He got there just in time, as Courtney was fighting off a mugger. Jason stepped in and mugged the guy himself giving the money to Courtney, being sure to keep his driver's licence, and letting the man know that if he ever mugged Courtney, or any other woman, he would find out, and come after him. Courtney hugged Jason, the money in her hand. Worrying that he picked her out because she was a stripper and "deserved" it, she admitted to Jason that Edward had spilled her secret to the entire family. Jason informed his sister-in-law that Edward only made her look bad because he couldn't stand that she didn't come to him begging for a handout. "You're Jason, right?" she asked, finally, realizing that he was not the cold-hearted, mean spirited person AJ and Edward had made him out to be. Admitting that she owed him a lot (he did save her life two or three times), she thanked him for being there for her. "They must be wrong," she said of her husband, and the rest of the Quartermaine clan. "You've been so good to me." AJ chose that moment to interrupt, telling his estranged brother that his wife did not need or want his help. Getting upset, he made a comment about always finding his wife in the arms of his brother and took Courtney home, refusing to listen to her story.

Once AJ and Courtney were out of earshot, Elizabeth appeared, curious as to what AJ had said was true or not. Admitting that she was going out of her mind waiting on him to make sure he was safe, Elizabeth asked her question outright: "Is it true what he said about you and Courtney?" Jason explained the prior incident, and that he was helping Courtney out of a jam. Attesting to feeling bad for Courtney being placed in such a situation, Elizabeth couldn't let her question go unanswered. Jason explained that there was a lot going on, but he couldn't tell her what it was about. "Courtney must have been pretty grateful. Is that lipstick on your neck?" she asked pointing to a reddish spot near his shirt collar. Without an explanation, he took her back to the penthouse.

AJ and Courtney returned home where AJ still refused to listen to Courtney's situation - or at least understand it. He explained to his wife that it was ripping him apart inside - Jason always being there for her when he couldn't. "'Thank God for Jason,' that must be how you feel. Everyone else does," he told his wife. She started to make the attempt to explain to AJ that no one but he considered himself a lesser person than Jason, but his refusal to listen encouraged her to leave the room.

Carly, unable to get a hold of Jason, decided to take matters into her own hands, and headed for the NoName, interrupting the "private party" of gathered families. She informed the group that she would be running Sonny's business in his name. Ignoring her, the men continued with their business. She pulled out a baseball bat, and hit the table. "As I was saying," she continued, informing them they had a "lack of imagination." Asking them if they had a problem with the way things had been run in the past, she informed them that "nothing has changed." Then, looking at the men one by one, she said, "If you think this is some kind of opportunity for you, don't. Because you'd be making a big mistake." Then she swung the bat at the table again. "Meeting adjourned."

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