GH Update Friday 9/20/02


General Hospital Update Friday 9/20/02

By Krista and Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Taggert brings Lucky into the Police Department to question him about Luke's escape. Taggert gets a call from Scott because Scott wants to question Lucky. Lucky is the prime suspect.

Jax and Skye meet with Courtney and A.J.  at the Penthouse Grill.  Skye has a surprise announcement for the family.

Elizabeth is in Sonny’s penthouse; Zander comes in, and says he’s leaving tonight.

Brenda remembers Sonny being shot. Brenda almost opens the door at the funeral home, but Jason catches her. Carly tells Sonny she’ll go check to see who it is, and will get rid of them.   Sonny stops Carly from checking, saying Jason will take care of it. Jason yells at Brenda for being there, and takes her away from the funeral home. Carly wonders who it was.

Elizabeth tells Zander that Alcazar’s people could kill them if they leave the penthouse.   He thinks that if Sonny was killed, they are not so safe any more.  He wonders why Jason hasn't come by to talk to them.  Elizabeth looks like maybe she wonders the same thing.

Skye warns A.J that Edward is coming to the gathering. A.J tells Skye that Edward and he are allies for now because Edward is paying for his legal fees to fight for custody of Michael. Skye tries to warn A.J not to get involved with Edward. Courtney talks to Jax about Sonny.

Scott says he’s going to charge Lucky with aiding and abetting Luke's escape, and he’s going to throw the book at him. Alexis walks in and protects Lucky, as his lawyer. Nikolas then comes in as Scott is saying that Lucky should have an alibi and Nik says he does, it’s him.   Nikolas tells Scott Lucky was with him tonight. Scott then accuses Nikolas of hitting him instead of Lucky. Alexis says that Lucky and Nikolas were with her.

Edward and Courtney bicker about how A.J has changed. Ned, Monica, Edward, Skye, Jax, A.J, and Courtney are all there waiting for Skye’s announcement. Roy is sitting in a chair nearby, pretending to read a paper as he watches Jax.  Jax goes out for a moment so Roy is about to follow when he gets a call from Alcazar. Alcazar doesn’t want Brenda hurt if Roy grabs her.  Roy can't promise that.

Carly listens to hear for any voices outside the funeral room, but she says no one is there anymore. Carly tells Sonny she thought he was really dead because Jason had left him (which he wasn't supposed to do). Carly was called at the last minute, because Sonny thought that it would be more convincing to the police. Sonny says that they can’t see each other for awhile. Everyone still has to believe Sonny’s dead.

Elizabeth tries to convince Zander to stay still because he could be a target, especially if he is a witness to Alcazar plotting Sonny's murder.   He talks about how he can't sleep because he lays awake trying to remember things, like who he is.

In the limo, Jason yells at Brenda for hitting Benny with the vase. Brenda says she showed up at the funeral home to say goodbye to Sonny. Brenda sees Jax outside the limo window. 

Jax is standing on the sidewalk with a rose he just bought. Skye comes out to greet him. Jax and Skye share a kiss, and Brenda starts yelling Jax’s name, but they drive away.

Elizabeth says they only have to stay until Alcazar is caught. Zander decides to stay, at least for now.

Back at the funeral home, Carly and Bobbie talk about how Carly wanted to say more to Sonny. Bobbie asks where Jason is. Carly and Bobbie leave the funeral home, but not before Carly takes a look back.

Scott tells Alexis that Luke had this all planned out and gave Nikolas and Lucky alibis. Scott releases Lucky and Nikolas for now, since he has no evidence.  

Ned tells everyone that he just got a voice mail from Alexis saying that she was held up at the police station. A.J and Courtney talk about how she believes in what she said to Edward.  Feeling guilty for the nice things Courtney said about him, A.J tells everyone that he did call an attorney to get custody of Michael right after Sonny died.  A.J tells everyone that Michael would be better off with Carly than with him, especially under Edward's influence.

Lucky meets up with Nikolas. Lucky tells Nik he was down at the docks. Lucky runs into Roy and asks him where Luke went. Roy was glad to hear Luke escaped, but he said he had nothing to do with it.

Scott and Alexis keep arguing about who killed Rick Webber, and what happened with Laura.   She suggests that Scott look into who killed Sonny instead.

Elizabeth is there helping clean up the place before Carly comes home. When Carly and Bobbie arrive, Elizabeth expresses her sympathy, and asks where Jason is.  Carly says she doesn’t know, but as soon as she finds out, she’ll have him call Liz. Carly calls Jason, and leaves him a message that she wants to talk to "Benny" some more.  She gets a visitor from a gangster named Tommy, who has come to express his condolences and discuss business with her.

At the safehouse, Jason tells Brenda there are now guard posted outside, and that the window is nailed shut.  

Edward talks about how A.J crashed his car into a strip club. Edward tells everyone there that Courtney had been stripping to pay off the debt.   Courtney is very embarrassed.

Alexis meets Lucky and Nikolas at the docks.  She thinks that Lucky helped Luke escape, so she starts to yell at him. Nikolas tells them both that he helped Luke escape.   Alexis and Lucky look shocked.

Scott starts to tell Taggert that he wants all these men to look for Luke, but Taggert suggests that they've got a situation now in Port Charles that Scott can take advantage of.   With all these mobsters rushing to take over Sonny's territory, it would be a good time for Scott to ride in and get rid of mob influence in Port Charles.

Tommy offers Carly $2 million dollars for Sonny’s business. Carly rips up the check, saying that Sonny is worth more than that, and that he should leave.  The mobster makes veiled threats about her and Michael.

Brenda wakes up and starts screaming; Jason rushes in and comforts her. Sonny looks in through the window, concerned.

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