GH Update Thursday 9/19/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 9/19/02

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Lucky visits Luke in jail.  Lucky just found out that they're taking Luke to Pentonville tonight, and he wants to help him escape. Luke says he's got his escape plans all covered, but he needs Lucky's help.  He tells Lucky that Roy is helping him escape, and he asks him to do what he wants.  He leans forward to give Lucky the details.

A.J. says goodbye to Courtney outside of Sonny's funeral; he knows that Carly wouldn't welcome his presence.  She thanks him for understanding.  He knows what it's like to lose a brother and says that family sticks together.

Mike sees Carly looking out the window, and says it reminds him of when Sonny used to do that.  She reminisces and then gets to when they were watching the yacht burn the other night, and she knew something terrible was going to happen.  He consoles her, and suggests that she wait a few days for the funeral.  She knows Taggert will harass them more if they wait.   He asks if Sonny's mob associates have been paying their respects, but she says she asked Jason to keep them away for now.  The funeral tonight is for family; for people who loved Sonny.

Taggert and Officer Andy go to the morgue to see Sonny's body because Taggert insists on seeing him dead.  Andy says the autopsy shows that he took five bullets to the chest and heart.  Taggert explains that they've hated each other since they were kids in Brooklyn, so he wants to look in his face and "Wish him straight to Hell" and never have to think about it again.

Jason and Sonny have coffee, and note that there's no news on Alcazar.  Jason says she wants to leave; Sonny wishes he could let her because he doesn't want to hurt her.  Jason has given Carly some clothes, and asks if they're okay.  He has coffee, but it's for him, not her (don't know why they bothered to say that unless it was ad-libbed).  She asks if he's called Jax yet.  He says no, but he has someone watching Jax.  She gets upset, wanting to warn Jax, since she botched the job of warning Sonny.  Jason says that if he called Jax, Jax wouldn't believe him, and he'd probably go do something stupid that would get him killed.  If she goes to Jax, that will get him killed and Alcazar will grab her, as well.  He says once they get Alcazar, she can go wherever she wants.  She laments that she has no identity any more because she's "dead".  He says they'll work something out, but she is not interested.  She says he can send her away or do whatever he wants as long as he warns Jax.  She just doesn't want to hurt the people she loves any more.  He says that after this is over, he'll do whatever she needs.  She is frustrated, and so this doesn't placate her.

Taggert opens the morgue drawer, and finds that it is empty--no Sonny.  He is furious and grills the morgue attendant.  The body was released to Jason.  This makes Taggert suspicious.  He wants to know why Jason is in such a hurry to bury his best friend. (and when he says "hurry to bury", both here and later, he almost makes it sound like a rhyme!)

Jason tells Sonny that Benny's going to watch Brenda while he's at the funeral; Sonny doesn't like the idea because that was not part of their plan, but they don't have any choice because Brenda's unexpected appearance, and Alcazar's unexpected disappearance, have changed things.  Sonny is upset that his family will be grieving in front of an empty coffin.  Jason confirms that Mike and Courtney are around.  Jason says they all love him, and so it will hurt, there's no way around it.  Sonny worries most about Carly, but Jason says she's tough, and can handle it.

Carly and Courtney exchange hellos, hugs, and concern.  Carly says Sonny loved Courtney and that's why he tried to run her life.  Courtney understands that now.  She regrets how she treated him.  Mike assures her that Sonny knew she loved him, and Carly says Sonny wouldn't have wanted her to live with sadness and pain the way he did.

Luke tells Lucky to meet Roy at the Elm Street Pier in 15 minutes, wait for him there, and ride to the ambush.  Luke tells Lucky he loves him and Lucky says it back, and they hug.  Lucky leaves, and doesn't greet Bobbie, who is on her way in, so she knows that something's going on.  She asks if Luke is about to vanish without a trace, and she'll get a postcard from some exotic, faraway place.  He just gives her a guilty look, and asks her to keep an eye on Lulu.  They hug.  She says she's on his side no matter what.  He says he always carries her in his heart.

Scott shows up to take Luke to prison.  He's going to ride with him personally to make sure nothing goes wrong.  Luke puts on a big show, and says it's disappointing that there aren't more guards.  They exchange insults, especially about Laura.  Luke says that Scott never got over the fact that he stole his "high school sweetheart," and that she loved him, she married him, had kids with him, and left Scott for him.  They say very cruel things to each other, but Luke's better at slinging the mud.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica says that Jason must be "devastated" about Sonny's death.  Edward worries about Michael.  A.J. walks in, and says he worries, too.  He tells them that he wants his son back, and needs money for the lawyers.  He asks Monica for help, but she doesn't want to get involved in a fight between him and Jason.  He pleads with her, but she won't give in.  She leaves the room, so Edward suggests that he can help A.J.

Officer Andy picks Jason up on his way to the funeral, and brings him in for questioning.  Taggert taunts Jason, as usual, and asks him why he's in such a "hurry to bury".  Jason says it's what Carly wants.  Taggert asks if he's trying to track down Sonny's killer.  Jason asks if he's under arrest.  Taggert says no, he just has one more question.  He wants to know why Sonny was alone in front of the church in the rain, with no bodyguards, no Jason, and he didn't try to run away or defend himself.  It doesn't seem right to Taggert.  Jason says that's too many questions.

Brenda tries to get Benny to leave, but he won't because he wants to follow the orders to protect her.  She chats with him, and finds out that Jason is with Carly at Sonny's funeral right now.

After Taggert releases him, Jason goes to the funeral.  Carly was worried; he says he'll be there to help her get through it.  Bobbie arrives and says Hi, ndaoffers her help.  Elizabeth arrives and offers her condolences.  Monica arrives, too.  Jason asks why she's there.  She replies that she's his mother, and knows that this is a big loss for him.  He says he's glad she came.  Alexis arrives but Carly doesn't want to see her.  Alexis says that after Kristina's death, she knows kind of how Carly feels.  Carly very sarcastically reminds Alexis how she treated Sonny at Kristina's funeral, and tells her to get out, so Alexis leaves.  Father Coates starts the funeral.

Brenda asks Benny if Sonny was happy.  She then feigns a headache, so he will turn out the lights.  When his back is turned, she hits him over the head with a vase and escapes.

Lucky waits at the pier, but Roy doesn't show up.  He phones Roy to ask why he's late, but says never mind, he must have gotten the wrong directions from Luke.

Luke is riding with Scott in the van on his way to Pentonville.  He starts bating Scott again, getting him really angry, by talking about being in bed with Laura, and how she's crazy now.  Scott gets very angry and yells at the cop who's driving to pull over.  The officer doesn't want to, but Scott throws his D.A. weight around.

Taggert interrupts Sonny's funeral, and insists on viewing Sonny's corpse.  They all start yelling at him, especially Mike and Carly.  Carly gets hysterical but Taggert forces his way over to open up the coffin.  Sonny lies there, arms folded, looking dead.  Taggert is puzzled, but has to leave after that.  Carly is too upset so she asks everyone to leave.  Jason ushers them out.  She goes over to Sonny's coffin, and lifts the lid, and talks to him, crying.  He wakes up, a little disoriented.   She is not surprised to see him wake up so she was in on it.

A.J. tells Edward that he doesn't want his help.  Edward says he can help him get Michael back.  A.J. finally agrees, but lays out the terms.  They argue back and forth, like they were both at an auction, or bickering over a rug in Tijuana, until they have compromised.  Michael lives with A.J. and Courtney.  Edward gets to pick his school, as long as it's not a boarding school.  Edward can visit twice a week, but only with Lila.

Scott tells the cop/driver to take the van up the road and he'll call him.  Scott takes the cuffs off Luke so they can fight.  He starts beating up Luke but then Luke gives him a huge punch.  Then Scott is hit over the head from behind and goes down. Nikolas is the one who hit him.  Luke asks him what took him so long.  Nikolas wants to help him some more, but Luke says they'll be caught if Nikolas is with him.  He asks Nikolas to tell Lucky he's sorry he lied to him about the escape. He didn't want Lucky to be involved in this, and take the risk.  He also asks him to give Lulu a hug and look out for Bobbie.  Nikolas asks if he's going to see Laura.  Luke replies, "You haven't seen me. You don't know where I am. You got no idea what's going on".  Nikolas agrees, and says if anyone can help her, Luke can.  Luke says he'll tell Laura that he couldn't have done this without him.  Nikolas smiles, and thanks him.  They part company.

Lucky goes to the police station, and wants to know when Luke went to Pentonville.  Taggert is busy, and has no idea.  Andy tells Taggert just then that Luke got away so they need to put out an APB on him.  They learn that the DA is injured and in shackles.  Taggert whips around, and asks Lucky what he knows.  Lucky looks stunned.

Outside of the funeral room, Brenda lurks.  She overhears the priest talking on his cell phone about what happened with Taggert.

Sonny and Carly tell each other "I love you".  He is groggy, and says he had to take something to feign death.  She tells him how upset and worried she's been.  He hugs her, and consoles her.  Brenda goes up to the door and is about to open it.

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