GH Update Wednesday 9/18/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/18/02

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Alexis is at home and she turns on the TV.  Ned visits and she tells him that believe it or not, she was going to do some exercises along with a TV show.  She wonders why he isn't on his business trip.  He says that he heard something on the radio.  Just then someone on the TV announces Sonny's shooting.  Alexis is stunned.  She wonders if maybe a mistake was made.  Ned tells her the details he heard on the radio.  He assures her that she did the right thing in not telling Sonny about the baby.

Roy is also watching the TV broadcast.  Taggert and his men burst into Roy's place with their guns drawn.  Taggert wants to talk to him about the shooting.  (Um, no warrant or anything and no arrest? Call Alexis!)  Taggert figures Roy is the culprit so he says that he is happy that Sonny's dead and would make Roy a nice deal if he confesses.  Roy says nothing.  Felicia comes in and says that she was with Roy last night.

Bobbie is in Sonny's penthouse with Carly.  She is on the phone making some sort of arrangements.  Elizabeth comes in and wants to know if everything's okay.  Carly tells her that Sonny was shot and killed.  Elizabeth is aghast and asks if Jason is okay.  They say he's fine but hasn't called except to let Carly know about Sonny.  She wants to go look for him but they tell her that's not a good idea.  Carly says he's out looking for the people that killed Sonny and doesn't need her in the way.  Bobbie adds that Elizabeth should stay out of it.  Carly says that if Elizabeth wants to be in Jason's life, she should listen to them and just go back to her penthouse and wait.  Elizabeth agrees and tells Carly she's sorry about Sonny.  She goes back to her place. 

Bobbie urges Carly to let her emotions out rather than holding them in.  Carly puts up a brave front (or pretends to) and says there are things that need to be taken care of.

Brenda has a dream that Sonny is at her door and they kiss (did anyone really think that happened for one second?).  She wakes up and is upset to find that he is still dead.  Jason is there and asks if she's all right.  She blames herself for Sonny's death.  Jason assures her that things were set in motion before anyone knew she was involved, but she doesn't listen.

A.J. and Courtney joke around and make lovey-dovey faces at each other.  A.J. leaves to go to work.  Coleman visits and says he's sorry.  She thinks he's apologizing for his past behavior and says it's accepted but he'd better leave or she'll get her brother after him.  He realizes that she hasn't heard the news yet about Sonny.  He tells her gently about the shooting.  She is shocked and tearful.  He is very caring as she tries to adjust to the news.  They sit on the couch and he asks if there's anything he can do or anyone he can call.   She can't believe Sonny was alone and wonders where his bodyguards were.  She is upset that said mean things to Sonny.  Mike visits and she doesn't know how to break the news to him.  Coleman offers to tell him for her, but she turns him down, so he leaves.

Courtney has Mike sit down with her and tells him the news.  His first reaction is disbelief, then we see tears.

Sonny watches Brenda crying through a window (across a courtyard maybe?).  Jason comes up and tells him that he's going to get Brenda some food.  Sonny asks how she's doing so Jason fills him in on everything.  Sonny thanks him for taking care of her all night.  Jason asks if Sonny is going to tell Brenda that he's alive.

Taggert questions Felicia about the night with Roy.  Felicia tells him that it's Alcazar who probably killed Sonny, not Roy.  He says there is no Alcazar listed as yacht owner.  She says he has many aliases.  He wonders how she knows so much about him.  She sidesteps the question and suggests that he ask Mac to check on him with the WSB.  Taggert still thinks it was Roy and points out that the style of the shooting was similar to when he killed Mitch Williams years ago.  Roy says that was a lifetime ago and he paid for it.  Taggert does concede that he's looking at other suspects as well.  He gets a call and has to leave.  He warns Roy not to leave town.

After the cops leave, Felicia breathes a sigh of relief and says she can't believe they got involved with Alcazar in the first place.  She babbles on about it all and is upset that Roy killed Sonny.  Roy still is rather close-mouthed but tells her that things will work out okay.  She doesn't understand why he's so optimistic and says Jason is going to come gunning for him.  She gets more frantic and says she's going to take her girls and leave town.  He tries to stop her but she leaves anyway.

Alexis visits Carly and expresses her sympathy.  Carly says she's fine and offers her breakfast out of concern for Sonny's child.  Alexis wonders if Sonny would have taken fewer risks, had he known about the baby.  Carly of course doesn't take that comment well, saying sarcastically that Michael wasn't enough incentive.  Alexis tries to apologize but Carly is not interested.  Alexis suggests that they stop the lying before anyone else gets hurt.  Carly is astounded that Alexis wants to tell people that Sonny is the father of her baby, now that he's dead.

Sonny thinks it's best if Brenda keeps thinking he's dead.  Jason leaves to get her something to eat.  Brenda cries and cries, saying she's so sorry, as Sonny watches her from the window, looking guilty.  Sonny the peeping tom! :)  Roy visits Sonny in his room and they congratulate each other on a job well done.  Sonny asks how Felicia is.  Roy tells him about Brenda and how Alcazar wants him to find her and kill Jax.  Sonny knows all about it already because he has anticipated Alcazar's moves.  He's not happy to hear that Alcazar has "gone underground".  Sonny tells Roy that they have Brenda stashed away.  Roy is surprised that she is the witness that Taggert mentioned earlier.  Sonny assures him that she won't be going to the cops.  They figure out what to do next about Alcazar.  Roy thinks they should go to the Feds with what evidence they have, but Sonny points out that since he's an arms dealer, he probably has some federal protection.  Roy is forced to agree.  Sonny tells him to just go along with Alcazar's plan and pretend to look for Brenda.  Sonny assures him that Brenda won't get away.

Roy goes back to his place and Felicia is there.  She tearfully apologizes for how she treated him and says he made the ultimate sacrifice in taking another life for her.  She hugs him, crying, while he looks guilty.

Jason gives Brenda food but she wants to leave, to go warn Jax.  He tells her that she can't because it's a trap.  She doesn't think he'll protect Jax any better than he did Sonny.  She gets upset and throws her food at the door as Jason goes out, saying she can't leave.

Mike is very upset and says that he doesn't want to hear the news, doesn't want to hear his son described as a mobster.  He blames himself for how Sonny turned out.  Courtney says that Sonny loved Mike and that's why he was angry at him.  She understands Sonny now that he's dead.  They hug.  A.J. comes in looking upset and hugs Courtney, telling her how sorry he is.  Mike doesn't buy it.  Mike goes to the police station to demand some answers about Sonny's death.

Carly yells at Alexis for wanting to tell the truth now that Sonny is dead and can't "pollute" her child.  She reminds her that Sonny's enemies will still be alive.  Alexis leaves and Jason enters.  Carly asks him what went wrong at the church, why he left Sonny, and who this woman is.  Jason only asks if there has been any contact with Alcazar and says there was a lot to take care of.  Bobbie comes in, interrupting them.  Jason thanks her for being there.  Bobbie says she wants Carly to come home with her, but she won't.  Bobbie asks about funeral arrangements.  Jason says they're being taken care of.  Jason offers to stay with Carly but she says he should go do what Sonny would want him to.  They hug.  He gives her some other instructions about how to contact him and not to leave the house without a guard.  She assures him that she'll stay there.

As Jason leaves, Courtney comes off the elevator and yells at him tearfully, asking why he didn't protect Sonny like he's supposed to.   He says he's sorry and after a moment she apologizes, saying she knows that Jason would do anything for him.  She had been hoping to go to Sonny and thank him for what he did for her, but now it's too late.  So she thanks Jason instead for helping her out.  They hug.  Elizabeth starts to come out of the penthouse but then sees them so she goes back inside.

Meanwhile, A.J. phones his lawyer to say he wants to re-establish his parental rights to Michael.

Carly phones the priest and then tells Bobbie that the funeral is tomorrow and Carly asked him to also designate the Stone Cates Memorial Wing at GH for any memorial donations.  Bobbie says they can make it later in the week if she wants, but Carly doesn't want to wait because the media will ruin it.   Bobbie is concerned that Carly is burying herself in plans so she doesn't have to grieve.  Carly sobs.

Sonny keeps watching Brenda through the window.  She gets up and goes to the window and he moves over next to it.

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