GH Update Tuesday 9/17/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/17/02

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Jax woke up looking for Skye. He found her looking out the veranda doors staring into the storm. When he questioned what she was doing, she explained she woke up worried that her relationship with Jax being reinstated was a dream. Jax sat her down, and started tell her about how he felt after Brenda's death and before meeting Skye. "I am so honored that you love me," she told him. As they continued their discussion, Skye told him their relationship was "magic." Jax explained that "Magic doesn't last beyond the moment. You need to start dealing with it." Upset with the outcome of their discussion and misunderstanding Jax's intentions, Skye offered to move out. Instead of letting her, Jax asked her, once again, to marry him. After calming down from an anxiety attack, Ms. Chandler-Quartermaine said "Yes."

Alcazar continued to keep Felicia penned up while waiting on word from his PCPD contact that Sonny was, indeed, dead. Unsure that Roy would be able to take a life, Felicia began to argue with Alcazar about the motive behind the act. Admitting she and Roy should never have taken the money, she told Alcazar a life was too high a price to pay. "Roy isn't a killer," she told him. "You better hope you're wrong," Alcazar replied. Roy phoned to tell Alcazar that he did the job.  After Roy's call, Alcazar kept Felicia a bit longer - until after his second call to verify that Sonny is dead. Between the two, Felicia began giving him grief about taking Sonny away from his little boy, his wife, and his father. She confessed that if Sonny died, she wouldn't be able to look at his family; she would feel too guilty. Alcazar reminded her it could be Maxie and Georgie losing a parent instead of little Michael. "Some kill to survive," he told her, confiding that he was one of those people. He admitted that his life had been of little importance until he met a woman who challenged him, and surprised him. "That's when I had a life. When I met her. And I'm not willing to let that go," he challenged. Felicia, free to go back to her family and Roy, left.

Going to Roy's first, she explained that she wanted to see him before he left. "Where am I going?" he asked. She explained that now that Sonny was dead, Jason would retaliate, and he would have to leave to avoid it. "Hiding's not an option," he told her before they left to get her daughters.

When Roy returned to his penthouse, he found Alcazar at the window. Explaining that he was aware of Roy's difficult, though productive (for him), evening.  Alcazar asked him the question of the day: "How did you know Corinthos was at St. Timothy's?" Then, he gave Roy yet another assignment. Pointing to Brenda's picture, he ordered Roy to confront her before she got to Jax and to bring her back to him. Roy agreed, on one condition - this is the end. "Yes. Oh, you'll still have to kill Jax, of course," he informed him.

Brenda cuddled Sonny's head, crying over his wet, bloody body. "Brenda," Sonny said to Jason who came and pulled her away from the body, kicking and screaming, "I want to stay with him." Jason carried Brenda to the limo, and threw her inside, locking the doors. As she threw a fit wondering what was going on, Jason said, "Nothing's wrong," and began his series of phone calls: one to "911" and one to Carly, telling her to get to St. Timothy's ASAP. Brenda screamed at him to take her back. Telling her to shut up, he asked how long she had been with Alcazar. Refusing to answer the question while upset about Sonny's situation, she questioned Jason's motives. Jason explained, making it short and simple: "He told me to protect you, and that's exactly what I intend to do, whether you like it or not." He took her to a safe house to hash out the rest of their differences. Not divulging any information to his former friend, she decided to make a deal with him: "I'll tell you everything you need to know about Alcazar, if you tell me what the hell is going on." She then began her story, telling Jason about Alcazar rescuing her, and about contracting her mother's disease, and not wanting to return to Port Charles and hurt anyone.

When Jason began questioning her about Alcazar's business dealings, she was evasive, but implied that she didn't know he was an arms dealer. She explained that not knowing her significant other's business wasn't exactly a new concept. She admitted that she didn't tell him on the phone because she wanted to see him. "I guess you got what you wanted," Jason told her. After Jason started firing more questions at her, Brenda informed him that the drugs they kept her on confused her,, and she wasn't thinking clearly. Jason began wondering if the set up had been her idea or Alcazar's, but she told him she had wanted to save Sonny, then asked for her share of information. Jason started at the beginning, letting her know about the situation with Roy. Recognizing the name, Brenda told Jason that it was Roy Alcazar had ordered to kill Sonny. Finally realizing that Brenda was the "Something Sonny wanted more than anything in the world," Jason explained that Sonny had been worried about his family. Brenda, in turn, began to worry about Jax. Brenda tried to convince Jason that he needed to protect Jax because Sonny would want it. Jason argued that Sonny hated Jax, and would never want him protected; but Brenda interjected and told him that if she had asked him to, he would. Finally the phone rang and Jason told the caller to get someone to be with Carly. Anxious to know, Brenda asked where they took Sonny. Jason's answer: The morgue. Upset with the news and her part in the ordeal, Brenda finally made a realization: "He looked right at me, and I finally knew. He loved me. ... I've always loved him, and he's always loved me."  The camera panned to a vent on the wall.

Father Thomas Dade came out, and seeing Sonny laying on the concrete, covered him with a jacket. He then asked if Sonny wanted his prayers, he nodded. Father Dade began praying as the ambulance pulled up and a EMT announced him dead. Carly arrived right after the announcement, and threw herself over Sonny's body, crying and screaming encouraging words. Father Dade tried to pull her away, but she refused until the EMTs took the body away on a gurney. As soon as they had him in the ambulance, and had left the premises, Taggart showed up, wondering where the body was. Father Dade explained they had taken him away - to Mercy. Taggart was furious about the EMTs moving the body, explaining they had no authority to do so, then turned to a frazzled Mrs. Corinthos for answers. Father Dade tried to answer as many questions as he could, but Taggart's aim was at Carly. Trying to convince his rival's wife that he wanted to help, she turned to him. "You hated Sonny," she reminded him. Admitting that he hated Sonny, but still wanted to solve his murder, Taggart told the grieving wife that "No one should have to watch the person they love die on the street." Carly tried to get him to leave her in peace, but Taggart persisted, wanting to know who called her to the scene. Carly finally told him. Jason called, and he didn't have to say what had happened, she knew. She then told Taggart who had murdered her husband - Alcazar.

On the other side of the vent, on the other side of the wall, Sonny was shown in a room at the safehouse, perhaps listening to Brenda's words.  He removed his jacket, revealing a bulletproof vest and bullet holes with red stains around them.

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